The DarkRose Inn

7 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1995
By DarkRose

The following is an excerpt from the original hard copy DarkRose Journal magazine, via 1995. This particular excerpt is from my very popular feature, ‘The DarkRose Inn’. This was an ongoing story line that incorporated reality from my life, with a bit of fictionalized scenarios accompanying the members of the DRJ that I also incorporated into each issues story line. This was by far, one of the most popular features of the original DRJ. I started ‘The DarkRose Inn’ within the new cyber pages of our zine, however, I have not been able to continue with it. I am hoping to pick it up next issue.
I have only a moment to relax and finish my rose petal tea, before the arrival of my last guest. Just as the still-warm tea begins to soothe my still very hungry soul, the soft chiming of the clock alerts me to the truth of the aging eventide that is now upon me.

The Witching Hour is nearing. A roaring fire and hot rose petal tea-who would think that these simple things could bring a dark angel like myself such untold pleasures. Truly, I know, after many, many, decades of a brutal life, these simple things are miraculous in there very existence.

As I await my next and final guest, I hear scratching at my chamber door. It probably is not my devoted staff, for they rarely even knock at any of my doors-let alone scratch-they just walk right in…faithful, indeed, yet in need of a rather final lesson in manners.

No, not a member of my House of Blood. It must be my special friend (not special as in rides the short bus). As I get up from my extremely comfortable sofa and walk all the way across the massive sleeping parlor to open the door for my friend, a breeze carrying the scents of rose, lavender, and jasmine has come in from the lunar pane that looks down over my garden. My House of flowing blood holds so many dark delights for me.

I quickly open my door, as I thought, it is my luminous friend. It is Spirit.

“Hello Spirit, my dear, dear, sight for a sore soul, friend. How kind of you to grace me with a visit tonight.”

As I look at the snow white wolf before me, I am in awe of her wild, unchained beauty and ferociously gentle wisdom.

“Come sit by the fire with me, Spirit. I am afraid that our time together will have to be short. I am expecting the arrival of this evening’s last dark angel at any moment now. Come to me. Let me drink in and absorb your power and luminous essence.”

End of excerpt

For those who were fortunate enough to be a subscriber of the only publication in existence, at that time (in the 20th century), for real living vampires (Dark Angels), the rest of that “The DarkRose Inn’, for that DRJ Issue, was quite a darkly beautiful and savagely decadent treat….just like always.

If you would like to be a part of the historic magazine that was the first ever publication to bring together real living vampires….please visit us:

Thank you kindly.

~Julia DarkRose Ray


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