Listen to the Dark Mother

9 Oct
I permit The Dark Mother (Nature) to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs than I.

With all that has been taken from me, again and again, in the most vile and horrific ways possible; To know how to live is all my calling and all my art.

The following, is NOT a rant, just thoughts rolling around in my head. Since I have an hour or so Internet usage, thought I would share. I’m not apologizing, however, I am also not ripping anyone in particular apart, on purpose. I’m just revealing our true history for those who care to know.

There is more ado to interpret interpretations than to interpret things, and more books upon books ( And E-Readers) than upon all other subjects; most of society does nothing but comment upon one another.

Which is understandable, not everyone is a doer, a person of action…still, where are my brothers and sisters? Surely, commenting on FB, Blogs, and Forum posts, posting memes (guilty) and images of sexy men and women and adorable animals is not all there is for the majority of humanity!?! The internet has only been available to the public since 1995 (interesting fact, at least to me, I published the first DarkRose Journal in 1994, pre-Internet. Speaking only for myself, of course, I was making things happen, changing things, shaking up the status quo, long before the internet…(Not singing my own praises, just using my life as an example, since I know without a doubt that it is the truth).

Just a reminder, as always you can take it or certainly ignore it, get the fuck out there and LIVE!!! Shake something up, anything. Cause change, touch someone’s life in the flesh…there is a difference. Don’t fool yourselves into believing that the internet is exactly just like holding, kissing, caressing, fighting, debating, fucking, stirring up needed change, etc…in the flesh world. IT IS NOT!!!! It should only be a diversion, a form of entertainment, a form of research, a threshold of some knowledge, perhaps a catalyst for change, for inspiration, etc…But it should never be your final destination (Not the movie). Never stop moving forward. Never stop LIVING. Never stop!!!
And please, I beg of you, STOP building worlds of delusion on the internet and then behaving as if your fantasy world actually means something, in the larger, more important and actual life changing picture, of your life, your children’s life, your family and friends and eventually, the world. Just try, maybe one day at a time, to go out into reality, and live all those things you pretend at on the internet. Just try it. Just be true to what/who The Dark Mother (Nature) hath made you. Come on, you CAN do it!!!

Really Long Side Note (it is related, I promise):
All most all of you that have only been “Living Vampires” since the onset of the internet, are very fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your perspective). In the “old” days, we were underground (sometimes literally), and you had to PROVE that you were a Living Vampire in order to be allowed to be a part of the Vampire “community” (Underground). Of course, there were a few who could NOT prove that they were like us (real living Vampires), so they created a world based on LARP games and complete lies, with a little Occultism mixed in, so, PROOF was no longer needed. ANYONE can now claim to be a “Living Vampire.” However, the truth is, even though the mostly online vampire community (with some offline members and Houses) is quite massive now, the large numbers of self-labeled living Vampires, doesn’t make it anymore so the truth. In other words, we, the original members and founders of the Vampire Underground (and the modern V community), still exist, and we are the truth. How is it that we are the truth, you might ask? Simple, WE HAD TO PROVE IT! We could not be a part of the REAL VAMPIRE UNDERGROUND, WITHOUT ABSOLUTE PROOF, in the presence of the original Bloodline. Scoff, if you must because I understand that ridiculing and tearing apart that which you absolutely do not understand, makes you feel better about yourself and the delusions of others that you have chosen to embrace. Just because something is the majority, doesn’t make it the truth. And remember, very few of you can actually go all the way back to the beginning (that’s not an insult, just a statement of fact). What you have learned while playing Vampire and Werewolf on the internet, is NOT the truth nor is it the beginning, the true history from whence all this current madness sprung.

We, the originals (not the stupid TV show) still exist. You are still on our menu.

Thank you.

~ Julia DarkRose Ray

*Photo is of me back in the days of the original Underground.


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