A Seed…Of Truth

23 Oct

We plant trees to benefit another generation, not as a symbol for how great we are. When you plant the tree, you leave the rest to Nature. You don’t keep standing beside it with a neon sign that reads: Look at me, I’m awesome, I know all, I’ve given you the truth. Me, me, me, me. Follow me blindly, believe anything I tell you (pay me, buy my crap, bow down to me, or you’ll be out of the group, and so on.).
Plant the seeds, let nature and all her wisdom, run its course and do the rest. A rotten seed created from lies and dishonorable intentions, will not grow strong and tall and wise. The tree borne from such a seed will grow crooked and weak. It will never be able to nourish or shade anyone. It will be sickly and ugly and eventually die, well before its time. It will have been of no use to itself or the world.

~So sayeth
Julia DarkRose Ray


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