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Attitude Reflects Leadership

24 Nov
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Copyright 11/23/13
  *Working together in harmony*
So, I’m in the zone, finishing up Issue 4 of The DarkRose Journal ezine/hardcopy magazine, when a Juliaism came crashing into head…

“Attitude reflects leadership.”

Now, apply this truth to different aspects of your life. For instance, this applies to a parent(s) relationship with their child/children. This applies most definitely to the Vampire Sub-Culture and its various “communities.” This applies to the military, and many different governments. This applies to sports and the list goes on.

While bad leadership is NOT an excuse for unsavory behavior, it is a lesson for those in leadership and for those who need to be led…both positions are dependent upon one another. One cannot exist without the other, so both must learn to work together in a harmony that works for whatever the situation is.

True leadership does NOT equate a ruling class, nor does being led equate being a sheep. At least, in MY opinion and experience, it should not. Those is both of these positions must figure out how to support each other and lift each other up. For that is, in MY opinion and experience, the only way the above mentioned (to name but a few) will be successful.

~Julia DarkRose Ray


Love Beyond Love

23 Nov


Property of DarkRose Productions


Copyright 2013


By Julia DarkRose Ray




Oh to love you like the midnight storm!


Oh to hear the wild beating of your veins,


To feel flame shuddering your blood.



Oh how I adore agonizing you


with my carnal fierceness.


Oh to crush you as a flower


upon my snow white breast,


To bear you away to some secret place


where I would love you into oblivion.



Oh, my beautiful husband,


Please let me lie,


Let me die upon your Sun bronzed chest,


I will eat of your flesh


As a delicate fruit.


Oh, to be drunk of its smell!


And oh, how the scent of your chestnut tresses


is a flame that devours…



My lips upon yours


Will reveal more to you,


of my burning heart and soul,


than all my words ever could…



Oh, my love, suddenly,


with savage, passionate hunger,


I draw you to me with a fiery grasp


and sink into you completely…



It is pain, it is pleasure,


It is a moment beyond intense.


Along each quivering sense,


Swift rivulets of fire have found their way


and burned our hearts.



We know not night nor day,


Nor life, nor death,


Nor aught that mortals know.



We only know we love beyond love,


each other so.




The Modern Vampire Sub-culture

20 Nov

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 11/20/13
By Julia DarkRose Ray
The modern vampire sub-culture defined, by me, as it is at this moment in our true history:
“Absolutism tempered by assassination.”

The meaning of my words may not be as clearly defined as they seem. Perhaps a little research might be in order for some to be able to make sense of said definition.

Oh how the diffused knowledge immortalizes itself, yes?
Those with closed eyes and/or delusional followers, faithful to their “system”, remain in a black veil and masterly inactivity.
Ah, ’tis sad but true, of all that could have, should have been accomplished, it, this culture, has for the majority of its inhabitants, culminated into frivolous idleness.

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, but most especially to those who share my nature, let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. I wish that all who share my same nature believed this same way too. Alas, this is not so, nor will it ever be.

There are seasons, in human affairs (for we are all human animals), of inward and outward revolution, when new depths seem to be broken up in the soul, when new wants are unfolded in multitudes, and a new and undefined good is thirsted for. There are periods when the principles of experience need to be modified, when hope and trust and instinct claim a share with prudence in the guidance of affairs, when, in truth, to dare, is the highest wisdom.

We, modern living vampires (does not matter how you define your particular state of vampirism), are by nature, rogues, loners, free spirits and free thinkers. It is indeed beneficial for us to come together, once in awhile, as a tribe/pack/group and help our fellow kind. However, it is disastrous to try to force our kind to follow any kind of governing body, to declare rules/guidelines that we, as modern living vampires and “members” of the current sub-culture, need to follow. This goes against our very natures. You doubt my words? All one needs to do is a little research, on their own accord, to come to the realization that our kind are not meant to live as a structured community with any kind of governing body and/or leaders.

We need to lift each other up, not fight for dominion…

I call that mind free, the mind of a true living vampire, which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith, which opens itself to the darklight whencesoever it may come, which receives new truth as a Dark Angel from the heavenly bodies.

Change is coming, as it always does. Please make sure, please help insure that it is the change that will allow us to live as our great Mother has always intended for us to live. We were given these unique natures for a purpose that is vital to our world. Mother Nature is the wisest of us all. Why would we not heed her wisdom?

We are born from her very wisdom with our unique natures. Why do so many turn a blind eye?


Little White Shift

18 Nov
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1/26/2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
*This little diddy is inspired and written for my husband, Devoted Blood’s, enthusiasm whenever he sees me in my little white shift.*

**This is also our Dark Angel, Shelia Booth’s favorite erotica that I have written.**

***Yes this is a photograph of me in my little white shift. :-)***

Little White Shift

Last night,
As half asleep,
He lay dreaming.
Half naked and barefoot
I came to him in my
little white shift;
With sparkling midnight eyes,
And naughty verses upon my lips;
My husbands eyes
All shining for the sight
Of his dark nymph.
Filled full of frolic,
I licked my wine-red lips,
Warm as a dewy rose,
Sudden I slipped into
Our bed,
Wearing just my
Little shift.

Said I, half naked, now
Half dreaming,
With a soft sigh of mmmm yeah,
Betwixt each silky whisper-
‘Oh my love, do you sleep or wake!’

In an instant he bolted upright for our sake.
He kissed my ruddy mouth,
Bit deep into my bottom lip,
He drank my dark nectar
And licked me clean
As it trickled down my chin
And found its home between my ample
milky white breasts.

My husband and I,
His lithe dark nymph,
In the little see through shift,
Ordained the flowing wine,
Over and over again.

With crimson elixir
And passions brimming over,
We collapsed into each other,
Our knotted locks, tangled
and enveloped like a flower
With sweet, seductive scent.

Oh how we ravished each other and made the night blush,
All because of my little white shift.


The Dead Aren’t Alone

18 Nov

Property of Darkrose Productions
Copyright 1996
Written by Devoted Blood

*Since my husband’s poetry is inspired by me and written to me, I am more than a little biased. Still, I think he is a very talented poet.*
The Dead Aren’t Alone

To lay inside the pentagram
and lick hot wax
from your sweating body,
I gladly pay the price-
my sacrifice.

Tasting the sweetness
of your juices,
I hear the night’s chanting.
A calling
for us to be as one.

the warrior
willing turned slave,
forever bow to your name.
I shall faithfully die
to grant your desires.

Waking to a dream,
I hear you
whispering within me.
Yes, I would be honored
for you to be my death.

I rip out my black heart
for you to hold in your hands.
Work magic on me,
my queen.
I surrender unconditionally.

Just grant one wish
and turn my soul to crystal.
A pendant
to wear around your neck
and keep us close.

Black lace covers me
as she covers herself.
Cold hands caress,
forever warming my transparent tomb.


Moving Forward…

16 Nov
Oh my, you guys, the DarkRose Journal Family of Dark Angels, are indeed blessed by the darkness, for you get to start your day off with my Juliaism, ….LoL….

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
“Knowledge WAS inherent in all things. The world WAS a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of the earth.”
~Luther Standing Bear, Lakota tribe

Perhaps the way back is the way forward…

Perhaps moving forward and evolving physically, emotionally, and intellectually, in a positive way, does not mean better technology, faster food, more conveniences, less physical interaction with other people and nature, and so on, perhaps the road to the tomorrow that consists of Earth and her people being whole and healthy, and in balance with our Mother, is not the road that leads to bigger, better, faster….

This applies to just about everything, including the modern vampire-sub-culture.

When An Angel Speaks

16 Nov
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By ~DB~
(Important correction: The DarkRose Journal
has been endarkening the world since 1994, not 1995)
Just a reminder for our DRJ Family and/or a revelation to those lurking about…

When An Angel Speaks

Spoken with intelligence and a voice exquisite as a craved lovers embrace, words on this page, in The DarkRose Journal Zine, in all of her writings and spoken words, are of experience, witnessed truths, freely given honesty and dark guidance.

Immured within, a story. A true story of life told by lamentations and suffering, of pain and Passion, memories, mistakes, victories and losses. An aria of physical and emotional scars …the beginning of a “community”.

For so long deceivers have planted their seeds and laid their eggs. For some of you, that’s all you have ever known. No more. An enigma in an untrue abyss, a lone dark angel of salvation stands, showing you things thinly veiled that open eyes don’t always see. Open your mind and tear the veil. One by one false candles will extinguish leaving only true darkness. True blessed and bloody darkness.

Listen to these hard won, sacrificed for words, given to you from life’s experience and scars …not interpretations of vague books written and rewritten to keep up with changing times.
Are your thoughts and ideals what you believe or what someone else wants you to believe? Do you delude yourself so you can belong? Everyone wants to be part of something. Do you want to be a “vampire” so bad that you will blindly follow a changed and rearranged concept and definition? Look into your own eyes and admit what you truly see, apathetic mirrors tell no tales. You may see something rarely told but has always been conveniently hidden inside …TRUTH.

Here on the Journals pages, in the DRJ zine, on the DRJ website, or to DarkRose directly, all are welcome to speak their mind, share their beliefs, and most certainly agree or disagree with anything said. We just ask that you read and give serious thought about what is being said from one of the absolute original creators of this so called community. Absorb the words and tales of this beautiful Dark Angel who was at the forefront of the fight for many years, and intimately entwined with all the “hidden” actions most know little or nothing about.

I assure you that no amount of harassment, vile, unawakened behavior and petty reporting to the Facebook gods or otherwise, will keep the truth from being told. Be strong and make up your own mind…

~By Devoted Blood

(Julia’s Husband)
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