The Dead Aren’t Alone

18 Nov

Property of Darkrose Productions
Copyright 1996
Written by Devoted Blood

*Since my husband’s poetry is inspired by me and written to me, I am more than a little biased. Still, I think he is a very talented poet.*
The Dead Aren’t Alone

To lay inside the pentagram
and lick hot wax
from your sweating body,
I gladly pay the price-
my sacrifice.

Tasting the sweetness
of your juices,
I hear the night’s chanting.
A calling
for us to be as one.

the warrior
willing turned slave,
forever bow to your name.
I shall faithfully die
to grant your desires.

Waking to a dream,
I hear you
whispering within me.
Yes, I would be honored
for you to be my death.

I rip out my black heart
for you to hold in your hands.
Work magic on me,
my queen.
I surrender unconditionally.

Just grant one wish
and turn my soul to crystal.
A pendant
to wear around your neck
and keep us close.

Black lace covers me
as she covers herself.
Cold hands caress,
forever warming my transparent tomb.



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