Just Me

4 Dec
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Julia 3

Real Living Vampirism, inner wolf spirit, blood-drinking, hard, brutal sex, inspiring my fellow creatures to actually seek out the truth (not just make up bullshit or simply believe everything they read and/or are told), and be true to their path in life, while living the unholy fuck out of the life they have in the real world, writing my lily white ass off, and being the best mother and wife possible…eh, that’s just what I do, that’s just what I am about.

Welcome to The DarkRose Journal…

I am the very dark heart and essence of this magazine and Family!Come on in, sit awhile, listen, share your story, learn a thing or two, teach a thing or two…just be who you truly are is all that is required to join our beautifully dark and awesome Family of Dark Angels!!!!



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