Vows of Dark Love

5 Dec


Property of Julia DarkRose Ray
Copyright 2012
By Devoted Blood

My beloved husband,DB, wrote these Vows of love for me. I am posting them here on The DarkRose Journal Page, so that everyone can read what true Dark Love consists of (At least in our eyes)…
DB & DarkRose

Beautiful Julia, when I am in your arms I am home no matter where we are. A place never before known, beyond life, love and existence. With you my tortured soul has found eternal peace. Two scarred hearts have become one.

The feeling of someone you’ve loved a lifetime telling you they love you is indescribable ecstasy. For so long I loved you from afar. The moment you returned that love I died, only to be reborn. Your love is so much more than I ever dreamed it could be. You accept me, you heal me, you complete me.

My only beloved, my hope and dream, my eternal life, all you want I give without question. All that I am and will ever be, every dark secret ripped straight from the heart; sweet, naked secrets never before shared. Take from me what you wish, what remains I offer still.

Julia, you are a fallen angel that makes me whole, you give me strength and hope. No one dares to know me the way you do. I crave your blades sensual caress. Warm yourself with the heat of my blood you make boil. Bathe me with your dark essence, your kiss is the only true kiss.

So many times I thought of dying but love for you kept me alive. Now, your love makes me want to live. I love you Julia, always have, always will. Nothing can change that, as long as you love me nothing else matters…


~ Shared by Julia DarkRose Ray


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