A Privileged Taste

8 Dec

Property of Julia DarkRose Ray
Copyright 2013
By Del Blute Ray

This is but another beautiful prose written about me by my brilliant husband.

*Warning: this prose is not for the prudish or the squeamish!*
A Privileged Taste

The scent of exotic petals,
your fragrance fills me.
Feed me,
feed me my love with old
but priceless pieces of you;
the red, sticky dew of a
fleshly flower.
Such a ripe, forbidden fruit
aged to perfection…

Thin gossamer strands,
dirty blood straight from a
fallen angels soul,
connect our lips…

Kissing away the dark drops,
tenderness turns to need.
Again and again
I drink your cleansing,
crimson fountain.
The hunger grows,
the hunger for you;
all of you…

Sharp, starving teeth,
serrated kisses;
caress the lovely petals
of a true DarkRose.



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