The First Longest Night (An Ode to Winter)

15 Dec

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Ghost of Winter Night
*This prose is written from 2 perspectives. There are two “entities” having a “dialogue.” This prose is the “dialogue” between the physical darkness (night) and the physical Light (day), regarding the first longest night of our world. Since these two “entities” aren’t actually capable of human speech, I have written my prose more as thoughts being transmitted between the two. To make it easy to follow I have put an asterisk in front of each of the Light’s prose.*

I apologize for not being a better writer (yet), for if I were a better writer, I would not need to explain how to read my prose.

Okay, and here it is…

The First, Longest Night
(An Ode to Winter)

Who wakes me from the eternities of night?

*I am a star, a stranger, sent to bring thee light.

No light of thine can raise my fallen sun,
And I am dead, because his light is gone.
Thy light as well must dim for want of breath,
Please enter: share my darkness, and my death.
Thou bringest to me an unfamiliar flame–
Now tell to me thine origin and name.

*If thou couldest see beyond there,
My likeness as a beacon would appear:
The star thou callest Sirius is my name.
I am the great sun! Who, though a star
to thy short vision, flung from him so far,
Stands sun of suns, and monarch to thy king.
So by his might, he sendeth me to bring
This fragment of his light, A little spark
To kindle thee from sleep, and from the dark.

Return upon thy wings of foreign fire,
And tell thy king that I am past despair:
My bones are bare,
No warmth from them may grow.
I ask no gift, nor know to use one now.

*But if you should let me burn and live again,
Would I not raise you with me to his throne?
This light I bear, though, but a candle gleam,
Reveals to thee the vision I have seen:
The sun is living still!
Nor did he die:
His strength is only hidden from the sky,
Come and watch from Sirius’ flame, my flame,
You will see him burning evermore the same.
None die but thee,
And only by thy will can autumn wound,
And bitter winter kill.
I bring thee vision, fire, and this word:
That from his ashes, like a wakened bird,
Shall sun leap upward,
Bearing on his wings,
The hues of every earthly bird that sings.

If this be so, how shall I see him rise?

*This moment, on this day, before thine eyes!
Behold me now, Sirius, sun of suns, star of thy stars,
Though in my sky thou art invisible:
Yet I descend in the guise of flesh, bearing truth,
To succor such as ye,
Poor ashen creatures sunk to madness
And to sleep.

*Though I am cosmos to thy dust,
Radiance to thy shadow,
Noon to the night,
Still though art the child of thy sun, and
He is yet my kin,
Therefore art thou flesh and blood of mine as well,
And thus I give thee here my gift, my vision:
Infinite sight, when thou wert dead with darkness;
Wings, when thou had thought all wings unfeathered,
Fallen, failed.
Rise up then, child of the sun,
Rise to his dawn, reborn,
And feathered in the colors of his infant fire:
For what was true at noon
Is true as well at night:
The universe is ever an immortal phoenix,
Whose death is but his birth:
Nor is the earth an exile from his breast,
Where he spreads burning wings
Across all space:
Where his radiance expands, there
Dwells all dust:
Flawed, fallen, mutable,
Yet still immortal through eternity, dying ever,
Yet no less the flesh from whence springs light:
And where the darkness ceases,
Where even one poor mote of dust
Shall flaw the sphere of silence,
There may grow some sun,
Some earth, and fairest life,
And I, Sirius, burning eye of space, see all of these,
And give to thine own eye all that I see.
Rise then with me,
Rise to the immortal phoenix I proclaim,
And take my radiance for thine own.

*Now I shall rise,
Now I shall ascend.
Now I am assumed
In the greater fire of thy golden sphere,
O perfect golden king,
Never now to die,
Never to descend,
Nor to be consumed:
Now my wings are fixed
In thy heart of amber,
Now my face fixed
In thine eye of flame,
Now my name recorded
In this single moment,
Evermore to burn
As everlasting brands
Upon the endless dark.
What is wound
About the sun
May in no way wise be undone;
Though the seasons cloud his reign,
Still you’ll find him free from stain:
Fallen even
Into ruin,
He shall stand
As now you see him
Crowned with gold,
Wreathed in joy,
Substance death
Shall not destroy.



As much as I hate to admit it…
Without the Light (the sun), there can be no life.
Just to reiterate, this prose is not about the metaphorical Light and Dark, the Light and Dark that we choose for spiritual growth. This is about the necessary physical presence of the almighty sun.


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