You Want A Better World-Self-Educate!

15 Dec

Property of DarkRose Productions

Copyright 2013

By Julia DarkRose Ray

Dancing with Eagle

People are the common denominator of progress.
So…no improvement is possible with unimproved people, and advance, positive evolution is certain when people liberate themselves from their chains through education, and most importantly self-education.

It would be unwise to dismiss the importance of economic development and the conquest of illiteracy. Yet, there is a certain sterility and most certainly a stagnation in economic monuments and ignorant college graduates.

Conquest of universal ignorance, teaching people how to break the chains of their imprisoned mind, in my experiences, comes first.

I hope this better explains to those many, many, detractors of the DRJ (and of me), in the vampire sub-culture why I have been educating not only other Dark Angels and/or “vampire” enthusiasts but the world at large for so very long and why I’m relentless in my quest for a better world. Planting the seeds for a positive evolution of mankind starts within our very own walls, ergo, why I never stop fighting my way forward and why I never let those “vampire” detractors keep me down, shut me up, or in anyway discourage me from my vision of a better world…it has to start somewhere. Every person counts and every deed from every single person makes a difference.

Never stop educating yourself….ever!

Life is wild. Love is wild. And the Universe is absolutely wild…
Be a part of our world, in the most useful way you can be.

So mote it be!

~Julia DarkRose Ray


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