Juliaisms 12/20/2013

20 Dec
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Spider web
A Few Juliaisms:

“It doesn’t matter what you do within the privacy of your own walls as long as you don’t do it out in the streets and frighten all the innocent animals and children.”

“I have come to the conclusion, after decades of sometimes horrific and sad experience, that you cannot come to any conclusion at all.”

“I began to have an idea of my life, not as the slow shaping of achievement to fit my preconceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose which I did not know.”

“Once you enter my parlor, you might struggle like a fly in a web, for you can be sure that I will wrap you around and around with beautiful sentences.”

“Science may carry us to Mars, but it will leave the earth peopled as ever by the inept.”

“General notions are generally wrong.”

“In real love you want the other person’s good. In romantic (chemical) love you want the other person. Or, if you are as lucky as DB and I are to have found each other, you have it both ways, you have it all!”

“Ah! Those strange people who have the courage to be unhappy! Are they unhappy, by-the-way?”

“For most of the human race, the universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”



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