The Raven Minstrel

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray

*This is for Raven Graves, written for her & inspired by her.*


The Raven Minstrel

A captivating, nightmarish image in the glass appeared,
unnumbered treasures opened at once,
and within her,
the various offerings of the world did emerge;
From each she darkly culled with curious toil,
and decked herself with wisdom’s glittering spoil.

I was but what you’d brush away with your hand,
what your learning brow would bend to in evening’s midnight-black hush.
I was but what your gaze in that darkness could distinguish:
A dim shape to begin with,
later-because you came to me,
features and a face.

It was you on my right,
it was you on my left,
with your heated sighs,
who molded my helix,
whispering sweet, inky love at my side.

It was you by that black window,
the deep, nebulous pools of your bottomless eyes,
who laid in my raw cavern
A voice to call you back.

I was practically blind,
you came into my view,
and inflamed my soul,
on the wings of a Raven.
Then hiding,
from the cruel, lying light,
you gave me my sight
and heightened my life.

Now, the night soaks itself along the crimson shore,
and in your sable eyes,
my branches die of love.

Naked the night sings,
in this starry, gray eve,
of anise and silver moonlight…

So darkly candied you are,
I suck the ruby honey from your dewy breast,
and drunken mad, with wild, delirious bliss,
within your black iridis,
I yield to you my soul,
and drink forever,
from your dark kiss.



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