Requiem of A Kiss

29 Jun
Property of DarkRose Productions
By Julia DarkRose ©2014
Requiem For A Kiss
I have my fair share of detractors. Many of whom simply just do not like my literary art. Which is, of course, quite understandable. However, there are others that don’t like it because they simply don’t understand that which I write upon my literary canvas…
**If anyone needs help understanding my prose, please just ask. I am not trying to write “over anyone’s head”, I am simply expressing my own very personal experiences in my own unique voice. Here is a unknown fact about me. I only went as high as the 7th grade in school. Living on the streets at the age of 12, did not leave me much time nor any inclination to go to school. I am completely self-educated. I do not try to write in a way that is difficult for most people to decipher. Please remember what the essence of poetry truly is to begin with. If I use words that you are not familiar with, simply look them up. One should always be expanding their horizons. And in order to accomplish self-evolution, one must always exercise their mind, body, and spirit. You must not allow yourself to become flabby in any of these areas. So, if my artistry makes you have to think, I mean really think, and that annoys you, perhaps you need to do a little introspection. Anyway, my intention with my art, be it drawing, speaking, dancing, or writing, is always the same…to inspire, entertain, evolve, teach, and shake up the status quo!!!!!**

Requiem of A Kiss

I saw a vision yesternight,
Enough to sate a seeker’s sight;
I wished myself a minion there,
And his quick pants my trembling sphere.
It was a dark angel so glittering bright,
You’d think his soul an Adamite;
Beauty’s chiefest consort of honour,
You may break Lent with looking on him.
Not the fair Abbess of the stars,
With all her nunnery of eyes,
Can show me such a glorious prize!

Without a soul, a mind, a breath, or pulse,
I held no strings of arteries, veins or muscles-
All had untied themselves in love’s burning fight.
A veil of inky shadow bandaged up my sight,
My ears had started ringing,
my tongue dried and stuck with heat
to some cave-roof inside,
My arms half-fallen-off ensnared his throat,
I fainted, lungs too weak to vent a single note,
That gloomy kingdom swam before my eyes
Which never knows the heavenly joy of skies,
I saw the realm that King Pluto chose,
And worm-holes in the boat old Charon rows.

In short, half-dead, I felt his lungs inflate
And with a warmly sighing breath translate
Into my mouth a kiss, soon broken up among
Sweet puffs of laughter and his darting lizard tongue-
A kiss that fed my soul and made me live.
A sweet savage flame, moist and replenishing,
That banished death and lies of the mundane from my eyes
And made the boat of the old man who guides
The souls of all would be lovers to the shore of scarlet devotion,
Leave me upon that sweet ruby bank-too satiated to move.

And so it seems,
I was saved by the nocturnal bliss of a dark angel
and his midnight kiss.




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