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Ebon Rhapsody

20 Aug

Property of DarkRose Productions
© 2014 Julia DarkRose Ray

Ebon Rhapsody

Come to her empty of your day fire misery.
Embrace the rubescent maiden,
most perfect Lady of Night,
who brings a noise of valiant winds
and the rushing rivers of ebon truth.

For the liars burning glory…
Your acid rains and shallow ruins are over
and all your seasons of betrayal and vileness,
shall now wither to poisoned dust.
The days dividing lover and lover
are washed away by Her mighty storm.
The light that loses substance,
shall be replaced by our precious Night that substantiates;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
and frosts slain,
and nighttime flowers begotten.
In shadowed underwood
we are covered blossom by blossom,
the crimson Spring begins…

Before the beginning of years
there came to the making of human kind,
time, with a gift of tears;
Sorrow, with a glass that always flowed;
Pleasure, with pain for genesis;
Summer, with flowers that fell;
Remembrance fallen from ebon rhapsody
and beautiful madness risen from Pandemonium;
Strength with the spirit to smite;
Love that endures for all breaths;
Darkness, the creator of light, and life,
the shadow of Death.

Then the sun was borne,
and swallowed the gospel of our Lady Night.
Eyesight and speech, they, those vacant souls wrought
for the veils of the spirit therein,
a time for labor and diseased thought,
a time to serve false verity and enslave;
They gave us, the children of the Moon,
the false light of their ways and selfish love,
and a space for insipid delight,
masked beauty and the length of disturbing days
and the dim gloom, they call midnight,
permission to sleep in the arms of our own
luminous Dark Mother.

Their speech is a burning fire of atrophied spiritual waste;
With their deceiver lips
they travail the delusions of the begotten son;
In their hearts is a blind desire,
in their shrouded eyes
foreknowledge of untrue death;
They try to weave our lives,
clothed with derision
of what they mistakenly fear.
Swine they are
and shall not reap the dark joy
and wisdom of the eventide.
They exist as a confused vision
between a sleep and asleep.

Oh, we have seen thee,
O false love,
thou aren’t true;
Thou aren’t goodly,
thou aren’t the burning
of unconditional love,
of the spirit of creation,
thou art a lie…

For your words divide and rend;
But ours, the red moon tribes,
eclipsed silence, is most noble till the end.

~JDREbon Rhapsody

Nocturnal Passage Society

6 Aug

If you are interested in haunted places, Occult/Paranormal Research, having the bejesus scared out of you and then sharing that fear with the rest of the world, then you might want to stop by my new group, have a look around, sit a spell and hopefully join all the ensuing supernatural shenanigans.

Click on the link below to be transported to the Nocturnal Passage Society…


This group exists for the sole purpose of making journey’s to extremely haunted locations, scaring the bejesus out of ourselves, documenting said scary crap and scaring the hell out of the rest of the world.

Thank You, DarkRose Journal

4 Aug

This was written by Johnny, my husband, for the first issue of The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped.

Property of DarkRose Productions
© Johnny Ray 2013

Thank You DarkRose Journal

I can honestly say that I have the DRJ to thank for completely changing my life and very existence!
How you say?
Well, I will be glad to tell you…

I first discovered the DRJ as an advertisement in some long forgotten underground magazine back in 1995. Yes, 1995. We are all getting older. I wrote a letter to a Lady DarkRose, I assumed the person that wrote and published the magazine. Just a short letter introducing myself, inquiring about ordering information, price, etc. To my surprise, she went ahead and sent me a copy, a letter in her lovely script and scent (she always smells of roses) saying she trusted me to send payment and hoped that I enjoyed her magazine, a questionnaire to fill out and some DRJ flyers that I still have to this day.

I immersed myself into this incredible collection of beautifully written darkness, finding deep truths about myself. I learned that I wasn’t evil incarnate like I had been called all my life. There were others like myself and they weren’t hiding or denying who or what they were.
Leading, organizing, fighting and sacrificing for this group of like minded individuals (now the so called OVC) was this Lady DarkRose that trusted me enough to send her magazine at her own expense, assuming I was honorable and respectful enough to send payment, I was. Just from her words, actions and obvious passion for like minded kind, I knew that I loved this DarkRose and thought her beautiful. I filled out the questionnaire and returned it, which she still has today. In her next letter, DarkRose sent me a photo of herself and unfuckingholyshit! She was the most beautiful woman in the world!!! I was already in love with her just through her words and ideals, when I saw her, I saw my vision of absolute perfection I had always imagined and fantasized about. I had never experienced love before, but at that exact moment I knew what true eternal love felt like. I would never love another.

Over the next 5 years our friendship grew through continued correspondence. I continued to love this dark angel of perfection from afar, carefully phrasing my words in letters so as to not reveal any sign of my undying love. Surely such an ungodly beautiful woman would never think of me in that way. Oh, how my love grew daily, with each word, with every cherished letter. My only release was writing poetry for her I sent as submissions to the DRJ. Many of these still exist and a few have graced the DRJ pages.

Julia (yes, I was privileged enough to call her by her name) was married in 2000. Apparently to an unmentioned individual that was quite jealous of our special friendship. I received a letter (unknown at the time, she was forced to write and told exactly what to say) telling me goodbye, that she was happily married to the man of her dreams. I wrote one in return, the hardest, most heart rending thing I have ever written or done, explaining that I understood and wished her all the happiness she deserves, and that I sincerely hoped that he cherished the beautiful treasure that he had. He certainly didn’t I now know. My letter mysteriously never reached its destination.

For several years I was completely dead inside, a lost, shattered soul staring at photos of my one and only love, ever, wearing letters thin from frequent readings. This continued for 5 or 6 years, an eternity, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to find my Julia, the only woman I had and will ever love. It was selfish, but I just had to have some type of contact, however slight, just to have her exquisite presence in my life. In my mind she was happily living the life of her dreams just like her last letter described. I would never interfere with that, I just needed to say hello, maybe exchange a letter or two.
Well, little did I know, Julia had completely disappeared from public view to raise her new son. To say Julia was hard to find…well, Julia was very hard to find. Six long years and hun-dreds of dead end searches later, my one and only created a FB page! I immediately made one myself and sent her a friend request. I received some cold, confusing inquiries back and thought my worst fear had become reality…she didn’t even remember me. Little did I know, she had been told that I had been killed and she thought me dead for the last 10 years. After convincing her that it was really me and not some jackass playing a cruel trick, my friend request was accepted by my beloved Julia Caples on February 16, 2012.

After exchanging phone numbers and some texting (I distinctly remember one that read I want to fuck and feed with you that I thought was sent to the wrong #) we had our very first phone conversation. I was hearing the beautiful voice of my one and only…and was so nervous and scared that I could barely speak! And guess what? She loved me the whole time too!!! Dur-ing the second call she asked me if I would marry her. I said fuck yeah, in a heartbeat!!! We were married on September 17, 2012, and I have been the happiest, most blessed and loved man in existence ever since. There is nothing that is comparable to touching, tasting, smelling and just being with the one you were created for, your other half. I know this to be truth. For so many years my love for her kept me alive, now Julia’s love makes me live!
Yes, I know that I am the luckiest SOB in the world, I am married to the most beautiful woman inn existence and a true angel of darkness, but go ahead and tell me anyway…
~Johnny Ray~

*These are his words, not mine (written in code, of course). This was published in issue 1 of ‘The DarkRose Journal’-ReVamped copyright 2013.*


A Gathering of Angels

4 Aug

DRJ Issue 6-Image 4

A Gathering of Angels Preview Video of issue 6 of The DarkRose Journal:

Enjoy this sneak peek into Issue 6 of ‘The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped’…Thank you kindly.
~Julia DarkRose Ray


4 Aug


Now I lay me down to sleep. If I should die before I wake, I’ll haunt you forever in your dreams and while you slumber, I’ll beg you for my soul to take. I’ll stay tucked inside your thoughts to always remind you that I’m never far away. With your dark angel wings wrapped tightly around my heart…you keep me safe from all harm and your pure, unconditional love embraces my spirit and allows me to peacefully drift off to sleep. Goodnight, my love, perhaps for a few hours or forevermore. Either way, my sleeping angel…I’m eternally yours in death as I am in life. As it is up above, so shall our love continue to always be, even deep down below. Now I close my eyes and dream of us. I feel your breath upon my lips and I taste your essence inside my mouth. I feel your touch upon my brow… as you gently whisper to me, “My love, of all loves, tis time to sleep. Close now your eyes and see me there. When you awaken I’ll be there still. I’ll be holding your beating heart in my hands, oh so ever gently. I’ll forever protect it from harm, no need to worry. So, sleep now my angel and weep no more. Your love of all loves is here…forevermore.”

Goodnight, Johnny Ray. This little ode to our love is what goes through my mind and lives in my heart every night before I drift off to sleep and enter our dream world, the only world where we are free to be together in all ways. I love you.

~Julia DarkRose Ray
Johnny & Julia Forever

Numerology Charts…A Goof?

4 Aug


So, I am pretty adept at numerology myself. So, I went ahead and let this site do my reading, as a goof. Well, this numerology site is creepily dead on about who I am, well mostly dead on. For the record, I have NEVER tried any drugs. I was forced to do drugs, but I have never done any drugs. I do not need drugs to reach a higher consciousness. I tell you this because in my reading this numerology guru kept pushing the fact that I need to get off of the drugs, LOL. Oh, and I have absolutely no desire to be the guru of my own religion or spiritual path. Which is funny that it is mentioned in my generic reading. Many people over the years have tried to start a church based upon my personal spirituality or many have adopted my personal spiritual path as their own and so on. I tell everyone do not follow me, just walk with me for awhile until you are ready to continue on your own. LOL, I would never want to lead people spiritually. I find that to be an oxymoron, ergo my problem with organized religions and spiritual movements. Anyway… I am impressed. Not that me being impressed should impress anyone else, just sayin’. You might want to have a look.

My Numerology Reading:

A Talking Spirit Board…Of Sorts

4 Aug

I do not normally let most people into the inner sanctum of my life. Been there and done that too many times and every time, people turned out to be looney tunes! Anyway, I have embarked on a special project and I have decided to share with my family and friends, Her progression. I am creating a Talking Spirit Board, of sorts. It is much more than that, however, for now, we will refer to Her as said Spirit Board. These are the very beginning stages of what I know will be something quite wonderful. I am sharing my work because I feel compelled to do so. I always listen to my own heart and spirit when it compels me to take action. I hope my creation and my ongoing sharing of said creation helps those who find some sort of strength and solace in that which I create.

Thank you.

LOL, I know She’s not much to look at yet!
* The actual board and my beginning sketch.*



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