A Talking Spirit Board…Of Sorts

4 Aug

I do not normally let most people into the inner sanctum of my life. Been there and done that too many times and every time, people turned out to be looney tunes! Anyway, I have embarked on a special project and I have decided to share with my family and friends, Her progression. I am creating a Talking Spirit Board, of sorts. It is much more than that, however, for now, we will refer to Her as said Spirit Board. These are the very beginning stages of what I know will be something quite wonderful. I am sharing my work because I feel compelled to do so. I always listen to my own heart and spirit when it compels me to take action. I hope my creation and my ongoing sharing of said creation helps those who find some sort of strength and solace in that which I create.

Thank you.

LOL, I know She’s not much to look at yet!
* The actual board and my beginning sketch.*




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