Numerology Charts…A Goof?

4 Aug


So, I am pretty adept at numerology myself. So, I went ahead and let this site do my reading, as a goof. Well, this numerology site is creepily dead on about who I am, well mostly dead on. For the record, I have NEVER tried any drugs. I was forced to do drugs, but I have never done any drugs. I do not need drugs to reach a higher consciousness. I tell you this because in my reading this numerology guru kept pushing the fact that I need to get off of the drugs, LOL. Oh, and I have absolutely no desire to be the guru of my own religion or spiritual path. Which is funny that it is mentioned in my generic reading. Many people over the years have tried to start a church based upon my personal spirituality or many have adopted my personal spiritual path as their own and so on. I tell everyone do not follow me, just walk with me for awhile until you are ready to continue on your own. LOL, I would never want to lead people spiritually. I find that to be an oxymoron, ergo my problem with organized religions and spiritual movements. Anyway… I am impressed. Not that me being impressed should impress anyone else, just sayin’. You might want to have a look.

My Numerology Reading:


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