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True Honor & Valor…A Lost Piece of the Modern Human Experience

10 Jan

Property of Julia DarkRose

**This is coming from my own personal, recent experiences with family. I absolutely stand by my words and actions…always!**BeFunky_BeFunky_imageedit_8_9359285771.jpg

True Honor & Valor…A Lost Piece of the Modern Human Experience

There will come a time in many people’s lives that they will have to make choices that are so painful that they actually feel like death will soon be upon them from such excruciating emotional torment.

For many people that find themselves in the throes of emotional pain due to having to make what seems like an impossible choice in their life, will find out what their character is truly made of.

Sometimes you have to take love out of the equation so that you may stand up for what is right, so that you may be righteous. You will have to take love out of the equation so that you may stand up for honor, so that you may be honorable. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, when their actions are dishonorable, unrighteous, deceitful, unjust, and abusive (to just name a few), to those that you love (friends, family, mother, father, brother, sister, and so on), your decision to not take action, to not defend and/or take up for those loved ones that have been abused, through absolutely no fault of their own, because you are in love with said “monster,” is the same if not worse than what the abuser has done to those that you love.

There is right and then there is what is truly right. Very few people have true valor of spirit. Very few people are capable of real honorable actions. It is all just talk…social media and Internet speak, coffee house bullshit, or private club bravado and delusional “speaking out of your ass.”

However, there are but a handful of us that exist, that are the very evolution of the human spirit and flesh, the needed evolution that our Great Mother has seen fit to create…we are amongst you and we grow stronger with every crimson moon.

Our storm of change is coming.

~Julia DarkRose


The Devil’s Breath

10 Jan

Property of DarkRose Productions
©2015 By Julia DarkRose

**This prose is, of course, written metaphorically.**

The Devil’s Breath                                                                 BeFunky_BeFunky_BeFunky_worship-woman2.jpg
‘Without the Devil, No “God”.’

Born this night,
Father of Fathers
Husband to Mother of Mothers,
Father of red waters
Father of black leaves,
Cup of silver, cup of crimson joy,
Holding the dark waters of sky,
Holding the dark waters of birth,
Holding the dark waters of sea,
Holding the dark waters of The Mother,
Bear the world the black magic child,
Who shall be thy child?
It shall be we, the crimson tribe.

Thou who are Lucifer
Thou who are Azazel
Thou who are Satan
Thou who are The Devil
Thou who are true Darklight
Thou who livest in true darkness
Thou who createst
Thou who destroyest
Thou who changest ever
From life to death
And death to life,
Never to hide thy face of cold fury,
Ready thy warm womb
Of mercy and truth,
Quench thy cold white fire,
In the fervid blood of life.

We are thy children,
Therefore art thou our true Father.
Now is the season of Darklight.
Now is the season of birth.
Who shall see him,
Springing from the rose-red waters of the womb?
From the womb of the moon,
From the womb of the Ebon Mother,
From the womb of verity.
Who shall see him
Where he springs forth?
Here and now, he shall be seen,
Here in us,
He shall be born,
Here his dark love
Shall be revealed.

Birthed of The mighty Prince,
Here we are,
Babes of the moon,
Born now for all of you.
We are the faerie children,
We are brother and son,
We are sister and daughter,
We are mother and father,
We are the earth,
We are the water,
We are the air,
We are the fire,
We are The Devil’s breath.
Our name is Legion,
Our name is Life.

My Dark Father whispered into my soul,
He breathed his breath of life into me,
He said,” I am coming, you must live…”

Oh, and live, I shall.

~Julia DarkRose

The DRJ-ReVamped Issue 7 Preview

9 Jan


Devil’s Candy

6 Jan

©2015 Julia DarkRose

**This is fan art of me, given to me back in the 1990’s. I have covered up my ‘Devil’s Candy,’ so don’t have a mundane cow, Face Twat.**

Devil’s Candy   BeFunky_Fan Art.jpg

I love when my feminine abyss is wet with wicked desire…
Please, my dark angel, release my longing with your burning lips,and stir my

Dark Angel’s soul with the fire of your kiss…

Let me die.
Let me die, again and again.
My Devil’s Candy is enveloped with the rapture of your hot breath and frenzied kisses.

My Devil’s Candy is a symphony of crimson desire…

Evening falls. Our nigrescent haven of dark, earthly pleasures awaits.

Let me die, my love.
Let me die the dark sweet death, again and again.

The Kiss

6 Jan

©2015 Julia DarkRose
**I have a sister in darkness or two that I would be honored to give

my dark bloody kiss to.**

The Kiss

After hot loveless nights, when cold winds stream,
sprinkling the frost and dew, before the inky light.
Bored with the foolish things that sanguine girls must dream
because their beds are empty of rubied dark delight.

The two sisters, one a beauty with strands of midnight
and one of golden fire, rise and strip.
Out from the night
their horses run to their low-whistled pleas-
Vast phantom shapes with eyeballs rolling white
That sneeze a fiery stream about their knees:

Through the crisp manes their stealthy prowling hands,
stronger than curbs, in slow caresses rove,
they gallop down across the milk-white sands
and wade far out into the sleeping cove:
The frost stings sweetly with a burning crimson kiss
as intimate as true love, as cold as death:
Their lips, whereon delicious tremors hiss,
fume with the ghostly pollen of their copper breath.

Far out on the grey silence of the flood
they watch the dawn as the smouldering horizon expands
beyond them; and the day burns through their blood
like a white candle through a quivering hand.

~©Julia DarkRose

Original Artwork ©Julia DarkRose 2012

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