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This Bitter Earth

27 Mar

This Bitter Earth
(Inspired by the song-‘This Bitter earth,’ Sung by Dinah Washington, Music by Max Richter)

This bitter earth…what good are we if we choose to ignore the truth about ourselves and about our amazing gift we call our world…Mother Earth.

Choose…now not later, what you do upon this bitter earth of ours…choose.   Earth-Goddess-fantasy-4942146-800-600
I choose to love and to share my boundless capacity for love with this world. I choose to embrace this bitter earth and to love Her and appreciate all that the Creator (whatever that means for you) has graciously created for me and within me. I choose love, beauty, honor, integrity, and truth…for myself and this bitter earth.

What do you choose?

We call “it” love. For we have no other reference but our own emotions borne from our own human spirits. We call it love, yet this love that we cling to, fight for, and die for, is beyond us, beyond our universe. This holy grail of life…love…is, to me, what the Creator of all (whatever that means to you, for creation of all is so far beyond our limited capabilities of understanding…for now) is comprised of. Love is what the Creator of all has made our universe from, what the Creator has strung all our lives together with. Love is what binds everything together. Love is far more than a chemical reaction, it is far more than just the need to not be alone, it is far more than just a human emotion…Love is what the Creator in all its glory and wisdom (that is far beyond anything we know) has given us. Love is pure energy that can not die, for energy can only be transformed.

What do you choose to do with the most precious of gifts? What do you choose to do with the love that binds our lives, our world, our universe and even beyond, together? Even though our understanding is limited and we are only able to see and feel a sliver of the whole, what do you choose to do with that sliver of the whole that is yours?

Love is the Holy Grail, period. We must start making the changes necessary for our world to heal and to thrive…for us to continue to evolve as the Creator needs us to…by choosing to let go of all that truly doesn’t matter and living our lives as a tribute to all that does truly matter.

Together we are an unstoppable force of, beauty, love and truth upon our precious world…separate, we are a plague of falsehoods, greed, and ugliness. Make what you do matter…then pass it on. Make what we do as a unified people matter…and then pass it on to whomever or whatever comes after us.

Love is the very stardust from which we came, the stardust from whence the Creator breathed its breath of life into and gave humanity its soul…one soul divided into our individual bodies…our star body within our fleshly body.

“Love” is so much more than most can even conceive.

What good am I, if I am only choose to be the dust covering the glow of the rose?

~Julia DarkRose ©2015


25 Mar

*There are wonderful women who understand the honor and virtue of true unconditional love and there are cunts…it is as simple as that. This is a fun prose that I’ve written yet it has a deep meaning of truth waiting to be understood, between the sheets of the cunt and her meal ticket. Please note, I feel absolutely nothing negative about any woman who is a professional Brothel Actress. I, myself, as a child and young teen was forced into that very profession. My prose refers to women with no honor or virtue. Thank you kindly for taking a moment to read my work. Personally, I find this prose quite funny.*


Naked she lay, clasped in his longing arms,     tumblr_m3y0c3ATed1qi6e2f
He filled with love, and she all over charms;
Both equally inspired with eager fire,
Melting through kindness, flaming in desire.
With arms, legs, lips, close clinging to a dark embrace,
She clips him to her pale breast and sucks him to her unworldly face.
Her nimble tongue, Love’s lesser lightning, played
Within his mouth, and to his thoughts conveyed
Swift orders that he should prepare to throw
The all-dissolving thunderbolt below.
His fluttering inky soul, sprung with the molten ruby kiss,
Hangs hovering o’er her balmy brinks of bliss.
But whilst her busy hand would guide that part
Which should convey his soul up to her heart,
In liquid dark raptures he dissolves all o’er her,
Melt into creamy seed, and spend at every pore.
A touch from any part of her had done it–
Her hand, her foot, her very look’s a cunt.

Smiling, she chides him in a kind murmuring cacophony
And from her body wipes his clammy joys,
When with a thousand crimson kisses wandering o’er
His panting bosom, ‘Is there then no more?’
She cries. ‘All this to love and rapture’s due;
Must we not pay a debt to pleasure, too?’

But he, the most forlorn, lost man alive
To show his wished obedience vainly strive.
He sighs, alas!, and our dark kiss–but cannot survive.
Eager carnal desires confound his first intent,
Succeeding shame does more success prevent,
And rage at last confirms him impotent.
Even her fair hand, which might bid heat return
To frozen age, and make cold hermits burn,
Applied to his dead cinder warms no more
Than fire to ashes could past flames restore.
Trembling, confused, despairing, limber, dry,
A wishing, weak, unmoving lump he lies.
This dart of dark love whose piercing point, oft tried,
With virgin blood ten thousand maids has dyed,
Which nature still guides with such cunning art
That it through every cunt reached every heart
(Stiffly resolved, ‘twould carelessly invade
Woman or man, nor aught its fury stayed–
Where ever it pierced, a cunt it found or made)
Now languid lies in this unhappy hour
Shrunk up and sapless like a withered flower.

She is the worst part of him, and henceforth hated most
For her he wishes to ravenous cankers be a prey,
Or in consuming weepings waste away;
For all his joys did on false love depend.

Whilst his brutal valour is displayed,
Breaking every cunt, each small whore he doth invade,
But when great Love the onset does command,
He must now save all his darkness and crimson joy
For the One….

No more cunts for him!

~Julia DarkRose

Sângerări Fountain

25 Mar

First excerpt from the upcoming, amazing issue 7 of The DarkRose Journal-Linea de Sangra…Enjoy, I hope.

Sângerări Fountain                           11018916_332425723617800_8300506878072154379_n

Beneath moonlight and passion’s splendor, her fingers trace alluring, serpentine ribbons, she serenades delicately in a tongue long forgotten, a haunting, breathless symphony that embraces the eventide, in concert with the shimmering opera of the delicate streaming water, rushing from beneath the dark, merciless foundation upon which she saunters.

~Julia DarkRose

Chained (My Story)

20 Mar

I had to deal with some extreme emotions the last few days, and as always, in doing so my painful childhood is brought to the surface and I must embrace it, transform it and breathe it back out into the world as pure, erotic truth and beauty. Many have already read this prose written about my years as a kidnapped sex slave starting when I was 12 years old. Many have not. I re-post it tonight as true evil forced upon me and the subsequent truth and beauty that I transformed it into. Thank you for taking a moment to read it.

(My Story)

I was a lovely child,
So fresh and wild,
Chained to the secret wall
Where no one else can see.

A dirty little cherished prize,
My body displayed like
A bruised butterfly.

Innocent vision,
A feast for their
Cold, dead eyes.

A fragile beauty
That they dared
To touch…

I was their caged flower,
Freshly cut and so
young and beautiful.
His sharp knife,
cut deep,
But it won’t hurt for long.

New life, shining in from the streams
Of light,
From the bloodied window
From high above,
My lashes stirred
Like feathers of a dove
On my bone smooth cheek,
Glittering midnight eyes uncovered,
From what seemed
Like a life long sleep.

They thought that I
Could be their freshly
Cut flower,
So young and beautiful…

Now I willingly shun the
Daylight fire.
I’m an earthbound angel,
Yearning for the twilight’s
Dark desires.

To die for my salvation,
My flesh must be strong…

Don’t worry he always said,
It won’t hurt for long.

~Julia DarkRose
© 2013

Sons & Daughters of Earth

20 Mar

Sons & Daughters of Earth

Now the deadly frost has touched the ground,
And turned its fertile flesh to bone,
I, now, bring you to life again:                                                       
 I break the soil and spade it fine,
 I gather it, pot it, take it in1907455_329751383885234_1241517284618558502_n
 To soften by my fire’s flame;
Anointing it with fresh water then,
Breathe its breath, and name its name:

Sons & Daughters of Earth
Arise and live:
I break the frost
And open thy grave.

Thunder my anger,
Lightning my might:
I take you in
Over wind and night,
To love me, your true Mother,
To save me as well,
To harm nothing under my knowing sight.

Sun, rain,
Cloud, and snow,
I rise up,
And over you go-
To understand my way,
To champion me night and day.

Time is truth
Time is sand
Time run true
For you, my earthly children,
From my own hand:
For dark-love
For dark-joy
For dark-pain
For darkness’ own sweet death…

We, my blood-soaked children, and I,
Are the spire of gold,
The willow green,
The silver snake,
The scarlet queen,
The seven stars,
The solid chain.

We are now,
Breath and Substance
Risen twice,
Death and issue,
Double face,
Phoenix fire,
Burning feather,
Fly and flower
All together…

My dearest Sons & Daughters of the Darklight,
We are the thicket secret,
Airy and light,
Horns of velvet,
Feathers many,
green as water,
red as flame-
We shed thy blood
And sign our names.

~Julia DarkRose

Ludavik, My Love

4 Mar



The cry of my body and soul for completeness, that is a cry for you. The divine in me and the beast in me and all deep things come up from the abyss and I would barter my soul to be your prize for a single night.

Come to me, press upon my brow the coolness of your tender lips that I may hear the thunder of your love this night…

Be no longer tender, cover me with frenzied dark kisses, even as I would drench my body in the sweet torrents of the rain…envelop me from throat to ankle in ruby delirium, intolerable pleasure…true love.

To love you like the midnight storm, to hear the wild beating of your veins, to feel flame shuddering your body and to agonize you with my ardor, to crush you as a flower upon my milk white breast, to bear you away to some secret valley where I would love you into crimson honeyed oblivion.

I want to eat the light flaring out from your beautiful body…as I pace around, hungry, sniffing the twilight of your essence…hunting for you, for your hot heart…I want to love you to death.

~Julia DarkRose

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