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17 Apr

Excerpt from Issue 2 of The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped Ezine. Enjoy some of my sensually, dark, erotica…I hope.

Breathless                                                    Breathles Joseph & Julia

She is for these moments, these spaces between breaths, existing close in the crook of my arm, her hand on my chest, her fingers spread in gentleness. Her breasts are warm against my side and I know she can feel the deep clear thunder of my heart slowing as my excitement wanes. I lightly stroke her face, pushing back the dark wetted curls from her glistening temples with my fingertips. I do it, I know, to tease myself, gauging my carnal appetite.

She mistakes my tender token, thinking it only the expression of the sweet passion I feel for her. She kisses my chest and presses her damply satisfied pussy ardently against the bony angle of my hip. I can feel the pulse of her puerile spirit in the bewitching puffy lips of her vulva. That was so completely incredible, she whispers. I always feel obligated to make the experience of what I give incredible, or fantastic, or wonderful to them. It is the least that I can do.

“Are you staying the night?” she asks, her lips and tongue grazing my skin. She looks up at me, her eyes hopeful midnight marbles, shimmering beneath half open lids. “If you really want me to,” I sigh. This lovely languid child, mistakes the rasping of my voice for the desire she wants to hear.

“I want. I want to snuggle and rest for a few moments. But then I want to do it again. If I fall asleep, I want you to fuck me anyway, as soon as you are ready. I want the feel of you slowly sliding inside to awaken me.” She grins shyly at me. I can tell she is surprised and a little shocked by the things she hears herself saying, that she is, at the same time, happy that she can say them to me.

My heart goes out to her then, as it had not before. Of course, she did not have to tell me aloud what she wanted. I know she wants this, even as I knew when we began, although she had been too shy to ask me then, that she wanted me to arouse her with my tongue. I always know what they want, even when they do not know they want it. Sometimes when it is especially good, as it had been with her, it is all that I am. And as I have done uncounted times, although not always inevitably, I wished it could be different, that there was some other way. Especially when they‘re so youthful and inexperienced as she, when they are as hesitant at first as she had been. And then, once they began, so trusting, so vulnerable. And finally, so frankly passionate.

I feet the warmth of her breath on my face as she kisses me. “Who are you really?” she breathlessly whispers in my ear. I am startled for a moment by her query. Before my mind can respond, her lips move thrillingly over my neck and shoulders. Her tongue briefly tickles the nipples of my breasts, then moves downward, delighting my belly.
I open my eyes, look down to see her kneeling before me. I see her close her eyes as she puts her hands on my hips and leans to put her lips on the tip of my cock. She kisses it lovingly for a moment, then she takes it into her mouth. This is an astonishing act, something I’ve never even thought of imagining.

Oh, but my dark Lord, she is sucking on me and it is a more marvelous sensation than I have ever imagined. It makes me feel helpless and more powerful than I have ever been, and now flames of lust are flaring up, uncontrollable, from my loins to consume my ebon soul. I need to close my eyes again, already feeling the need to cum. She grips me so unbelievably fucking hard now, holding me steady as she takes all of me deeper into her mouth. Oh, oh, oh, the head of my cock is touching the back of her throat, I cannot help myself, nor do I want to, I am beginning to cum, in thick waves of ecstasy. I can feel as well as hear her swallowing, as if she needed every drop, as if my semen were an elixir she had to have to sustain her life.

I can no longer tell the difference between my body and her mouth, between my soul and hers, be-tween good and evil, or God and the Devil, or Heaven and Hell. The spasms just keep going on and on, my balls are pumping wildly, forcing my burning fluid through the shaft of my cock as if I contained the sins of the world and they will flow from me forever-Oh shit! No it can’t be! It just can’t be! She is eating me! Not with her mouth and not my flesh, but ME- my essence, my life force.

I must take her now, to suck her life essence into me, to drain her of her sanguine purity. I know what I am, I am vampire. I must feed, now…

Alas, I cannot. I cannot move. I can only think these thoughts, I can only ruminate, in my last breaths, my fatal mistake. I am being drained, I am becoming a lifeless husk. I know what I am…

What are you, my dear girl, what have you done to me? I barely manage to whisper. She just smiles, kisses my cheek and is flying away into the night. I, the vampire, shall now fall into a deep sleep, a sleep of a dark angel….

I am so very warm now, it feels…nice. The ravenous knot of hunger has been released. Thank you dearest girl, my sweet succubus, my angel of salvation. Well, at least I am leaving this world in the way with which I lived in it…I shall sleep the true sleep now, finally.

~Julia DarkRose


The Darkling Plain

16 Apr

The Darkling Plain











Hither and thither spins
The windborne, mirroring soul;
A thousand glimpses they have,
And yet, they never see the whole…
Sand-strewn caverns, cool and deep,
Where the winds are now all asleep.
Nature, with perfect plan,
Sees all her children at play;
Sees them try to control the mighty winds.
Then, in her masterful wisdom,
Watches the wind sweep her children away.

Oh, the day in its hotness,
Brings strife and pain;
Oh, but the sweet night, in her silence,
Brings the stars and their calm.
It is no small thing
To have enjoyed the moonlit night,
To have lived in the shadowed light,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done;
To have advanced true friends, and beat down baffling foes!
‘Tis true, all human beasts have a beating heart…

The sea of humanity
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore
It lay like folds of a lover’s smile, bright and furled and sincere;
But now, nature’s children, mostly only hear
It’s melancholy, long, withdrawing roar
Retreating, to the breath of the night wind,
Down the vast edges bleak
And naked seashore of the world.

Ah, but for those who know the beauty of Dark love,
Let us be true to one another!
For those not born of the glittering night, the world,
Which seems to lie before them like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new, so old,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

For those of us who revel in the velvet radiance of the darklight,
We are here on the darkling plain,
Come, children of darkness, let us away;
Down and away below!

Now I hear my brothers and sisters,
Calling from the bay,
Now the great night winds shorewards blow,
Now the salt tides seawards flow; Now the wild white horses play,
Champ and chafe and toss in the spray and the starry moonlight.

Down, down, down!
Down to the very depths of the sea!

We, those dwelling in the darkling plain,
Sing most joyfully with our
The precious song of the night.
My sea of darkness is calm
The tide is full, the moon lies
fair upon the straits…
I hear not the world applauding it’s hollow ghost,
While the others only see the phantom of themselves,
I hear the quietess of my spirit…
I see my whole…
Dark tidings to all,
And to all a dark night…
Now I creep into my narrow bed,
I creep, and let no more be said!

~Julia DarkRose


15 Apr

When all is done, much of human life is, at the greatest and the best, but like a froward child, that must be played with and humored a little to keep it quiet till it falls asleep, and then the care is over.

Why waste a perfectly miraculous and beautiful thing, your life?

One of the perks of being me, a real living Dark Angel…wasting my life, not living my life the most passionately and the fullest that I can, is not a part of who/what nature hath made me!

Whatever your path in life is, whatever you do, try to understand how miraculous life is. I speak as someone who has (from those looking at it from the outside) an unimaginable life of pure horror. I do know what the worst life has to offer actually consists of…Yet I know with all of my being, that life is a miraculous and beautiful thing. Don’t waste it on nonsense!


Lower than the grave
my darklight began,
into the starry heavens
soon I ran:
Here between earth
and space I shine,
my fallen dust
the twin to thine…
Star that I was,
star that I am,
star I shall ever be,
my name is woman.

While you see me across the sky
to wake and live and burn and die,
all in a crimson flash,
eternity watches me fall.
My trail of fire, no fire of the sun’s,
my star, a silver mirror,
a sphere, clear as glass,
my veiled face, a bright cloud,
more radiant for it’s obscurity,
my mystery, whose shadow
stands proud beneath the light,
my world, whose lands remain
unknown to most,
while I shinest most evident of all
beyond this world:

I reveal to you now
all that is obscure and hidden under day’s illusion;
I reveal to you the nature of all that you see,
set so far from earthly lands,
above earthly sight;
I appear to you now
in this crystal of fleshly stardust…

If you will have Antares,
scarlet sting of Scorpius,
or count for wealth, Capella,
gold-fleeced goat,
or Rigel, fire of sapphire,
pivot to Orions pace,
or Sirius his dog,
as white as snow,
yet flashing every color,
then come and find the darklight
you seek.
Mirrored in the red water,
break the wet glass,
pluck out my star
by my radiant tresses…

But do not dare
to look upon my stardusted face,
do not dare to know truth,
lest you go blind;
Bear me only in your mind.

A shuddering star,
I shiver and burst
on the moons white horn,
on this flashing sphere,
this globe of rainbows…
streaming air,
turbid world,
trembling planet,
great as what’s inside your head,
but thin as a thread
that wind can tear
from your precious life’s web,
do not despair…
Let this be said:

Out of the sun
you are ever born,
follow it not, that blinding orb,
with anxious eye…
With my words of midnight silk
and actions of dark love,
I will hold it together,
your web of life,
though what we have created,
may fall,
in tears,
like meteors,
from the sky.

I am the darklight…

I am borne from stardust…
Like falling glitter from the eye of the universe,
down, down, down,
onto this Earth.

I am woman,
the beloved daughter of our Mother,
the darkest light of all.

~Julia DarkRose

Raven’s Kiss

1 Apr

Raven’s Kiss

The midnight whisper of my seraphic hands
Opens the veil of your being,
Clothes you in a further nudity,
Uncovers the bodies of your body,

 The truth of my velvety salvation
Invents another essence for you flesh.

Oh, I am the Eternal Feminine…

When it is time,
I will come to you
And sit upon your lap,
Revealing to you, a fallen angel,
And what I do.

I will be far darker than they,
Julia DarkRose-Ravens Kiss

those angels of the day,
Creating us joy that becomes
A twisted crimson curve;
With seductive pale feet,
I pounce upon your burning desirous flesh.

Damned by your false god of puppets,
Cherished by the Almighty Creator,
I’ve fallen, hard and bloody,
From your idols imaginary grace.

I will prepare you to
Laugh! Sing! Cry!
To be truly loved!
And to die for love,
Oh how we will…
Over and over again.

~Julia DarkRose

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