The Truth Is In The Blood

2 Apr

Thank you very, very, much Juanie Amador​ for your Blog article about our book-Blood’s Truth. Your unabashed honesty about yourself and about our book, is appreciated beyond human words. 🙂
Respectfully & Gratefully,
~Julia DarkRose

The Amador Vampyre

  •  I am a fan of The DarkRose Journal. I recently finished Blood’s Truth by Julia DarkRose and Ludavik Valentine. Some of the ideas in the book are a challenge to some standard and traditional (the modern tradition) concepts that are embraced within the current Vampire Community.

    But, since I have enjoyed Julia’s writing up to date…and her work has been an inspiration for me as a Modern Living Vampire, a writer and a metaphysician….I am giving the book a second reading. This time, not to be entertained….but, reading the book the same way that I read my study guides. I read books on New Age thought, christian mysticism, Witchcraft, self-help, NLP and magick with pretty much the same process. Maybe, after I read a book once, just for pleasure….taking mental notes along the way, letting myself enjoy the “what if this were true?” entertainment of the possibilities….if something seems possibly…

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