17 Jul


This is my Introduction from my book-Blood’s Truth-published last year. I am working on several new projects at the moment, one of which, is a new edition (focused on over-all Mankind, not just those of us borne from the Draconian Bloodline) of Blood’s Truth.

Since I have been on another wondrous adventure, known to me, as my amazing life, and have not contributed to my blog in almost 2 years…I thought that an Introduction was in order.

We all change, at least we should be in a constant state of transformation. What we once were, should not be all that we are, at any given moment. To evolve our world, we must, ourselves, be in a continuous element of metamorphose. There is not a final stage of our existence. I know that many people choose to just keep running in place. I suppose that too can be perceived as a kind of transformation… a transformation from constant self-evolution into a nature of stagnation. This too is a choice.

So, here I am, back, for a while. At least until my ever-evolving nature, of which I was borne, takes me on another journey.

Thank you kindly.

©Julia DarkRose 2017

Julia DarkRose Introduction-1Julia DarkRose Introduction-2Julia DarkRose Introduction-3Julia DarkRose Introduction-4



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