New Additions to Darklight Evolution Focus Beads!

26 Jul

New Darklight Evolution Focus Beads have been added to the Pendant Album. 🙂

All we can do, each one of us, is to do the best we can. Anything else is an epic failure. You can tell yourselves that you will come back after death so that you get more chances to be better and to do your best…but that is, whether you admit it or not, a crutch, an excuse for all our mistakes, for all our continued fears, lack of courage, unkindness, selfishness, and simply just not pushing ourselves as hard as we need to so that we are able to do our best…whatever that might be for each one of us.

Life is pain. Life is hard. Life is ugly. Life is unfair. Life is beautiful. Life is confusion. Life is sad. Life is amazing. Life is always unfolding and showing its truth, you just have to decide to want to see it, to see Life as it truly is and exists and keeps breathing. Life is one big and small, choice, again and again. Our choices, every single one of them, affects every one and everything else. It has always been this way but, it seems, somehow, that it is even more true now, right now, in this exact moment and all the moments to come.

A little focus in a world gone mad, or perhaps, the world has always been mad, long before our arrival. Perhaps, it is only through our continued ability for compassion, empathy, self-love, and a hunger for truth, the truth of our world, not the truth we tell ourselves to satisfy our egotistical natures so that we can try to sleep when , finally, we can take our masks off and just be us as we truly are….that we will allow ourselves to see our world, our fellow human being, and make better choices. Choices that affect ourselves and carried upon the wings of a butterfly, flying through the air and wind, also affect our entire system of life upon Earth. Believe it or not.
~Julia DarkRose Caples
Copyright 2018


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