This is merely everything as I have lived it. Perhaps you have lived everything differently.

My book: a Darkness Clinging, is borne from this reality I breathe every moment…

One cannot simply buy as an offering, a bottle of whiskey, the finest Cuban cigar, a doves heart, the blood of the freshly deceased…or the body and spirit of another animal/human life for a sacrifice to aid in a magikal endeavor.

These are simply not yours to give. You cannot offer a sacrifice to any worshiped deity, or for any understanding of magic, or to another corporeal being, if it does not belong to you.
You can only offer that which is a true sacrifice ripped from your own body, mind, and spirit.

You can only sacrifice your own heart, sanity, and life.

Nothing true and enduring can ever be created without the sacrifice of self…in one form or another.

Buy all the abracadabra you desire. It will never evolve you or bring your truest and most hidden desires to fruition.

You must already be that which needs to be offered up. Only then will the veil begin to open. Only then.

This I do know.
~Julia-Anne Crow (DarkRose)


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