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Too Young To Die

20 Jul

Too Young to Die

I just finished watching this movie. The fact that it eerily reflects much of my early childhood and teenage years (some of it, by no means all of it), only added to my increasingly withdrawn and horrified state of mind while watching it.

It is true, we all have the ability to make choices about our lives (mentally handicapped children, are, of course, exempt), even as children, teenagers and young adults. Yes, it is true that the human mind does not stop developing until the age of 25 or so. Yet, given even the worst of circumstances (believe me, I have been party to the reality of torture, sexual abuse, physical & psychological abuse and even the factual threat of death, many times as a child, teenager, and young adult), yet I always made the choice to conquer my foes and relentlessly keep searching for a better quality of life. All the while, trying to keep mental disease that was genetically passed on to me in check.

Still, we are not all equal when it comes to our capacity to survive and make the correct choices. So, at what point do we as a society of progressive and highly intellectual thinkers & doers, decide that enough is enough and pull our heads out of whoever’s ass we ar so far up that we can no longer smell our world without the stench of human shit, or hear it without the deafening sounds of zombified media coverage, or see it without wearing our specialized rose-colored, glasses, given to us at birth?

When, how, who, is going to finally throw away the glasses, switch off the zombified media and pull their head out of Geppetto’s asshole?

This movie, while a fictionalized version of true events, is an accurate portrayal of real life for many children and teenagers who have been thrown away by family and by society.

Like Anne Frank wrote…good thing no one has to wait to start making the world a better place.
~©Julia DarkRose 2017


Aborted by the Light

26 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
Not trying to bring anyone down during this most glorious of seasons. If my prose does bring you down (for anyone with a true Dark Angel’s heart, should feel the sadness of the truth in my prose), I do apologize if I my words bring you down from a glorious Halloween (Samhain) high. Still, I had to post this.

Before anyone honors me with reading my newest prose (written very quickly at a rest stop off the interstate, lol), please be aware that this prose is written in layers. What will seem like the obvious subject of this piece (to most people) is not what it is really about. And on that note, I would NEVER judge a woman on what she feels she needs to do with her own body and life. Thank you.

Aborted By the Light

Tell me, how does it feel
My daylight child to be unborn?
What can you see through your god’s eyes,
And is he on your side?
How does it feel my human child
To be unborn?

The caged brood are able to kill without regret.
To so easily kill and forget,
Able to kill even their unborn and not mourn,
Oh children of the daylight fire,
You throw your fetuses to the floor,
Just waste, just flesh,
No, nothing more…
Just a meal for an alley cat,
Or a hungry dog, or a sewer rat…
Then you go on without regret,
You just go on…

How does it feel my human child
To be unborn,
So pure, pristine, and a virgin
To the evils of your religious word,
Would you believe that your holy man
Can call you a sinner before your first breath?
How does it feel my ‘sinner’ child
To be unborn?
You, the daylight herd sees life
As a terminal disease,
You believe that death is your only guarantee.
You kill yourselves trying to find a cure,
And you go on..

You quietly pray to your god
To save you from the truth.
To blind your soul,
You pray to your god,
“Please never show my true face.”
You come to this world asleep,
You pray for your Lord,
Your soul to keep,
Then you’ll go on without regret…

You never knew you were gone,
You never even really
Knew you were here at all…

You rape, kill, and abuse
Out of your misplaced fear…
And still,
You go on without regret…

How does it feel my child of the false light
To be stillborn,
To never see all the wondrous things
Of our world that for you will never be…
Are you saved by death
Or are you just an early casualty?
You’ve taken needless, make-believe pain
For so long,
When it’s gone,
You think something’s wrong,
Then you bring it back again…

You silently mouth,
You don’t want your child to see
You this way,
Lost in your life of disarray,
So you throw your fetuses to the floor,
Choosing to remember nothing more…

But it doesn’t really equate
Just another bloody mess
In the hands of your imagined fate,
Oh my, no…

You and the rest of the children have been aborted
By the Light.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

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