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Real Vampire News Intertview

19 Jul


Julia DarkRose~Living Vampire 2013

“Thank You”

25 May
This is an excerpt of a “Thank You,” written by Johnny DB Crow for the first issue of The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped.

Property of DarkRose Productions
© Johnny DB Crow 2013
Julia DarkRose~Queen 1 Watermark
 Thank You DarkRose Journal

I can honestly say that I have the DRJ to thank for completely changing my life and very existence!
How you say?
Well, I will be glad to tell you…

I first discovered the DRJ as an advertisement in some long forgotten underground magazine back in 1995. Yes, 1995. We are all getting older. I wrote a letter to a Lady DarkRose, I assumed the person that wrote and published the magazine. Just a short letter introducing myself, inquiring about ordering information, price, etc. To my surprise, she went ahead and sent me a copy, a letter in her lovely script and scent (she always smells of roses) saying she trusted me to send payment and hoped that I enjoyed her magazine, a questionnaire to fill out and some DRJ flyers that I still have to this day.

I immersed myself into this incredible collection of beautifully written darkness, finding deep truths about myself. I learned that I wasn’t evil incarnate like I had been called all my life. There were others like myself and they weren’t hiding or denying who or what they were.
Leading, organizing, fighting and sacrificing for this group of like minded individuals (now the so called OVC) was this Lady DarkRose that trusted me enough to send her magazine at her own expense, assuming I was honorable and respectful enough to send payment, I was. Just from her words, actions and obvious passion for like minded kind, I knew that I loved this DarkRose and thought her beautiful. I filled out the questionnaire and returned it, which she still has today. In her next letter, DarkRose sent me a photo of herself and unfuckingholyshit! She was the most beautiful woman in the world!!! I was already in love with her just through her words and ideals, when I saw her, I saw my vision of absolute perfection I had always imagined and fantasized about.

*End Excerpt*

*These are his words, not mine. I have to emphasize (how sad that I feel I have to always include disclaimers) the fact that I didn’t write this about myself, lest I be accused of being a media whore, a narcissist, a glamour vampyre slut (who steals other women’s husbands/boyfriends) or a myriad of other untruths that people who actually feel unsatisfied with what they’ve allowed themselves to become and the life they have chosen to live, need to spew at me (Lol), without any valid foundation from which they draw upon these hate-filled fabled conclusions. smile emoticon… I am simply sharing but another person’s (one of many) gratitude for who and what I have chosen to become and for who and what I keep becoming, and my efforts to help others from that which I have already lived, and from that which I am living and will live.This was published in issue 1 of ‘The DarkRose Journal’-ReVamped copyright 2013.*

Thank you.
~Julia DarkRose

**This is a photo of one of the flyers I sent to Johnny DB Crow in 1995.*

Thank You DRJ

The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped: Issue 6…Now Available!

9 Sep

DRJ Issue 6 Lst Page

The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped,Issue 6 hard copy is not available yet (probably tomorrow), however, the ezine version is available.

If anyone is interested in receiving the 160 page ezine, please just message me (either on the DRJ FB page or my personal FB page, or my email) with an email that you can receive the very large pdf ezine at.

My email: darqrose@gmail.com

*Uh oh, my delicious darkness is dripping…all over the place!*

~Julia DarkRose


DarkRose Productions ReVamped

12 Jul

Hello Everyone!

DarkRose Blue Rose

Just a short announcement. Nothing to get your panties in a twist over (unless, of course, you want to get your panties in a twist), I promise.
I am deleting my original DarkRose Journal/DarkRose Productions website. It was, in a word, a mess. Said mess is completely all of my own doing.
Anyway, this is the new DarkRose Productions website. The address is temporary. I am having trouble transferring my domain name over to my new website. Until then, She can be viewed at this address.

Thank you kindly to all those who take a moment and go peruse Her new home. I have worked non stop for 2 days, not to apply any guilt or anything, LOL.

Again, thank you kindly.
~Julia DarkRose Ray


Temporary address:





Creepiest Ghost Encounter…Ever!

10 Jul

Are you jaded by Hollywood’s big budget “scary” movies?
Are you yearning to burst a blood vessel or have your heart feel like it’s racing in The Grand Prix!
Are you finished being let down by the unimaginative writers of Tinsel Town?
Well then, you might want to have a look at ‘The DarkRose Journal’s’ newest contest….NOT FOR THE EASILY SCARED…

Creepiest Ghost Encounters…Ever, Contest!

Creepiest Encounter

Beyond Our Grasp

10 Jul

The Hard Copy (the ezine cover features the fabulously dark and wonderful human being, Johnny Daggers!) cover for Issue 6 of ‘The DarkRose Journal’ is finished. You DO NOT want to miss your opportunity to purchase Issue 6. This will be the last of Her quarterly issues. After this She, The DarkRose Journal, will only be published once a year, around Halloween/Samhain. Have no doubt that she will be a voluminous tome of exquisite sensually & spooky dark artistry.

**A sneak peek at the front and back covers, just for you, The DarkRose Journal Community of awesomeness!!!!**

Thank you.
~Julia DarkRose Ray
Cover Six 2.0

Cover Six Back 2.0

Sensually Dark Literary Artist

15 May
Please, if you desire, check out my new author’s page on Facebook:
Coming soon, my new author’s website!
I have many other projects waiting for me to finis their creation.
I am and do so much more that ‘The DarkRose Journal’ magazine & Ezine!
Thank you!
This is my truth. What is your truth?

I am not ‘bad’ but I am considered ‘evil’ by many. I embrace all that I am, all that nature has made me.

Without hurting anyone, ever…of course!

“The difference between my darkness and your darkness is that I can look at my own “badness” in the face and accept its existence while you are busy covering your mirror with a white linen sheet. The difference between my “sins” and your sins is that when I “sin” I know I’m sinning while you have actually fallen prey to your own fabricated illusions. I am a siren, a mermaid, a Dark Angel; I know that I am beautiful while basking on the ocean’s waves and I know that I can eat flesh and bones at the bottom of the sea. You are a white witch, a wizard; your spells are manipulations and your cauldron from hell yet you wrap yourself in white and wear a silver wig.”

It is time for me to evolve some more and to reach even higher than I am aware that I can. I am not defined by any mere label. I am anything I choose to be. I choose to share my incredible adventure that I call my life, with the world, through my sensually dark words. I hope that you will choose to continue to walk with me even though not everything I do or write is part of The DarkRose Journal.

Make no mistake, I am and always will be, a Dark Angel. It’s just that my time has come to metamorphose once again into that which Nature needs me to be. I leave no one behind, but I must write all that I know, all that resides inside my heart and mind. I must do that which is in my nature to do.

Please, if you so desire, stay with me, and enjoy the new adventure with me!!!!

~Julia DarkRose Ray

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