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The Dark-Re-Vamped

23 Aug

Just another excerpt from ‘The DarkRose Journal’ and the thoughts that occupy my mind. This excerpt is from the original DRJ from the early 90’s. Enjoy the dark pleasures…

The Dark
By DarkRose
© 1996

Re-published (But not re-written or edited) in Issue 5 of the DRJ-Re-Vamped
*Images are from issue 5-2013.*

It was dark…
So very, very, dark:
An envelope of darkness.

And it was warm…
So very, very, warm:
An envelope of warmth.

And the only sound
Was the distant, comforting murmur
Of the Great Being.

It was, in other words, a perfect place.

This is the opening of a short story* that describes the pre-natal comfort and security of the womb. This is how I feel about the Dark: warm, secure, comforting. I reflect in the irony that so many people are afraid of the dark-the literal as well as the abstract-when it was the dark in which we all lived so peacefully for those nine or so months. It was the glare and the harshness that caused us to first wish we had never been born; to wish we could retreat to whence we came; to go back into the Dark.
So we see that the body and the spirit have a natural affinity for the darkness. It is only through learned responses and the anti-dark prattle of others that we become fearful of the dark. We are told that the dark provides safe harbor for the evil and nefarious, that the dark obscures the truth, and that the dark is the last refuge of the weak of spirit. Nothing could be further from the truth.
We must start our understanding of the Dark by shattering the biggest misconception there is-that of the dark as a place of Evil. If being of the Light is necessarily good, so goes the argument, then being of the Dark is necessarily bad. Neither of these positions is accurate-at least not for everybody.
This idea stems from the human need to put things in two categories. Yes and No. Wrong and Right. Good and Bad. Black and White. Light and Dark. The problem is that there is not a person known who is totally good, or totally evil. We’re told that even Hitler loved children and animals; that even Jesus Christ lost his temper and promoted alcoholic beverages; and that even the Prince of Darkness is a perfect gentleman. Yet we seek a balance. An eye for an eye. A yin to a yang. A tit for a tat. Quid pro quo. And a Dark for a Light. Since most people see themselves as creatures of the light, and they further perceive themselves as good and worthy, which leaves the balance to fall to the dark, and thus is created a world of evil.
You stub your toe in the dark, the cat springs at your feet in the dark, you lose your way in the dark. That’s where the bogeyman lives, in the dark-and it must be true, because our parents said so. You shouldn’t wander the streets at night. Why? Because it’s late? No, because it’s dark. Light a candle, flip a switch, turn something on-dispel the dark!
In medieval times a solar eclipse was a portend of impending doom. Even a dark cloud passing in front of the sun at the wrong moment could brand someone a witch. In the darkness there is the Unknown, and the human animal is by nature terrified of the unknown. Beyond these seas there be dragons, the cartographers warned. Beyond the dragons, there be the edge of the world. And once you fall off the edge of the world, there be eternal darkness. Magellan finally put a stop to that, but his crew kept a wary eye out for dragons anyway!
The Unknown. The Dark is the perfect metaphoric hiding place for all that we do not understand. Our fears. Our biases. Our hatreds. And most of all, that part of ourselves that we do not wish to examine in the bright light. Yes, my dear friends, the Dark is the ultimate scapegoat; the repository of our sins, real and imagined. But just as one can clean out the cobwebs of a spooky old attic and then enjoy the treasures that are revealed, so can we all learn to if not love, then at least appreciate the dark.
But is it true? Is there evil there? Some. There are deceitful spirits and lost souls and a certain amount of karmic dredge. But there is much more of that in the Light. The contemptible con man that cleans out his victim’s bank account does so with a pressed suit and an engaging smile, not with a black hood and mask. The church goer sings long and loudly in the pew as sunlight streams through the stained glass window, then rushes out to bed his neighbor’s wife. The perfect housewife dumps out a half gallon of milk exactly on the due date, then snorts in derision as she passes a homeless family on the street. And it’s all done by the good and pure people of the Light. Jeffrey Dahmer was the boy next door. Ted Bundy wad the Boy Scout next door. John Wayne Gacy was the clown next door. Tit for tat. Quid pro quo.
So instead of being turned away by the perceived evil of the dark, let’s look to see what else there might be in there. We’ve admitted that it’s hard to see in there, so let’s step in long enough to let our eyes grow accustomed. As the pupils dilate, so let the mind open and expand. Let the senses be aware. Let the soul be eager.
Let’s imagine a scenario. It is somewhere around the year 1200. We’re in England-a scary place at that time, until you realize the rest of the world is even scarier. Power and position come much more swiftly at the point of a sword than the nub of a pen. The local sheriff is subservient to the Earl, and enforces the law as it is convenient and handy. To get from one town to another, one must walk-only the rich have horses. And to walk on these roads is to take your life in your hands. Bands of outlaws have free reign outside the gates of the city, and are eager to relieve a passerby of their purse and their life. The outlaws live in the thick forest; since by their outlaw status, they are denied citizenship. Thus the forest is a place of the Unknown. Evil lurks there. The forest is the Dark. Beyond these woods there be dragons. Beyond these dragons there be death.
Everyone has his or her place in the pecking order. Peasants serve craftsman, serfs serve knights who serve nobility who serve the king. Everything in the system works until someone decides that they don’t wish to be a part of the accepted system. Maybe they feel they should be able to own land without having the royal blessing; maybe they feel they should be able to have authority without having a noble lineage; maybe they feel they should be able to worship according to their own belief system rather than that of the powerful Church. Whatever the reasons, these people feel slightly apart from the norm. They are independent. They are the exception, rather than the rule. They cluster in small groups of like-minded souls, finding solace in the very few who also wish to chart their own course. They realize they can’t continue living in the city, because the city is very intolerant of those who are intolerant of the city. People hang for things like that. They want to go live in the forest, because there the city will leave them alone. But the forest is Dark, and in the Dark, there is evil.
This small band of society’s displaced ventures tentatively into the woods, keeping their eyes and ears open for the dangers that dwell there. They find a cave. It is dry and warm, but it is also dark. Their desperation finally overcomes their fear, and they move into the cave. It’s not bad. As a matter of fact, they become quite comfortable there. Other people hear about this new little sub-society in the forest, and the braver of them venture past their apprehensions and find the cave. They, too, find support there.
All of these formerly displaced people are now placed. They have found a home in the Dark. And they are making discoveries-the differences between their home in the Dark and their old residence in the Light. Now please don’t misunderstand me when I say that these people lived in the Dark. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they lived in actual darkness, that there was no light, and that they had to stumble around in an unseen void until their senses developed bat-like sonar. They used candles. They used lanterns. They built fires. They were artists and writers and mathematicians and scientists and scholars and parents and clerics and sellers and buyers and all the kinds of things that people of the Light are-and for these activities they had to dispell the physical darkness. They had to venture out of the cave to interact and commune with the world outside. They were bifunctional. They moved at ease in both worlds, when necessary. It’s just that for their personal growth and nourishment they preferred the Dark.
Why? Because the Dark is an incredibly sensual place. Their sense of being has become focused. Their senses of being have become sharpened. When they seek pleasures, they are rewarded with ecstasy. Intense touches, intense aromas, intense sights and sounds. They have never known an odor so fragrant and full-bodied, or a taste so fulfilling, or a sight so beautiful. They have never known an orgasm so full of love and so full of life.
They have discovered that the Dark, rather than serving to mask and deceive, does instead act as a filter. It forbids the invasion of the cluttered and confused. It intimidates the cowardly and short-sighted. It makes a barrier that the hypocrite and self-deceiver find hard to penetrate. The kindred spirits of Thoreau, Epicurus, and Dionysus make it past. Diogenes shines his lantern approvingly here.
The cave-dwellers, those disciples of the Dark, live in one with their surroundings. They love nature, for it is nature that has given them their safe haven. They do not wish to exploit their fellow denizen, because that is their family. They do not want to shut out that which is mysterious and incomprehensible, for it is there that new knowledge and discovery dwell. They sincerely wish to find their inner spirit, for that is their essence. They sincerely wish to find their other kindred, for with them is their past and their future. They learn to look at everything that comes their way with an appreciative and curious eye. In the Dark, things reveal themselves slowly, but once they are revealed, they are true and pure. It is only in the Light that there is a need for pretense and masquerade, for it is only in the Light that judgments are handed down based on surface rather than substance.
These cave-dweller citizens of the Dark were my ancestors. They were my family. I, was one of them. I watched from the safety of my cave as the outside world slowly turned increasingly to turmoil and destruction. I ventured out as necessary, for my life in the Dark better equipped me to deal with life in the Light. I was on to them, yet they were helpless and blind in my Dark.
I was then, I am now, and I will always be, a daughter of the Dark. Night* is my Mother. And, I, her faithful child continue to find solace within her dark embrace. My lover, my teacher, my immortal Mother opens her veins to me, and I drink. From her flows the blood of life. The blood of life washes my soul clean. I bathe in its sensuality and truth. I celebrate its wisdom and beauty.
It is time for all of Night’s children to come home. Our great immortal Mother longs to embrace her lost children with her black wings of endarkment. She longs to fill your mortal life with dark pleasure and love. She longs to teach your spirit the wisdom of the Dark. She patiently awaits for the return of her beloved and beautiful children.
Although my recollection of what came before is sometimes dim, my spirit most assuredly remembers the dark from whence it came. It recalls fondly the security and comfort that was found there, and it rejoices that I have found my way back.
I look out from the Dark with bright eyes, and my senses revel in its erotic purity. The Dark is home, and the home is Dark. Welcome to my home.

*From “Light at the End of the Tunnel” copyright 1985 by L.L. Hart
*Night, also known as Lilith, the Sumerian goddess of beauty, sexuality, and truth; in Judaism, the mother of darkness and demons.

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The Modern Vampire Sub-culture

20 Nov

Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 11/20/13
By Julia DarkRose Ray
The modern vampire sub-culture defined, by me, as it is at this moment in our true history:
“Absolutism tempered by assassination.”

The meaning of my words may not be as clearly defined as they seem. Perhaps a little research might be in order for some to be able to make sense of said definition.

Oh how the diffused knowledge immortalizes itself, yes?
Those with closed eyes and/or delusional followers, faithful to their “system”, remain in a black veil and masterly inactivity.
Ah, ’tis sad but true, of all that could have, should have been accomplished, it, this culture, has for the majority of its inhabitants, culminated into frivolous idleness.

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, but most especially to those who share my nature, let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. I wish that all who share my same nature believed this same way too. Alas, this is not so, nor will it ever be.

There are seasons, in human affairs (for we are all human animals), of inward and outward revolution, when new depths seem to be broken up in the soul, when new wants are unfolded in multitudes, and a new and undefined good is thirsted for. There are periods when the principles of experience need to be modified, when hope and trust and instinct claim a share with prudence in the guidance of affairs, when, in truth, to dare, is the highest wisdom.

We, modern living vampires (does not matter how you define your particular state of vampirism), are by nature, rogues, loners, free spirits and free thinkers. It is indeed beneficial for us to come together, once in awhile, as a tribe/pack/group and help our fellow kind. However, it is disastrous to try to force our kind to follow any kind of governing body, to declare rules/guidelines that we, as modern living vampires and “members” of the current sub-culture, need to follow. This goes against our very natures. You doubt my words? All one needs to do is a little research, on their own accord, to come to the realization that our kind are not meant to live as a structured community with any kind of governing body and/or leaders.

We need to lift each other up, not fight for dominion…

I call that mind free, the mind of a true living vampire, which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith, which opens itself to the darklight whencesoever it may come, which receives new truth as a Dark Angel from the heavenly bodies.

Change is coming, as it always does. Please make sure, please help insure that it is the change that will allow us to live as our great Mother has always intended for us to live. We were given these unique natures for a purpose that is vital to our world. Mother Nature is the wisest of us all. Why would we not heed her wisdom?

We are born from her very wisdom with our unique natures. Why do so many turn a blind eye?


A Race Apart, A Species Set Aside

22 Mar

In keeping with the article that I just posted from the Erebus Rising magazine from 1995, I am re-posting this correspondence sent to me from The Order of the Dragon, written to me by Prince Nicholas De Vere. For those familiar with The Order of The Dragon and it’s ongoing drama, I don’t need to hear your theories based on heresay about Nicholas De Vere. What’s important, or at the very least quite interesting, is the contents of his letter to me, one of many letters he wrote in strictest confidence. Of course that was a long time ago and he has published much of what he shared with me in books now…
Nicholas De Vere's letter

A Race Apart, A Species Set Aside

Lady Julia Caples d’Rose DSTA., Cns.,
2409 S. Bumby Avenue, Apt COrlando FL 32806
United States of America

12th June 1998.

Dearest Rose,

It was good to hear that circumstances are changing for the better and that you are settled once more. The two cards that you sent recently were delightful, especially the most recent. Ladies of the blood are often portrayed as having Titian red hair. Looking at your card reminds me of lunch! The red hair motif is derived from Our First Lady, Awan Luluwa, more popularly known as Lilith II, Queen of Kish. She had striking red hair, very much like her Sumerian, Scythian-Aryan descendants who made up the bulk of the nobility of Transylvania (seriously! The nephilim originated there and moved to Sumeria in 8000bc.), Egypt, Israel and Eire. The Sumaire or Kurgan was the original Witch Lords and Vampire Queens whose original language was “proto-Sumerian.” Sumaire in later Irish and Scots Gaelic was a word used for Vampire. It actually means: Vortex, whirlpool, Dragon.

As you may know, there is a certain fear and taboo against red haired females in tribal cultures and this derives from the tremendous power they are born with as descendants of Lilith. As vampirism was practiced only by royalty the red haired female was prized as a blood mother, a sustainer or grail maiden. To keep the quality of the blood high, they only married amongst themselves and only fed from each other, hence the central European legend of the dead relative returning to feed from members of its own family. Vampire legends amongst the peasantry of Europe were simply leftovers from folk memory of the activities of the Aryan King Tribes. Abbe Calmet, writing in 1690, investigated and refuted every case of peasant vampirism in his time. The emperor of Austria had a full time team charged with dealing with cases of supposed vampirism and Father Calmet accompanied that team all over Europe. Ahead of his time, he could see that cases always had a simple answer. Vampirism practiced by peasants was non- existent. However, how many cases of (real) living vampires are beyond refute? Gille de Rais, Elizabeth Bathory, Parsival, Drakul II & III, Sigismund Von Luxemburg, Barbara Cille (aka Carmilla Karnstein) and so on. Without exception these characters were of noble or royal blood and that blood can be traced back to the original Dragon Court of the Nephilim in Mesopotamia (Sumeria). In Britain and Ireland the Pendragons, the Druids and the Culdee all were descended from the first Dragon Kings of Kish either via Jesus (who practiced the vampiric “Rites of Solomon”) or through the Fairy Kings of the Scythian, Pictish Danaan who used a Blood Motto that is enscrolled on the Arms of this Court. So much for Ginger-Knobs!

Vampirism is a hereditary trait amongst pre or non Christian Kings and Queens. The cult arising from the science (?!) of Vampirism is firmly female centered and the Grail maiden is worshipped as the sustaining Goddess. In medieval Europe the concept of Courtly Love was based on this early alchemical thesis, which is pragmatically rooted in biochemistry and psychobiology, not in occult hocus pocus. Courtly Love follows the no bonking rule which was later to make it such an attractive concept for the sadistic Catholic Bishops who promoted it wholesale as a way of further making peoples lives utterly miserable! What they neglected to mention was that it had a contact element which facilitated the process of Hierogamy (marriage or union of the “gods”, eg. The attaining of transcendence), a mystical male-female or female-female act that made physical orgasm seem as exciting as sneezing. This ritual, found also in the blood rites of the Indian Tantric Kaula Vama Marg involved a process whereby the two participants “fired up the spheres” together, thus assuring parity. Having done this and ensured that the endocrine system was working full blast, the male or female would then draw either graffenberg fluid (“The Lily”) or menstrual blood (“The Rose”) from the virgin female host. The biochemistry is complex and I won’t bore you with it. Basically the fluids of a virgin female (hence the legends) “of the blood” contain massive amounts of Pineal discharge which stimulates the Thalamus gland behind the Sternum and this gland produces chemicals that immediately drenches the body’s cell structure and feeds the mitochondria. The mitochondria determine longevity. The same process facilitates trans lobal communication across the cranial hemispheres thus producing a sense of interpersonal union and enlightenment. Thus illustrating that the popular theory that vampirism is caused by Iron Deficiency Porphyria is utter crap!!!!
The idea of Vampirism is to provide a food source to increase life span and intelligence. As it also made one understand, that all things are One, the resulting perceptions taught innately, both wisdom and magic. Those charged with reigning over peoples and guiding them needed that extra edge to help make sense of a complex and often hostile world. Given that vampirism helped the Queens and Kings of pre Christian times live longer and more wisely, the affairs of man were often governed with greater consistency and common sense. Vampirism in those days was accepted as an essential ritual of Kingship. “Victims” were not victims at all but were willing participants in a rite of love, even when blood was drawn from other areas. If the victim had been forced the trauma would have released non adrenaline which, once in the system acts as a necrotiser and an oxidant which destroys the Pineal discharges in the hosts body and when ingested attacks the very mitochondria one is trying to repair. Often stories like Carmilla portray the vampire as adoring lover of the victim and this is why. The hunger appears because Hierogamy virtually makes the vampire and the host into one being and energies flow that bring utter stillness and immense power that restores both mind and body. The hunger comes when that goes. The actual experience I believe rewires the neuronal pathways which leads to a state of being where union with another becomes subconsciously considered as the norm. The organism then becomes dependant upon that stimulus for normal functioning. Without it, life becomes hell. The tendency towards this happening in predetermined by ancestry. The knowledge of the hunger and the dark gift lies dormant in the genetic and cellular memory all the time the stimulus has not been experienced. Given certain circumstances and conditions it can awaken with a sudden conscious realization: The Quickening. One might be said then to have entered the Savage Garden by the gateway smeared by virgin blood. This is the ancient door: Daleth. The Savage Garden is also known as Elphame or the land of Faery. This is another tale altogether. Fairy blood is vampire blood. The Fairy is the Vampire and thus the Witch. Each is a function or component of the other termed “Grail” within the Family of Dragons.
Why female virgins? Physiologically females have larger pineal glands than males and generally produce more of the relevant hormones. Once males or females reach puberty the level of the hormones is reduced, more in males than in females, making males generally less worth feeding from. Once sexual activity commences the memory of the act increases levels of estrogen and testosterone, which further greatly reduce pineal function. Female virgins aren’t absolutely necessary but the difference between them and sexually active males is like the difference between a banquet and a pretzel. Males generally aren’t worth the effort for the kind of return one is likely to enjoy. “Human” subjects, eg. non “fairy”, non vampire blood is even less worth the effort.

In my experience, you can tell a good one from across the room and if they make the cells buzz like an electric charge, then the likely chance is that they’re cousins! The Freudian theory that vampirism is linked to oral sexuality or dominance is typically spurious as mixing reproductive sexual activity or orgasmic sexual acts with acts of vampirism seems, considering the foregoing, about as intelligent as screwing for virginity. Vampirism as sexual dominance is Victorian social inadequacy poorly defined. As part of the rape fantasy it is both tacky and dangerous. Most people I know don’t equate vampirism and sex but if one is in a pre awakened state it can be easy to confuse the two, as no research has yet been done to separate the acts from each other. I am pleased to say however that, as part of the publication process, I am involved with Prof. Alan Riley, who holds the Chair in Sexual Medicine at one of our University’s over here and he in keen to help with research for future works which are intended to comprise a highly academic teaching course on Draconian History and Science, which will include the rites of Vampirism.

Vampirism is only one aspect of a separate culture that has been suppressed by the church and the Mahoun states for centuries. The Vampire, Dragon Lords and Queens ruled the Earth for millennia but were usurped by humanity with the gradual emergence of warrior dynasties backed by the falsehood of church dogma and terror. Parts of the legends are true when they say that the vampire is more than human. They were and are a distinct species cultivated and hybridized from para human bloodlines with the particular aim of breeding beings to guide and shepherd humans. Once the human kings seized power, the crap began to hit the fan. Love for the Earth dies, settled agriculture took over and tradesmanship and merchant skills began to be sought in leaders who had not been genetically bred tom fulfill the role of Kings over Humans. This is why breeding and ancestry is so important, not from any point of snobbery, but from an essential need to be aware of ones identity and true potential. What is the point of a human being s vampire wannabe. The genes are different. A Dragon being a human wannabe is equally as disastrous and can cause untold personal misery in the forms of alienation and paranoia. Trying to fit in to the human mind- set can be like trying to get a quart into a pint pot. There is just that bit more in a Dragon!

Having said that, I’ve enclosed a page copy from Burke’s Peerage on the Essex Family of ‘Capell’. They are close relatives of mine via the de Vere and Bourgchier lines of my mother and father. You will see most of my ancestors on this page. I feel also that these may be your ancestors too. English family names went through a surprising number of spelling changes as they wandered down the years and on this page there are at least two variant spellings of Capell (Capel). Caples and Capels are variants also. I think it would be useful for you to try and find out where your family originated from in England. If this can be done I can probably link them up with a junior branch which will inevitably flow into noble houses. From there the line often descends back to the Fairy Kings of Meroveus and from them back to the Dragon Kings of Sumeria and the source of the Vampire Lords. It is likely, unless you are latecomers, that your folks came over with the New American Lords in the 17th century. Often younger sons and daughters in English families wee booted out overseas to populate and govern the colonies and often many aristocratic children ended up on the eat coast of the new world.

I am delighted with your efforts to represent us in the media. Where the enclosed information is concerned however, this is strictly confidential “initiated” information, for the family only. I hope you find it either useful or amusing.
I feel very stupid about missing the chance to see you last year and I feel that I must apologise again for letting you down, not that you didn’t have enough to cope with anyway! I hope that somehow this can be rectified as “the family” (we are all cousins from the ancient lines) are looking forward to meeting a new sister.
Is Milse Fola Caraid. The blood of the family is sweet.
Thank you for the petals.

The Love of Ages,

No Such Thing As “The Vampire”

22 Mar

I thought that some of you might find this article interesting, to say the least. Please take into consideration when this was written, before the onslaught of drama, deception, and madness…also known as the OVC…

“The vampire is no more Satanic than it is Christian; it is no more good than it is evil; it is a product of nature, and a creation of mans ideals. Even the flesh of humanity has its price to pay.” ~Anon
Angel of Death 2
No Such Thing As “The” Vampire

Article from the magazine-‘Erebus Rising’ 1995, issue #2
By Rob Brautigam-editor of International Vampire
*Reprinted without permission (I tried to track you down Rob. If you want your article removed just let me know.)
Vampire n. 1. In folklore, a reanimated corpse that rises from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping persons. 2. One who preys upon others as: a. An extorsionist. B. A woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men. 3. a. Any various tropical American bats of the family Desmodontidae, that feed on the blood of living mammals. B. Names of various other bats, such as those of the family Megadermatidae, erroneously believed to feed on blood. ~The “American Heritage Dictionary” (1973)

Over the years I have been looking through dozens of dictionaries and encyclopedias to see if I could find a good all-comprehensive definition of the word VAMPIRE. Unfortunately this search has been a waste of time, for I can honestly say that I have not found one. Certainly, I have found plenty of definitions, and they all describe some kind of vampire. None of them, however, manages to define “The” Vampire, if you know what I mean. The reason for this is obvious. There simply is no such thing as “The” Vampire. ust ask a hundred people to define what a vampire is. Chances are that you will end up with a hundred different definitions. This of course is not particularly surprising. By this day and age the word “vampire”, while retaining some of its original meaning, has grown into an ill-defined label that is stuck on all sorts of phenomena in a rather indiscriminate manner.
In most of the things that are called “vampire” we can find one or more of the following elements: a reanimated corpse, life beyond death, the living dead, immortality, longevity, blood drinking, stealing the life force, exploitation of others, parasitism. Apparently it is things like these that make up the essences of what we call a “vampire”.
Originally the word “vampire” was used exclusively to indicate the traditional reanimated corpse. Precise as this may seem, the word was used as a general name for various types of the undead. Some vampires were said to drink blood. Others killed their victims in a different manner. Some of them could be destroyed by hammering a stake through their heart. Others were immune to such treatment. Some of them were thought to be the deceased person itself walking around in its own dead body. Others were said to be corpses that were inhabited by a demon. The only thing these vampires seem to have in common is the fact that they are “living” corpses.
In the early 19th Century the fictional vampire made its entry into literature and the theatre. Some time later the vampire theme was picked up by the cinema. Thousands of authors have been inventing new types of vampires. By now we can safely say that it is getting rather hard to come up with a new kind of vampire or a vampire theme that hasn’t been used before.
Back to reality. Certain species of bats are called vampires. Some of them drink blood, some of them don’t. What else is there? We have heard about vampire Gods and Goddesses, alien vampires from outer space. Almost every place on earth has its own particular belief in vampirical creatures. They may be human vampires, living or dead, vampire cats, vampire snakes, vampire frogs, vampire trees, and vampire crystals. Etc., etc. They all have their own peculiarities and most of them are as different as the day and the night. As if things weren’t confusing enough, the word “vampire” is also used to indicate bloodthirsty killers. Undoubtedly you must have read about the gory exploits of the Vampire of Hannover (Fritz Haarmann), the Vampire of Dusseldorf (Peter Kurten), the Vampire of Sacramento (Richard Chase), and dozens of other criminals that have misbehaved in such a horrible manner that it has earned them the title “vampire”. To add to the confusion, the French have decided to use the word “vampire” to indicate necrophiliacs as well. Which means that a cheerful character like Victor Ardisson has gone down in history as “The Vampire of Muy”.
Like I said, early last century the vampire first made its way from reality into fiction. By now it would seem that we have gone full circle, for-strange as it may seem to some-the fictional vampire has been making its way back into reality. Recently we have witnessed the remarkable genesis of yet another kind of vampire. Inspired by the works of Anne Rice and others, a number of people have started to identify themselves with the vampire to such an extent that some of them have actually started behaving like vampires. They have been labeled “pseudo-vampires” and “vampiroids” by the outside world. It doesn’t seem to bother them too much, for they consider themselves to be true vampires, and-seeing how many different things are called “vampire”-why shouldn’t they?
Of course, being interested in vampires, you already know about these things. So WHY-you might ask-am I boring you with all these things that you already know? Well I think that it is important to draw your attention to the fact that the word “vampire” can have a thousand different meanings.
For it would appear that Erebus Rising is intended as a place where members will be going to discuss the existence of vampires. Needless to say that I am all in favour of that. A good discussion will be interesting and we can all learn from it. But before we start discussing vampires at random it seems like a good idea to see what kind of vampires they might be.
Now all that I have been doing here is trying to mention a few of the different kinds of vampire I could think of. I know that there are many more, but I think that the above selection should be sufficient to demonstrate that THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN EVER HOPE TO SUM UP THE VAMPIRE IN ONE SINGLE DEFINITION.
I think it is of the greatest importance to keep this fact in the back of our mind if we are going to start a serious debate about vampires, For it is my opinion that such debate can only be meaningful and not end in utter chaos if those participating in the discussion clearly indicate at all times what kind of vampire it is that they are talking about…

All About 11:11 | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database | 11-11 is particularly important to me, as my daughter, Ariel, was born on 11-11-88. Personally, the numbers that I see everywhere for the past 20 years or so, are: 666, 333, 515, and 533. Does anyone else notice a series of numbers having relevance in their life? I will be writing more about this in issue 1 of The DarkRose Journal…sooooo, you might want to check out our first cyber issue!

16 Mar


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