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13 Jan

Don’t Be A Cunt!



To be human is to be the sharpest blade…ever.

I don’t give any real fucks about your politics, religion, gender, sexuality, racial ignorance, self-pity, or ego…

How do you love? How do you and how will you, treat every creature upon this Earth?

Everything else is human waste, regurgitation, poison, and needless suffering for all.

I love myself because I tell myself so…I embrace the deathly sharp blade of  “Why the fuck are we even here!?” existence because it actually makes a difference.

Love baby, love. Bleed it out of your pores and soak the soil!

~Julia-Anne Crow (DarkRose) 1/13/2019








20 May

An excerpt from the current chapter I am writing for my newest literary alchemy-

“A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.”

Chapter ?
My wanderlust allowed me to break free, at the very young age of twelve years old, from living inside that bubble, that early dying instead of living, gilded cage. You know the one. The one that (most) parents and societal ignorance wanted to keep me tethered to, that forever home, looking out the windows provided to me for my “safety” but truly a trap, eventually, a prison of my own design.

So, with shoes on my feet, a shirt on my back and a mind ignorant of the badness that lived in the wide, wide, world, I tricked my prison guards, unlocked (stole the keys while eating dinner in the mess hall) that ridiculously tall door that surely weighed two-thousand pounds or more and made my great escape!

Into the bright but rainy day I slipped away from all that I had ever known and from a very real understanding of being safe and taken care of, just so I could help the world see (what I could so easily see….all the fucking time!) that our formatted lives from birth, are only a house of corrections, some decorated with the finest silk and plush carpets, and some bare bones and dilapidated, yet, still an impound, a confine, a garden to look at and sit down in, but don’t you dare touch it and/or kick up some dirt and roll around in it! And so, I slipped away out into the second taste of true freedom (I had to free my mind first!) I had ever known.

More important than the hows, whys, and wheres of my wanderlust, is, while I followed my heart and each transformation of my being to and fro, near and far, is what did I leave behind and what did I take with me, each and every time.

How did I change those whose path I wandered onto and how did they change me?

Everything we are ever taught is ultimately bullshit. Everything turns back into the soil from which we came. No one leaves this life differently than anyone else. We all die. We are gone. All that we chose to become has turned back into dust. What do we leave behind that actually matters? Is it great works of art? Is it your religion? Is it your beliefs? Is it your Social Media status? Is it a subculture? Is it a government? Is it power? Is it grand architecture? What is it that we really leave behind?

It is how did we love.

How do you love?
~Julia DarkRose Caples
Copyright 2018

What the Heck is Going On?

7 Sep

What the Heck is Going On?

First up, my finished, yet continuously updated, website:


Rose Wytch Media Logo Final-Edit

Next, is my current project, the second edition of my book, Blood’s Truth, published last year, titled: A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies Book Cover II

Also on my list of current projects:

The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped: The Southern Gothic Issue 7



And now the final piece of my daily Artistic Alchemy~Gothic FaerieTales

Introducing, for the first time, anywhere, and in their truest incarnation…the Fae of Twisted Hollow!

Twisted Hollow

Stay tuned for more…oh my, so much more.

Thank you kindly.

~Julia DarkRose Caples

Paranormal Radio

22 Aug

51 Areas Paranormal Talk Radio

51 Areas paranormal Talk Radio

51 Areas

I am booked to be on this radio/podcast show September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox. You will want to tune in and listen. I never disappoint. Hehehe, many of you are already well aware of this fact.  Julia FB Profiles Pics Halloween 2017

Thank you kindly for your brief attention.
~Julia DarkRose Caples


17 Jul


This is my Introduction from my book-Blood’s Truth-published last year. I am working on several new projects at the moment, one of which, is a new edition (focused on over-all Mankind, not just those of us borne from the Draconian Bloodline) of Blood’s Truth.

Since I have been on another wondrous adventure, known to me, as my amazing life, and have not contributed to my blog in almost 2 years…I thought that an Introduction was in order.

We all change, at least we should be in a constant state of transformation. What we once were, should not be all that we are, at any given moment. To evolve our world, we must, ourselves, be in a continuous element of metamorphose. There is not a final stage of our existence. I know that many people choose to just keep running in place. I suppose that too can be perceived as a kind of transformation… a transformation from constant self-evolution into a nature of stagnation. This too is a choice.

So, here I am, back, for a while. At least until my ever-evolving nature, of which I was borne, takes me on another journey.

Thank you kindly.

©Julia DarkRose 2017

Julia DarkRose Introduction-1Julia DarkRose Introduction-2Julia DarkRose Introduction-3Julia DarkRose Introduction-4


Hello Dark Angels

2 May


Hello Dark Angels (I always feel like Charlie from ‘Charlies Angels’ when I “say” that)!

I am beyond happy to be writing and publishing The DarkRose Journal once again. Unless you have published a magazine before, with a very small staff, you might be aware of all the hard work and time it takes to produce a living, breathing entity (for this is what the DRJ is to me) of quality. It is quite time and spiritually consuming. I am beyond grateful and know how fortunate I am to have Anat and DB with me, completing the DRJ circle of excellence. Still, it is quite the undertaking. I am an artist, so nothing is ever good enough or “finished” to me.

We are not just publishing (soon to be published hard copy as well) an e-zine about Vampyres and their accompanying life-style. Any yahoo can do that. We are creating and breathing life into what I know (already proven over 2 decades) is a life changing experience for many. We know that the DRJ is far more than entertainment to help fill your mind and lonely hours between the tick of the clock.

The DRJ exists for a loftier purpose than fame, money, status, attention-seeking glory, or any of the other reasons most magazines like the DRJ (although there are not any other zines like ours) exist. We exist because it is what our world needs. I have always known this to be my truth. I choose to use my talents to help find and bring dark love and peace to those who seek it.

Anyway, with all that being said…

I can no longer keep up all my blogs and posting my writing and the DRJ writing to all the other sites I have been using. The DRJ website has a blog on it, which I encourage all DRJ members to start using. You are completely free and safe within the arms of the DRJ, but you already know that. I will be posting my writing, DB’s, and I assume Anat-Knight will also be using the blog feature on the website, only on the DRJ website Blogs. WordPress, Tumbler and Twitter, will only be used for updates about the DarkRose Journal magazine , her members and/or any other events related to the DRJ and her Family.

The DRJ FB page will have a bit more activity than the other pages. However, more and more, I will be posting all our writings and news and images on the DRJ website.

So, get your Dark Angel asses over there and join!



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