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Fine Print

23 Jul


Cover Six 2.0


This Bitter Earth

27 Mar

This Bitter Earth
(Inspired by the song-‘This Bitter earth,’ Sung by Dinah Washington, Music by Max Richter)

This bitter earth…what good are we if we choose to ignore the truth about ourselves and about our amazing gift we call our world…Mother Earth.

Choose…now not later, what you do upon this bitter earth of ours…choose.   Earth-Goddess-fantasy-4942146-800-600
I choose to love and to share my boundless capacity for love with this world. I choose to embrace this bitter earth and to love Her and appreciate all that the Creator (whatever that means for you) has graciously created for me and within me. I choose love, beauty, honor, integrity, and truth…for myself and this bitter earth.

What do you choose?

We call “it” love. For we have no other reference but our own emotions borne from our own human spirits. We call it love, yet this love that we cling to, fight for, and die for, is beyond us, beyond our universe. This holy grail of life…love…is, to me, what the Creator of all (whatever that means to you, for creation of all is so far beyond our limited capabilities of understanding…for now) is comprised of. Love is what the Creator of all has made our universe from, what the Creator has strung all our lives together with. Love is what binds everything together. Love is far more than a chemical reaction, it is far more than just the need to not be alone, it is far more than just a human emotion…Love is what the Creator in all its glory and wisdom (that is far beyond anything we know) has given us. Love is pure energy that can not die, for energy can only be transformed.

What do you choose to do with the most precious of gifts? What do you choose to do with the love that binds our lives, our world, our universe and even beyond, together? Even though our understanding is limited and we are only able to see and feel a sliver of the whole, what do you choose to do with that sliver of the whole that is yours?

Love is the Holy Grail, period. We must start making the changes necessary for our world to heal and to thrive…for us to continue to evolve as the Creator needs us to…by choosing to let go of all that truly doesn’t matter and living our lives as a tribute to all that does truly matter.

Together we are an unstoppable force of, beauty, love and truth upon our precious world…separate, we are a plague of falsehoods, greed, and ugliness. Make what you do matter…then pass it on. Make what we do as a unified people matter…and then pass it on to whomever or whatever comes after us.

Love is the very stardust from which we came, the stardust from whence the Creator breathed its breath of life into and gave humanity its soul…one soul divided into our individual bodies…our star body within our fleshly body.

“Love” is so much more than most can even conceive.

What good am I, if I am only choose to be the dust covering the glow of the rose?

~Julia DarkRose ©2015

Sons & Daughters of Earth

20 Mar



Sons & Daughters of Earth

Now the deadly frost has touched the ground,
And turned its fertile flesh to bone,
I, now, bring you to life again:                                                       
 I break the soil and spade it fine,
 I gather it, pot it, take it in
 To soften by my fire’s flame;
Anointing it with fresh water then,
Breathe its breath, and name its name:


Sons & Daughters of Earth
Arise and live:
I break the frost
And open thy grave.

Thunder my anger,
Lightning my might:
I take you in
Over wind and night,
To love me, your true Mother,
To save me as well,
To harm nothing under my knowing sight.

Sun, rain,
Cloud, and snow,
I rise up,
And over you go-
To understand my way,
To champion me night and day.

Time is truth
Time is sand
Time run true
For you, my earthly children,
From my own hand:
For dark-love
For dark-joy
For dark-pain
For darkness’ own sweet death…

We, my blood-soaked children, and I,
Are the spire of gold,
The willow green,
The silver snake,
The scarlet queen,
The seven stars,
The solid chain.

We are now,
Breath and Substance
Risen twice,
Death and issue,
Double face,
Phoenix fire,
Burning feather,
Fly and flower
All together…

My dearest Sons & Daughters of the Darklight,
We are the thicket secret,
Airy and light,
Horns of velvet,
Feathers many,
green as water,
red as flame-
We shed thy blood
And sign our names.

~Julia DarkRose


19 Jun

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By DarkRose, 2012

Cloaked in velvet darkness,
a dancer in the flames I am called by many names.
From the misty hidden caverns
in ancient days of magick,
comes the truth once forbidden
of my Earthly veiled ways.

Bewitching goddess of the crossroads,
my secrets are kept in the night.
I am half remembered, half forgotten,
I am found in the shadows of the moonrise.

I call upon the universal wisdom,
that dwells within, and beseech thee from days gone by,
to enter my expectant soul.
I am the Mother of Sacred Earth,
my power is beyond compare,
when my dreams are given birth.

Lady of desire, reflection of the night,
I am motion, direction, and second sight.
Mother of creation, the original source, I am potential,
dark power, the ultimate force,
Grandmother of time, wisdom from below and above,
I dwell here with honor and perfect love.

Glorious Queen of the twilight hour,
wise and vigilant protector,
my silent love is regal and most splendor.
Great mystery behind life’s veil,
I rise time and again.
I am the truest keeper of the grail.
I am she who whispers, gentle and strong,
I am she for whom your soul doth long,
by most men I am seldom seen.
I am the virgin, mother, and sable Queen.
Through the moonlit veil, I pass with pride,
all who beckon me, I shall be at your side.
I am she who knows,
I am she who reveals.
I am she who gives birth,
I am she who feels.
For I am the goddess And mother of all…

Ask for me now–I come as you call.
Now through the mist you hear my voice,
you invoke me, gracious goddess, by choice.
I suffer as all men die,
doth with the victims in dark love I lie.
I am the maiden and crone of despair,
and with me your ending you must share.
You feel my passion,
you feel my presence,
you rapture in my vital essence.
I am the dancer of eternal bliss,
I bestow upon you my wondrous dark kiss.
I am the creatress of heavens, hells, and Earth.
To your dark dreams and passionate wishes, I give birth.
I am the truest child of nature…
I am Vampiress.



18 Apr
Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
by DarkRose, 2012

*This prose is written cryptically. Do your best to decipher its meaning, if you so desire. Writing in “code” is one of my favorite techniques. If it is annoying to some, then just don’t read it. But come on, a slight challenge for your noggin is always a good thing.


Lower than the grave
my darklight began,
into the starry heavens
soon I ran:
Here between earth
and space I shine,
my fallen dust
the twin to thine…
Star that I was,
star that I am,
star I shall ever be,
my name is woman.

While you see me across the sky
to wake and live and burn and die,
all in a sanguine flash,
eternity watches me fall.
My trail of fire, no fire of the sun’s,
my star, a silver mirror,
a sphere, clear as glass,
my veiled face, a bright cloud,
more radiant for it’s obscurity,
my mystery, whose shadow
stands proud beneath the light,
my world, whose lands remain
unknown to most,
while I shinest most evident of all
beyond this world:

I reveal to you now
all that is obscure and hidden under day’s illusion;
I reveal to you the nature of all that you see,
set so far from earthly lands,
above earthly sight;
I appear to you now
in this crystal of fleshly stardust…

If you will have Antares,
scarlet sting of Scorpius,
or count for wealth, Capella,
gold-fleeced goat,
or Rigel, fire of sapphire,
pivot to Orions pace,
or Sirius his dog,
as white as snow,
yet flashing every color,
then come and find the darklight
you seek.
Mirrored in the red water,
break the wet glass,
pluck out my star
by my radiant hair…

But do not dare
to look upon my stardusted face,
do not dare to know truth,
lest you go blind;
Bear me only in your mind.

A shuddering star,
I shiver and burst
on the moons white horn,
on this flashing sphere,
this globe of rainbows…
streaming air,
turbid world,
trembling planet,
great as what’s inside your head,
but thin as a thread
that wind can tear
from your precious life’s web,
do not despair…
Let this be said:

Out of the sun
we are ever born,
follow it not, that blinding orb,
with anxious eye…
With my words of midnight silk
and actions of dark love,
I will hold it together,
your web of life,
though what we have created,
may fall,
in tears,
like meteors,
from the sky.

I am the darklight…

I am borne from stardust…
Like falling glitter from the eye of the universe,
down, down, down,
unto this Earth.

I am woman,
the darkest light of all.



16 Dec


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