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27 May


Someone just asking me about my early days as a Wytch. This discussion brought back up, in my mind, my days and nights, of magik, in my early twenties. What I remember the most about that long ago time of learning and applying and changing, is sacrifice. And so, we discussed it’s true meaning and application within the real world.

While I now live in a state of being that I understand as a life lived indigenously borne from the same magik that is my mind, body, and energy, as all life; and not as a life lived practicing magik, my comprehension of what sacrifice, especially as it relates to conjuring or ritual or whatever label you deem appropriate for your path and focus; is more often than not, completely misunderstood and not actually achieved.2016-11-11 15.32.54

First and foremost, “sacrifice” must be defined and understood, genuinely and absolute. You can not buy something off of a shelf, have no emotion invested in it, and then use it as a sacrifice. What have you sacrificed? If you use the term offering, the same logic is applied. If you buy a bottle of alcohol to be used as an offering for whichever spirit or deity you have chosen as your focus, and are not offering anything of real personal, emotional, value, what have you actually offered?

While I no longer, for sometime now, perceive magik as something to be practiced or conjured or ritualized, I understand that almost all of us start there. Some of us never move past that infant-like understanding of magik. A good place to start your personal transcendence from the habitual parroting of others conceptions of what they may or may not have actually achieved; is to look more closely at and figure out, for yourself, what a real sacrifice consists of.

Maybe, one day, before your current life extinguishes from this Earth, you will move on from mimicking and/or practicing magik and realize, in the rawness of your truest core, that you are already born magik and that there is not really a need to conjure or execute magik.

Just be it, just know it. The same way you just know you are a Human (no matter what kind of human you believe you are). You know it with every breath you breathe. So, too, you should know you are magik…with every breath you breathe.

“I don’t need no stinkin’ altar! I am the altar!”
~Julia DarkRose 2015

~Julia DarkRose Caples



2 Aug




All that we know and all that we understand has the potential to be broken…all. In knowing this, whether or not humanity has a deeper understanding of it or not, why do you (we) fight for, sacrifice for, endure for, feel pain for, self-doubt for, abuse and be abused for, and even die for, that which can (and for almost everyone, at some point) and will be broken?

I know why I do it. Do you know why you do it?

Once broken, it (whatever that might be) can never be put back together the way that it was before. Sometimes, once it is broken, we can pick up some of those pieces and create something new, something stronger, yet, even then, it will still have the ability to break, again.

So, why do we do it?

Is creating something new out of the broken, better? Is it stronger, or rather, does it have the potential to be stronger, to be, in some ways, superior? Is that which breaks, an inevitable circumstance/lesson in life without which we can not truly reach our fullest and probable inherent meaningfulness? Without the broken, is the apex of our transcendence truly possible?

I know why I do it. Do you know why you do it?

Do you even know that real happiness fills us with sadness and tears?

Do you even really know how beautiful your face truly is?

I know. Do you know?

~©Julia DarkRose 2017


2 Aug


“If art is to truly imitate life, then by the imperfect nature of life, it,  humanity’s art, must then, too, be imperfect.”

~©Julia DarkRose 2017










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It Matters Not…

13 Nov
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray
It Matters Not…

If someone were able to prove to me that I do not reside in the realm of Darkness…of the Darklight, if someone were able to prove to me that I am NOT a real living Vampyre, or that I do NOT have the Essence of a wolf, or that I am NOT a bona fide, real practicing, Dark Witch…I would be perfectly fine with that. For you see, for me, the labels matter not. I will still be who/what nature in all her glorious wisdom made me to be. I will still do what it is in my nature to do. I will STILL BE ME, that can never change because of labels and definitions of said labels.

I have no need for outside validation…I am completely self-contained!

I am always going to be me and I am always going to be and do what I know so clearly that I was meant to do.

Someday, I hope, those who need to tear others down believing that they are lifting themselves up (they could not be more wrong), those who can’t face their own truths about who and what they truly are, those who don’t know how to open their spirits and hearts to the gloriously beautiful and ugly world that we love in…I hope someday they will learn that they cannot capture a nighttime butterfly when they themselves cannot even truly fly. You cannot break what cannot be broken. You cannot humiliate that which knows not shame of who they are. Someday, I hope, they will truly know what real freedom consists of, I hope one day that they will be truly free, Like me…

I honestly dream of the night when those who only know destruction and fear, can let go of their unfounded fear so that their dark angel wings can pierce their fragile flesh, rip through their physical temple, cover their bodies in rivers of precious liquid crimson…So I can then take them by the hand, lift them off their ground built of false fear, deception, and indifference…and fly through the nighttime sky and show them the real world, for the first time, through their true Dark Angel eyes.

Come walk beside me…
Come fly with me…

Oh my, our world is remarkable. Our world is so much more than any movie, book, video game, TV show, Internet site, can ever begin to imagine…

Our world, is but an infant that is just discovering who She is and what she is capable of. Don’t you want to be a part of Her self-discovery?

Oh my, surely you don’t want to just exist, consume and die…

Oh my…come, walk with me and my Family of true Dark Angels…

It matters not what label you choose. It matters not what anyone tells you that you are. It matters not what the rest of the unendarkened yahoos think

or tell you about who they need for you to be….

It only matters that you know who you truly are and what it is in your nature to do.

You Are The Sum of Your Actions…

15 Mar


I don’t give a rat’s cute bald ass what label you choose to communicate to the world who and what you are. You are NOT a label. You are the sum of your actions and truest thoughts. It’s cool to create communities, groups, forums, write books, run Houses and covens, and so on…fanfuckingtastic! But if you are the truly aware and enlightened being that you proclaim yourself to be, you will not let that be the  whole of your existence.

I know that everyone of us must live by limitations of some kind, some more than others. But limits or not, there is always something you can do to heal our broken Mother and her children, all her children.

Please, pull your asses out of your vampire communities, your otherkin communities, and so on. Really, if you spent as much time trying to validate who you are and stroking egos, helping those who cannot help themselves, or just making the plight of those unfortunate beings caught in the crossfire, known to others around you, think of the possibilities! Or is it far more important to get your vampire freak on, wear fangs, promote vampire/gothic/fetish events? I mean all the goddamn time? Come on, put some of that money, time, and energy into helping those who are trapped by the false light!

I can preach this at you because I do and have always used my time, money, and energy to help others. I’m not stroking my ego, just making it clear that I’m not a hypocrite!

For just a moment or two, look beyond your 4 walls…PLEASE!!!

~DarkRose (Julia)

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