Excerpt from The DarkRose Journal, circa 1998…
By Julia DarkRose
**This is based on an actual entry from one of my Julia Journal’s from 1998. This was published as a non-fiction piece. It is up to the reader to understand which parts of my Journal entry have been fictionally enhanced and which parts are written as my experience truly happened. I will just convey to the reader that it is not as black & white as it might read. :-)**


The sharp iciness of Father Winter’s breath provides my soul with an undercurrent of repose and contentment. In the dead of winter, the Great Celestial Expanse has once again opened her arms to embrace me and fill me with her Essence. With her ebon wings tightly wrapped around my very Being, there is no power in this universe that I cannot comprehend and one night be a part of.

The beauty of the stark winter fills my senses with sweet rapture as does the breathtaking visions that are my Dark Angels. My precious Angels are infused with the passions and desires of the glorious night.They have become my haven in this mundane world of deceit and ignorance.

As I gaze outside my bedroom window, in anticipation of the ravenous night that awaits me and my Tribe, I have discovered Snow Faeries and their cousins, the Fire Sprites-performing their erotic dance amongst the death that has now engulfed my
rose garden.They are beckoning to me to come share in their beastliness. Oh! to dance naked in the moonlight, to let my primordial carnality take over completely, even for just a moment, is an invitation I will not refuse.

“My fierce beauties, it is I, Night’s beloved daughter, DarkRose. I have come to join you in your dark edenic dance.”

The ethereal beauty of my sisters brings a tear of ecstasy to my eyes. As I draw nearer to the frenzy of the savage sexuality before me, my purest being has become a torch of bestial bliss. My nymphs have swirled around me in a whirlwind of crimson lust and immortal desires. In an explosion of fiery passion, the faeries and sprites have torn from me the delicate crystalline nighty that had moments before gracefully clung to every very feminine curve of my silky white body. As my gown lay abandoned amongst the dead roses and the meager creatures of the night, so does my last breath of human morality. For a few moments, I am totally free to be the gloriously inhuman predator that dwells inside this soft mortal flesh of arteries, bones, and precious dark wine.

The pounding in my heart feels like the beating of some ancient warriors drum right before the onset of battle. My nipples are painfully erect in a joyful salute to the sexual debauchery that has engrossed my body and spirit. The fervid moistness between my thighs is perfumed with the lust and desires of the dark seraphs. As my liberated flesh trembles with heavenly sable hunger, I notice that the night and all her creatures have fallen silent. The only sound is the soft murmur of the eventide wind as He whispers my name and rejoices with me in my return to myself.

For a few precious moments in this world of light and lies, the beauty and truth of the true Darkness was revered and honored. The Great Father and Mother fell silent in our awe-inspiring dance. Then as quickly as they appeared, my decadent sisters have left our moonlit rendezvous. I know not why they came to me this night, or where they are going. I do know that they touch the part of my inky spirit where no human dares to journey. They are welcome to enter the portals of my world whenever they desire.

I ardently await their return.

~Julia DarkRose

*As you can read, The DarkRose Journal has been publishing the beautiful darkness for Her readers for a very long time…We are not going anywhere, ever. We are dedicated to bringing you the unabashed erotic truth, wisdom, and beauty of the realm of real living Dark Angels.*


The Vine

The Vine

I dreamed this earthly part of mine,   11329915_355830031277369_4846568505703915054_n
Was metamorphosed to a vine;
Which crawling, creeping, one and every way,
Enthralled my dainty Rose.
Me thought, her creamy, white, legs and thighs,
I with my tendrils did surprise;
Her belly, buttocks, and her slender waist,
By now soft nervelets were embraced.

About her head, I did hang, a writhing tangle of sensuality,
And with rich clusters (hid among the leaves)
her temples I behung,
so that my Rose seemed to me,
Young Bacchus ravished by his tree.
My curls about her neck did crawl,
And arms and hands they did enthral:
So that she could not freely move,
(All her parts made prisoner).

But when I crept with leaves to hide those parts,
which she keeps unespied,
Such fleeting pleasures there I took,
That with that fancy I awoke;
And found (Ah me!) This flesh of mine,
More like a rock hard stock, than like a vine.
~Julia DarkRose


Excerpt from Issue 2 of The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped Ezine. Enjoy some of my sensually, dark, erotica…I hope.

Breathless                                                    Breathles Joseph & Julia

She is for these moments, these spaces between breaths, existing close in the crook of my arm, her hand on my chest, her fingers spread in gentleness. Her breasts are warm against my side and I know she can feel the deep clear thunder of my heart slowing as my excitement wanes. I lightly stroke her face, pushing back the dark wetted curls from her glistening temples with my fingertips. I do it, I know, to tease myself, gauging my carnal appetite.

She mistakes my tender token, thinking it only the expression of the sweet passion I feel for her. She kisses my chest and presses her damply satisfied pussy ardently against the bony angle of my hip. I can feel the pulse of her puerile spirit in the bewitching puffy lips of her vulva. That was so completely incredible, she whispers. I always feel obligated to make the experience of what I give incredible, or fantastic, or wonderful to them. It is the least that I can do.

“Are you staying the night?” she asks, her lips and tongue grazing my skin. She looks up at me, her eyes hopeful midnight marbles, shimmering beneath half open lids. “If you really want me to,” I sigh. This lovely languid child, mistakes the rasping of my voice for the desire she wants to hear.

“I want. I want to snuggle and rest for a few moments. But then I want to do it again. If I fall asleep, I want you to fuck me anyway, as soon as you are ready. I want the feel of you slowly sliding inside to awaken me.” She grins shyly at me. I can tell she is surprised and a little shocked by the things she hears herself saying, that she is, at the same time, happy that she can say them to me.

My heart goes out to her then, as it had not before. Of course, she did not have to tell me aloud what she wanted. I know she wants this, even as I knew when we began, although she had been too shy to ask me then, that she wanted me to arouse her with my tongue. I always know what they want, even when they do not know they want it. Sometimes when it is especially good, as it had been with her, it is all that I am. And as I have done uncounted times, although not always inevitably, I wished it could be different, that there was some other way. Especially when they‘re so youthful and inexperienced as she, when they are as hesitant at first as she had been. And then, once they began, so trusting, so vulnerable. And finally, so frankly passionate.

I feet the warmth of her breath on my face as she kisses me. “Who are you really?” she breathlessly whispers in my ear. I am startled for a moment by her query. Before my mind can respond, her lips move thrillingly over my neck and shoulders. Her tongue briefly tickles the nipples of my breasts, then moves downward, delighting my belly.
I open my eyes, look down to see her kneeling before me. I see her close her eyes as she puts her hands on my hips and leans to put her lips on the tip of my cock. She kisses it lovingly for a moment, then she takes it into her mouth. This is an astonishing act, something I’ve never even thought of imagining.

Oh, but my dark Lord, she is sucking on me and it is a more marvelous sensation than I have ever imagined. It makes me feel helpless and more powerful than I have ever been, and now flames of lust are flaring up, uncontrollable, from my loins to consume my ebon soul. I need to close my eyes again, already feeling the need to cum. She grips me so unbelievably fucking hard now, holding me steady as she takes all of me deeper into her mouth. Oh, oh, oh, the head of my cock is touching the back of her throat, I cannot help myself, nor do I want to, I am beginning to cum, in thick waves of ecstasy. I can feel as well as hear her swallowing, as if she needed every drop, as if my semen were an elixir she had to have to sustain her life.

I can no longer tell the difference between my body and her mouth, between my soul and hers, be-tween good and evil, or God and the Devil, or Heaven and Hell. The spasms just keep going on and on, my balls are pumping wildly, forcing my burning fluid through the shaft of my cock as if I contained the sins of the world and they will flow from me forever-Oh shit! No it can’t be! It just can’t be! She is eating me! Not with her mouth and not my flesh, but ME- my essence, my life force.

I must take her now, to suck her life essence into me, to drain her of her sanguine purity. I know what I am, I am vampire. I must feed, now…

Alas, I cannot. I cannot move. I can only think these thoughts, I can only ruminate, in my last breaths, my fatal mistake. I am being drained, I am becoming a lifeless husk. I know what I am…

What are you, my dear girl, what have you done to me? I barely manage to whisper. She just smiles, kisses my cheek and is flying away into the night. I, the vampire, shall now fall into a deep sleep, a sleep of a dark angel….

I am so very warm now, it feels…nice. The ravenous knot of hunger has been released. Thank you dearest girl, my sweet succubus, my angel of salvation. Well, at least I am leaving this world in the way with which I lived in it…I shall sleep the true sleep now, finally.

~Julia DarkRose

Raven’s Kiss

Raven’s Kiss

The midnight whisper of my seraphic hands
Opens the veil of your being,
Clothes you in a further nudity,
Uncovers the bodies of your body,

 The truth of my velvety salvation
Invents another essence for you flesh.

Oh, I am the Eternal Feminine…

When it is time,
I will come to you
And sit upon your lap,
Revealing to you, a fallen angel,
And what I do.

I will be far darker than they,
Julia DarkRose-Ravens Kiss

those angels of the day,
Creating us joy that becomes
A twisted crimson curve;
With seductive pale feet,
I pounce upon your burning desirous flesh.

Damned by your false god of puppets,
Cherished by the Almighty Creator,
I’ve fallen, hard and bloody,
From your idols imaginary grace.

I will prepare you to
Laugh! Sing! Cry!
To be truly loved!
And to die for love,
Oh how we will…
Over and over again.

~Julia DarkRose

Ludavik, My Love



The cry of my body and soul for completeness, that is a cry for you. The divine in me and the beast in me and all deep things come up from the abyss and I would barter my soul to be your prize for a single night.

Come to me, press upon my brow the coolness of your tender lips that I may hear the thunder of your love this night…

Be no longer tender, cover me with frenzied dark kisses, even as I would drench my body in the sweet torrents of the rain…envelop me from throat to ankle in ruby delirium, intolerable pleasure…true love.

To love you like the midnight storm, to hear the wild beating of your veins, to feel flame shuddering your body and to agonize you with my ardor, to crush you as a flower upon my milk white breast, to bear you away to some secret valley where I would love you into crimson honeyed oblivion.

I want to eat the light flaring out from your beautiful body…as I pace around, hungry, sniffing the twilight of your essence…hunting for you, for your hot heart…I want to love you to death.

~Julia DarkRose

Devil’s Candy

©2015 Julia DarkRose

**This is fan art of me, given to me back in the 1990’s. I have covered up my ‘Devil’s Candy,’ so don’t have a mundane cow, Face Twat.**

Devil’s Candy   BeFunky_Fan Art.jpg

I love when my feminine abyss is wet with wicked desire…
Please, my dark angel, release my longing with your burning lips,and stir my

Dark Angel’s soul with the fire of your kiss…

Let me die.
Let me die, again and again.
My Devil’s Candy is enveloped with the rapture of your hot breath and frenzied kisses.

My Devil’s Candy is a symphony of crimson desire…

Evening falls. Our nigrescent haven of dark, earthly pleasures awaits.

Let me die, my love.
Let me die the dark sweet death, again and again.

The Kiss

©2015 Julia DarkRose
**I have a sister in darkness or two that I would be honored to give

my dark bloody kiss to.**

The Kiss

After hot loveless nights, when cold winds stream,
sprinkling the frost and dew, before the inky light.
Bored with the foolish things that sanguine girls must dream
because their beds are empty of rubied dark delight.

The two sisters, one a beauty with strands of midnight
and one of golden fire, rise and strip.
Out from the night
their horses run to their low-whistled pleas-
Vast phantom shapes with eyeballs rolling white
That sneeze a fiery stream about their knees:

Through the crisp manes their stealthy prowling hands,
stronger than curbs, in slow caresses rove,
they gallop down across the milk-white sands
and wade far out into the sleeping cove:
The frost stings sweetly with a burning crimson kiss
as intimate as true love, as cold as death:
Their lips, whereon delicious tremors hiss,
fume with the ghostly pollen of their copper breath.

Far out on the grey silence of the flood
they watch the dawn as the smouldering horizon expands
beyond them; and the day burns through their blood
like a white candle through a quivering hand.

~©Julia DarkRose

Original Artwork ©Julia DarkRose 2012

The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped: Issue 6…Now Available!

DRJ Issue 6 Lst Page

The DarkRose Journal-ReVamped,Issue 6 hard copy is not available yet (probably tomorrow), however, the ezine version is available.

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~Julia DarkRose

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