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23 Jul


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Fine Print

23 Jul


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‘Fine Print’

10 Sep

This has been The DarkRose Journal’s ‘Fine Print’ since 1994. I have stayed true to these words borne from my 26 year old mind way back when, back before mobile phones or the public Internet…shuddering at even the thought of how I made it through life without these technological tools, Lol. No matter how much I evolve as a human being, ergo, the DRJ also evolves. I am true to my core values of what I believe a decent person should be and/or aspire to become.
Fine PrintEnjoy.
~Julia DarkRose Ray

This Journal is dedicated to exploring the pleasures of the Dark
and alternative realities, through the arts. These do not include
any manner of violent acts, kinkiness with unwilling parties,
sexual misconduct, exploitation of the young and/or innocent,
or illegal activities of any kind, even if the only aggrieved party
might be a right wing extremist, a left wing extremist, or a
Articles and features in the Journal are of an informative,
educational, historical, entertaining, or satirical nature.
Those who do not enjoy the Journal and do not wish to expand
their understanding of the world in which they live, and/or
broaden their horizons by exploring or reading about alternative
lifestyles that the Journal describes, should simply put it down
and not read the damn thing. The Dark and alternative lifestyles
are meant only for those who desire it, and is not meant to be
foisted upon any unsuspecting parties.
We do not practice evil
(Which is subjective anyway),
encourage anarchy, or think people should wear fishing hats to
funerals-although we defend the rights of people to do any of
All those people out there who have such lonely lives and so
much free time on their hands that they think they should care
what books other people read, what movies they watch, and
which Gods (if any) they worship should just shut the hell up
and try to develop some kind of life of their very own.
So, there.
~The DarkRose Journal~


13 Jul

Property of DarkRose Productions
By Julia DarkRose ©2013

**It’s back to work for me. My break from creating the most awesome issue of ‘The DarkRose Journal’ is over. I leave you with a simple little prose of mine. Enjoy…I hope. Thank you kindly to those who take a few moments to read it. :-)**
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Cloaked in velvet darkness,
a dancer in the flames,
I am called by many names.
From the misty hidden caverns
in ancient days of magick,
comes the truth once forbidden
of my Earthly shrouded ways.

Bewitching goddess of the crossroads,
my secrets are kept in the night.
I am half remembered, half forgotten,
I am found in the shadows of the moonrise.

I call upon the universal wisdom,
that dwells within,
and beseech thee from days gone by,
to enter my expectant soul.
I am the Mother of Sacred Earth,
my power is beyond compare,
when my dreams are given birth.

Lady of desire, reflection of the night,
I am motion, direction, and second sight.
Mother of creation,
the original source,
I am potential,
dark power, the ultimate force,
Grandmother of time,
wisdom from below and above,
I dwell here with honor and perfect love.

Glorious Queen of the twilight hour,
wise and vigilant protector,
my silent love is regal and most splendor.
Great mystery behind life’s veil,
I rise time and again.
I am the truest keeper of the grail.
I am she who whispers, gentle and strong,
I am she for whom your soul doth long,
by most men I am seldom seen.
I am the virgin, mother, and sable Queen.
Through the moonlit veil, I pass with pride,
all who beckon me, I shall be at your side.
I am she who knows,
I am she who reveals.
I am she who gives birth,
I am she who feels.
For I am the goddess and mother of all.

Ask for me now–I come as you call.
Now through the mist you hear my voice,
you invoke me, gracious goddess, by choice.
I suffer as all men die,
doth with the victims in dark love I lie.
I am the maiden and crone of despair,
and with me your ending you must share.
You feel my passion,
you feel my presence,
you rapture in my vital essence.
I am the dancer of eternal bliss,
I bestow upon you my wondrous dark kiss.
I am the creatress of heavens, hells, and Earth.
To your dark dreams and passionate wishes,
I give birth.
I am the truest child of nature…
I am Vampiress.

The DarkRose Inn

7 Oct
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 1995
By DarkRose

The following is an excerpt from the original hard copy DarkRose Journal magazine, via 1995. This particular excerpt is from my very popular feature, ‘The DarkRose Inn’. This was an ongoing story line that incorporated reality from my life, with a bit of fictionalized scenarios accompanying the members of the DRJ that I also incorporated into each issues story line. This was by far, one of the most popular features of the original DRJ. I started ‘The DarkRose Inn’ within the new cyber pages of our zine, however, I have not been able to continue with it. I am hoping to pick it up next issue.
I have only a moment to relax and finish my rose petal tea, before the arrival of my last guest. Just as the still-warm tea begins to soothe my still very hungry soul, the soft chiming of the clock alerts me to the truth of the aging eventide that is now upon me.

The Witching Hour is nearing. A roaring fire and hot rose petal tea-who would think that these simple things could bring a dark angel like myself such untold pleasures. Truly, I know, after many, many, decades of a brutal life, these simple things are miraculous in there very existence.

As I await my next and final guest, I hear scratching at my chamber door. It probably is not my devoted staff, for they rarely even knock at any of my doors-let alone scratch-they just walk right in…faithful, indeed, yet in need of a rather final lesson in manners.

No, not a member of my House of Blood. It must be my special friend (not special as in rides the short bus). As I get up from my extremely comfortable sofa and walk all the way across the massive sleeping parlor to open the door for my friend, a breeze carrying the scents of rose, lavender, and jasmine has come in from the lunar pane that looks down over my garden. My House of flowing blood holds so many dark delights for me.

I quickly open my door, as I thought, it is my luminous friend. It is Spirit.

“Hello Spirit, my dear, dear, sight for a sore soul, friend. How kind of you to grace me with a visit tonight.”

As I look at the snow white wolf before me, I am in awe of her wild, unchained beauty and ferociously gentle wisdom.

“Come sit by the fire with me, Spirit. I am afraid that our time together will have to be short. I am expecting the arrival of this evening’s last dark angel at any moment now. Come to me. Let me drink in and absorb your power and luminous essence.”

End of excerpt

For those who were fortunate enough to be a subscriber of the only publication in existence, at that time (in the 20th century), for real living vampires (Dark Angels), the rest of that “The DarkRose Inn’, for that DRJ Issue, was quite a darkly beautiful and savagely decadent treat….just like always.

If you would like to be a part of the historic magazine that was the first ever publication to bring together real living vampires….please visit us:

Thank you kindly.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

Beautiful Breath

20 Sep

Excerpt from Issue 3 of The DarkRose Journal Ezine
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013

Beautiful Breath

You ask me to plough the ground!
Shall I take a knife and tear my mother’s bosom?
You ask me to dig for stone!
Shall I dig under her skin for bones?
You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell
and be rich like the white men!
But how dare I cut off my mother’s hair!?

The idea of the Great Spirit as a Father and the Earth as a Mother represents an awareness of the cosmos. To
live on the Earth, to breathe and drink and feed from its resources, to be among the plants and animals, is to
be part of a sacred cosmic unity.

The numerous myths and rituals that surround the figure of Mother Earth bear witness to an ancient and indissoluble sense of kinship. Every aspect of creation within the dark angel’s (Tribes of the Crimson Moon) cosmos has a spiritual dimension, at least for those of us who are “real” it does, but the Earth, which is home
to all living and growing things, is regarded as having special sanctity.

Stories reveal this mythical Earth
Mother as having faces as numerous as her landscapes are diverse, and all of her children affirm their kinship
with her.

“The sun is my father, and the Earth is my mother; on her bosom I will rest.”
~Shawnee chief Tecumseh

Do you wonder if the ground has anything to say? I hear what the ground says. The ground says, ‘It is the
Great Spirit that placed me here. The Great Spirit tells me to take care of The Tribes of the Moon, to feed
them properly.’ The water says the same thing. The grass says the same thing. ‘Feed the Tribes well,’ the
ground says, ‘the Great Spirit has placed me here to produce all that grows on me, trees and fruit.’ In the same
way the ground says, ‘It was from me man was made.’
Beautiful Breath

We, The Tribes of the Crimson Moon, proclaim our belief in the indivisibility of land and human existence-and
history rode roughshod over our landscape. However, in the myths and ritual that continue to tell of its sacred
past, the Earth lives on as the ultimate cosmic gift. It is this ultimate relationship that has led to the Tribes
being stereotyped as close to nature. We are NOT close to nature, we ARE a part of nature, please get it right!

Big Thunder Speaks Of The Earth…

‘The Great Spirit is our Father, but the earth is our Mother. She nourishes us. What we put in the ground she
gives back to us, and healing plants as well. If we are wounded, we go to our Mother and seek to lay the
wounded part against her, to be healed. When we hunt…it is not our arrow that kills the moose, it is nature
that kills him. The arrow sticks in his hide, and…he goes to our Mother to be healed by laying his wound
against the earth, but this makes the arrow go further in.
Meanwhile, I follow him…Every time he stops and rubs his side the arrow is pushed in deeper. Eventually I find
him, he is exhausted, and the arrow is driven clean through his body.”
~Bedagi, or Big Thunder, Wabanaki, 1900

For those of us who are truly vampyre, dark angel, a flying nun or wolf or bear, or cat, or whatever your
connection to our beastial self is, it will behoove you to get your heads out of fantasy land. It will behoove you
and our Great Mother, Her from which we owe our lives and the lives of those we love, to stop searching for
other realms of existence and understand the truth of your existence and of the world in which you reside.
All the truths of yourself and the world in which you live will be found in nature and within.
They will be found in the embrace of our Mother and the embrace of yourself. They will be found within but in order to
understand what is within you must understand where it is you really come from, which is Mother Earth…NOT
some made up realm or from some role-playing/cosplay game! Try to understand why it is that everything we
have ever needed to heal, to nourish, to provide for us, is found within nature, our nature, our earth, our
Mother and most importantly, within ourselves!

There is no “belief system” there is no “religion” which implies a formally structured spiritual life conducted
alongside, but distinct from, everyday secular existence. In the lives of the true brothers and sisters of The
tribes of the Moon–the threads of ordinary life and spirituality are so tightly interwoven that the sacred and
the secular are indistinguishable.
The land is filled with mystery and power-it has existed since the beginning of time and will last for as long as
the people are there to tell the stories. So, get it right! Get your heads “out of the clouds,” and start really
living your life as your true self. You and our Mother will be all the better for your honesty and introspection
into reality.

Breathe in the breath of life, embrace, grow, and evolve all that life is within those breaths…
then once you have used those breaths and transformed them, exhale your beautifully transformed breath into
our world, for She is in need of all of our beautiful dark angel breaths.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

The Darkness is Beckoning…

25 Aug



I created The DarkRose Journal I wanted to provide a medium for others like myself:

those who revel in the night, and drink the rich blood if its energy;

those who find their lifestyle slightly (or greatly) askew with the rest of the world and need to congregate with their Kindred Spirits;

those who walk on the edge (or smack dab in the middle) of Darkness, and need to understand its warmth and humor;

those who believe it’s alright to be different;

those who wish to find and correspond with other Dark souls;

and those who just think it’s a lot of fun to plumb the depths.

For all of you, my dear Dark Angels,

this Journal is for you.

Please come out and play with us!


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