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29 Jan

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 1/29/13, By DarkRose
Bloody Truth

Nux Nox
Pax Pox
Hex Hax
Wix Wax
Hithero hothero
Withero wothero

The bitter mends
The sweet mends
The silver mends
The gold mends
The warm mends
The cold mends
The light mends
The dark mends,
Thus we are renewed this night,
Through the ebon grace
Of our own divine.

Virtue is ours, as of the Dark Angel,
Beware the fire we cast at thee.
Wisdom is ours, as of this Earth,
Beware the fire we cast at thee.
Power is ours, as of the moon,
Beware the fire we cast at thee.

Bearer of the false light,
Dead thing, “evil,” old and dried
Your foul skin be cast aside
And thus transformed to black fire.
Beneath your flesh of confusion,
Behold your bones of that which is true:
Still all save one are false,
And must deceive where the spirit’s eye is shut:
Yet open now that eye
And the true bone shall rise.

Halls of blood where life has fled
Walls of bone that close you round
Break your reign,
Your yoke be shed.
Now, melt your anger
In tears of salt
Be turned to Dark Love
By the sweet scarlet salve.

Flesh lacking blood
Bone lacking flesh
Spirit lacking substance
Arise and be fed
Arise to bone and flesh and blood,
This night renewed by the dark Gospel’s food.
Nevermore to thirst for ours
Nor on our living limbs to twine.

Fruit of ruby,
Pearl of blood
Red of Dark Love
the gift has been given…
Shall you waste and mourn your “loss?”
While we flourish in Darkness’ sight,
A gall to our living flesh,
Forever your false verity
Mocked before our Darklight.
By the tribes of the moon,
You must choose…

O Serpent wise
Thy flesh doth rise
To warm our mortals bed
Where we shall be forever wed.

We are the DarkBreed.



The Devil’s Breath

24 Jan

Property of  The DarkRose Journal, 2013
Copyright 1/24/13, By DarkRose
Dark Father
The Devil’s Breath

‘Without the Devil, no Creation.’

Born this night,
Father of Fathers
Husband to Mother of Mothers,
Father of red waters
Father of black leaves,
Cup of silver, cup of crimson joy,
Holding the dark waters of sky,
Holding the dark waters of birth,
Holding the dark waters of sea,
Holding the dark waters of The Mother,
Bear the world the black magic child,
Who shall be thy child?
It shall be we.

Thou who are Lucifer
Thou who are Azazel
Thou who are Satan
Thou who are The Devil
Thou who are light
Thou who livest in true darkness
Thou who createst
Thou who destroyest
Thou who changest ever
From life to death
And death to life,
Never to hide thy face of cold fury,
Ready thy warm womb
Of mercy and truth,
Quench thy cold white fire,
In the fervid blood of life.

We are thy children,
Therefore art thou our true Father.
Now is the season of Darklight.
Now is the season of birth.
Who shall see him,
Springing from the rose-red waters of the womb?
From the womb of the moon,
From the womb of the Ebon Mother,
From the womb of verity.
Who shall see him
Where he springs forth?
Here and now, he shall be seen,
Here in us,
He shall be born,
Here his dark love
Shall be revealed.

Birthed of The mighty Prince,
Here we are,
Babes of the moon,
Born now for all of you.
We are the faerie children,
We are brother and son,
We are sister and daughter,
We are mother and father,
We are the earth,
We are the water,
We are the air,
We are the fire,
We are The Devil’s breath.
Our name is Legion,
Our name is Life.

My Dark Father whispered into my soul,
He breathed his breath of life into me,
He said, I am coming, you must live…

Oh, and live, I shall.


I Am My Own Creation

24 Jan
Angel of Death
For this is my very hard earned wisdom: to love, to live,
To embrace what life gives you, to revel in what nature hath made you, to take what the universe has to give.

To have–to hold–and–in time–let go!

The worries and burdens that most of humanity drags around their entire lives are less than the dust beneath thy chariots wheel, less than the rust that never stains thy sword, less than the weed that grows beside thy door.

It is all up to you. It is always your choice.

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