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The DarkRose Journal YouTube Channel

1 Jul


DarkRose Journal Cover Art


The Angel Song

7 Feb


Youtube Video:
Great White: The Angel Song

This is for all the dark angels. We didn’t fall from imaginary grace because our lives were handed to us on a silver platter…our white wings of ignorant false purity, were ripped from us and replaced with black wings of harsh, erotically pure truth.

Timeless Happiness

3 Feb


So, I’ve been without a car for almost the entire year of 2012. I finally was able to buy a car this past Thursday. Now, my silver car was made in the 21st Century, yet it has (by previous owner) a cassette stereo. Well, it just so happens that I have coffin boxes (courtesy of Living Dead Dolls) filled with cassettes!

Tonight’s selection on my way back to work….Enigma (The Principles of Lust) and Concrete Blond (Bloodletting), I am one happy fucking camper!

Pour Some Blood On Me…

23 Dec


Beautiful Animal

13 Dec


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