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Those Dastardly Cowards!

10 Apr



Candid Julia Caples

**Warning for all those I tagged, yes, I posted a sexy selfie of myself to make people look at my post, fuck yes, I did! I am through the roof manic and absolutely can not shut off my mind and/or dull the very passions that are forged within my fiery essence, known as Julia DarkRose. If you even decide to read my ramblings, I am humbled and grateful, but do not really expect discussion to ensue. As is the madness of being an artistic alchemist, I just have to create and in some way share my madness or become consumed by it.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as my family and friends.

Not everything in the shadows is cool, awesome, mysterious, powerful, or worth discovering. Sometimes, the Darklight needed to comfort and help people transition from one understanding to another, is not welcomed or appreciated in its time of brilliance. Sometimes, only after the Darklight has transformed into another reality, do those who needed that darklight the most, finally stop chasing what was never truly worthy of their time and life.***

Okay, so, I was informed tonight that I am “hard core,” and that most people do not think on/from the same sphere that I think on/from and that, perhaps, I am not writing clearly, and/or in a way that will help reach those people that I believe might benefit from a spot light shown directly onto those individuals that willingly choose to distort the truth…and in all other variations of language as we understand it, either, out-right lie, and/or sprinkle just enough information here and there, about different topics as to seem, to the unaware and uniformed, that they are actually teaching universal truths (probably a run-on sentence but can not see it at the moment). When, indeed, they are not and are actually brainwashing those seekers of a path, whatever that might be, that is, perhaps, more meaningful than what they have previously found in their lives.

That is NOT being a little wicked, that is down right dastardly, and is on par with any organized religion (cult,same thing). Why is it acceptable to turn the spotlight on those false prophets of, let’s say, Christianity, but it is not acceptable to shine that light on those charlatans within a smaller culture or sub-culture, like, oh, say, the Vampire Community?

It is within my understanding, that you can lead a horse to water, however, how in the fuck is that horse going to drink the water, if his instinct is NOT as strong, as say, mine, and does not realize that it is even water and is necessary to sustain life, his life?

Beyond the lack of instincts, perhaps that horse is more susceptible to brain-washing than, say, myself (I left home at 12 due to not accepting the brainwashing of Christianity, and lived “hard core” on the streets because of that decision and would do it all again, to give the big ole “fuck you” to that particular path). And if that horse has already been brainwashed or is in the process of being brainwashed, what kind of piece of apathetic shit am I, to have knowledge gained from living, and to not do my best to help that horse understand the water and why he must drink?

About Rose Wytch Page-2

Apparently I have confused and/or offended some people with my “hard core” and passionate pursuit of universal truths and making sure that charlatans, from all walks of life, get their cummuppins!

If the liars have a messenger, then it is, in my experience, that truths of the universe must also have a messenger. While it is often believed and lived by many people, that truths stand on their own and will be discovered in time (which is relative), how many people’s lives are acceptable to ruin, that could have been redirected and helped by said truth messengers? Instead, they become destroyed by the liars, by those shameless charlatans?

I am not trying to think for people, that is ridiculous. I am not trying to help anyone from an outside perspective. I have lived this lie, perpetrated by many individuals and Houses within the GVC/OVC/VC. I even lost my children (when I was in my twenties. “won” them back in the longest 6 months of my life), in part, because of my failure to see past the lies.

Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to make their own choices based on education? Shouldn’t everyone have the chance to start out their journey upon a solid foundation? If your foundation is created out of lies and delusions, it will never be strong enough to truly help you, support you, and fulfill your deepest and truest desires.

If people relinquish their power to liars, that is on them. However, I have to do what it is in my nature to do. I can not abide injustice and dishonor. I can not abide liars on such a grand and important scale as those dastardly cowards within the vampire sub-culture.

Knowing how to think is as important as having facts and truth presented to you so you can think for yourself.


***I don’t know the drama that’s going on in the vampire subculture. I mainly do not pay attention. I am on the fringe of that sub culture, to be sure. I am writing a series of blog articles about spiritual charlatan’s, mostly, in all cultures. I am merely starting with the two cultures I have the greatest emotional response to and the greatest amount of experience in/with….the vampire subculture and the culture of Christianity. Both, mirror each other, perhaps more than most people in both groupings realize. Thank you to everyone who has asked for further clarification.***





~Julia DarkRose Caples


Twenty-one Years of Living Vampire History

31 May

While finishing packing up the last box of my 21+ years of the Vampire Community crap that I have accumulated and deciding what can be thrown away and what I feel absolutely needs to be preserved for the sake of our real history, not merely just someone’s perspective but factual hard evidence of what came before so that you are now able to have the relatively easy path that is now the V community…a path paved in blood, real and metaphorical…I came across this email from 2003. This is a letter from My good friend Ben M. I met Ben when I lived with the Kheperians in Ohio. Ben was once married to one of the founders of the House and it’s current owner/operator (for lack of a more PC term).

I am sharing this particular email for even though Ben is no longer a part of the V community, his insights into it were borne from his close relationships with those in The Kheperian House as well, as his intimate knowledge of the beginning of the creation of the Community. I believe that for those who actually care and truly want what’s best for all concerned, that you will find the contents of his letter worthwhile and be grateful for the chance to read an actual piece of the V community history.

His letter is about the Vampire path and his friends and loved ones that he has since parted from.

*Disclaimer-I have only mentioned the Kheprians as a timeline in history. I am in no way berating that particular House or any of its members.*

11377392_358522447674794_2562430549518009645_n         11026160_358522497674789_7578012030543762913_n

I have re-typed it for easier reading.

Thank you kindly for your time.
~Julia DarkRose

This is Ben. I haven’t heard from you in a while so I thought I’d drop you a quick note. I hope things are going well for you in your day to day life, and that you’re finding serenity.
That’s more or less why I’m writing. Among the people that walk that particular path that I have met, I respect you the most. I recognize that throughout your struggles you remain true to yourself. And it’s important to me that you’re happy. While I think that serenity is something that just about everyone we know in common could do a world of good for, I somehow believe that you are, in my opinion, deserving of it perhaps just a little bit more than some others.

As for me, I’m doing quite well. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m no longer working at that store in Brunswick, I was moved to another store, and a month later laid off.

I’d be lying if I were to say that it wasn’t a stressful time. Bur through perseverance, I’m quite proud to report that I was hired by another company within a week, and that the change has proven to be a significantly positive experience.

It’s been absolutely splendid. At the new company, people are thankfully just a little bit more bizarre. So. yeah, I’m doing well, and what seemed to be a complete disaster has actually been a significantly uplifting experience.

I still think about my former friends and loved ones of course. I sometimes imagine somehow being able to share what I’ve learned in the time that they and I have parted ways, maybe illuminate something about the possibilities that are out there and yet within regarding the changes that we can undergo and how much actual freedom that everyone possesses. But even after all this time, there’s still a lot of pride, and there’s still a lot of fear.

I think a great deal of the suffering that’s happening in that community has a lot to do with inertia. The sense that there is somehow some sort of significant journey or undertaking that is present, but yet the strong impetus doesn’t seem to actually desire to GO anyplace or DO anything. Defiance against an imagined threat, loyalty in the face of an alleged betrayal, these things splinter even the strongest minds and wills.

The imagination, a tool of freedom, essential for our means of visualizing and comprehending the things that cannot actually be perceived, has been harnessed for a redundant purpose. It’s been used to create a rigid unchanging hierarchy of place and means and it imprisons most of the known human race. Even those who would break away from this spiritual slavery of another kind.

So I worry. And sometimes I hope that time and experience continues to propel everyone forward to making new discoveries about themselves and the way they are choosing to live, both in a day to day life and there spiritual exploration of the darkness within and without., And other times I worry that those who really don’t want to grow in either or both aspects of living, guard their position, knowledge, charisma, and intellect very jealously, and continue to cycle in a permanent sort of hovering, desperately preserving their “place” against all indications that sometimes one needs to move onto new things, new aspects of the self, new possibilities.

Cattiness, minor betrayals, small differences of opinion inside a tightly wound insular community are ubiquitously exploded into the drama. This is nothing altogether new or even necessarily something to be all that ashamed of. It’s universal to every human in any insular religious or spiritual order that has existed on this planet. In this tight proximity, our weaknesses (be they great or small, many or few) create hurricanes. Our willingness to survive these sorts of things is perhaps the greatest test that any particular spiritual community can undergo.

I guess what I’m trying to do is perhaps shed some objectivity into the area of your particular struggle. Regardless of as desperate or self destructive that community that you are close to has become, I’m of the mind that you do possess the strength of chartacter and will to abide whatever outcome is final. Unlike most all the others, you have been proven, and while many others do not and perhaps never will appreciate the true signifigance of this, I haven’t forgotten it, and most importantly, you never will.

I’m sure that you’ll be able to remain strong in the face of this, and eventually, time will tell.


End Email

I believe that this particular email that was written to me from a very important person from within the making of the very beginning of the Vampire community, is important for those who care, to read, absorb and to truly understand it’s meaning, it’s value and it’s importance.

Thank you Ben M. Your words (which I know you do not mind that I have shared after all these years with the community of people of which you referred to) have never left me. I did not forget, nor will I ever.

~Julia DarkRose

Den of Crimson Desire

24 Oct


Hello beautiful Tribe of the Crimson Moon, this is me looking at you…;-)

Because it’s probably not evident to most reading my prose,’Den of Crimson Desire,’ I wrote this based on my experiences as a member of several blood dens, including my own Vampyre Court (The Dark Court) from the 1990’s and early 21st century. I was a member of a den in Louisiana and Florida. Yes, they really exist. Many blood dens, at least before the onset of the OVC/VC, quite often employed burlesque dancers as entertainment. It’s not like you can ask directions or Google Map them. You HAVE to be invited. Again, a part of the real world of living vampires. So, maybe my prose might make more sense to some of you. As always, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your cyber life to read my hard won words of experience. I do very much appreciate it.

One last thing…while this is prose, I am, like aI do all of my prose, writinfg grom my actual experiences. Some prose that I write is more metaphorical and some is heavily coded, while there are still some of my works that are written pretty straight forward. If you have questions, or do not understand what I have written, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I do not need anymore people reading my work and jumping to unfounded conclusions without first even bothering to ask me about what I have written. Again, thank you.
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray

Den of Crimson Desire

Sublime pale buttocks
Veiled in sparkling beads,
Enticing the compelling hazy rub.
Of colliding eyes…No concealing here:
The night tribes one brazen, sweating declaration.
And while stocking clad legs waken potpourri in the brain
You pick your raven-tressed
Goddess out adeptly through the smoke.
Always you wait for someone else though, always-
(Then rush the nearest exit through the crimson vapor).

Always and last, before the final sanguine union
When all the scarlet passion drumfires,
Begins a thundering scrimmage
With a somewhere violin,
Some deepest, bloodied echo of them all-begins.

And shall we call her whiter than snow?
Sprayed first with ruby, then with emerald sheen-
Least tearful and least glad
(Who knows her smile?)
An entangled crouch reveals her raw between.

Her eyes exist in the swelling of her breasts,
Blood-soaked beads whip her hips,
A drench of whirling strands.
Her snake rings begin to mount,
Conquering each other-
Silver delusion on tinseled hands.

We cease that writhing red lagoon,
Her glittering beads unstrung,
–All but her belly
buried in the floor;
And the libertine thrash
Of a final muted beat!
We feel her spasm through a fleshless door…

Yet to the empty trapeze of her flesh,
O, bleeding creature, each comes back to die alone.

Then you, the burlesque of our lust–and faith,
Deliver us back lifeward–
Bone by infant bone.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

As I Walked Out One Night

2 Sep
I’m trying to get some much needed sleep. Alas, I cannot find sleep nor can sleep find me. I have been tossing and turning, bothered by the events earlier this evening that transpired in another group. I do not care what those people think about me personally. I am bothered by the ignorance running rampant within the Vampire Community. I can not cure it, I know. Still…This prose I wrote earlier this year popped into my head whilst I was desperately hunting down the Sandman. I believe that this particular prose accurately conveys my feelings about the diseased and ignorant organism known as the OVC/VC.

By Julia DarkRose Ray
Copyright 2013

As I Walked Out One Evening…

I looked over his shoulder

for vines and olive trees,

for marble, well-governed cities

and ships upon wine-dark seas;

But there on the shining metal

his hands had put instead

an artificial wilderness

and a sky like lead.

The stars are dead.

The animals will not look.

He, my deluded lover,

asked me to lay my sleepy human head

upon his faithless arm.

Instead, I plunged my hands into the red water,

I plunged them in up to my wrist;

Stare, Oh how I stared into the basin

and I wondered why the world had chosen to miss

the shining darkness before them.

The glacier knocks in my cupboard,

the desert sighs in my bed,

and the crack in my tea cup opened.

So, I walked out onto the lane,

it led to the land of the dead.

As I walked out one evening,

I went through the werewolf’s painful change.

Turning my head away

on the sweaty bolster, I tried to remember

the mood of my womanhood,

but lying in my sweat and blood, at last, as always,

letting it happen, the fierce fur,

soft to my face.

I now hear with sharper ears,

and live and love with the darkness

of my fallen grace.

With my bestial understanding,

I open my wolfen eyes and see…

The soul shrinks

from all that it is about to and should remember,

from the punctual rape of every blessed day,

and cries,

“Oh, let there be nothing on earth but what I choose to see,

nothing but rosy glasses to cover my eyes,

and gloves to cover my hands in the rising steam

and guilty, blurred dances done in the sight of heaven.”

Those living in the false light of day,

their minds in its purest play is like some bat

that beats about in caverns all alone,

contriving by a kind of senseless wit

not to conclude against a wall of stone.

They have no need to falter or explore;

dimly it knows what obstacles are there,

and so, the beastless human,

may weave and flitter,

dip and soar,

in perfect courses through the blackest air.

They never find the way out of their cave

and into the precious, saving graces of the Darklight.

Pale souls they are, consumed by fear

of the living world they haunt.

Yet, they have not learned what habits lead them

to hunt what they do not want;

Nor have they learned who does not need them;

They are no one here,

until they are truly the someone they need to be.

Oh, what made them so ugly, to me,

was self-inflicted ignorance.

Incurable ignorance.

I don’t want to harm them,

I think this very thought,

right up to the moment I cut their throats

with the truth.

I am touched with the moon’s red silver,

I am my own wolf sun,

made of human moonlight.


In Darkness

18 Jun

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
By DarkRose, 2013
In Darkness

Happy our early days,
when we shined in our
dark angel-infancy,
before we understood this world.

Oh, my darling night!
There is in your children,
a deep and dazzling dark light!
Through all our fleshly desires
glittering streams of truth and everlastingness
reach our spirits,
our eyes dazzles at it, as at eternity…

We see every night,
the blood moon,
every night we glimpse forever,
we see it like a great ring of pure
and endless darklight.

In our darkness,
all is chaotically calm, as it is midnight bright;
And round beneath it,
time in hours, days, years,
driven by the universal spheres,
like a vast shadow moved;
In which the world
and all her beauty were hurled
into our ebon hearts.

We watch the others walking
on their air of false grace and glory,
whose light doth try to trample on our
precious nights.

Their days, which are at best
but dull and pointless,
filled with brightly lit decay…

My brethren, I cannot send you alone into
the world of false light, whilst I sit here
basking in the glittering night,
without placing a bloody kiss
upon your dewy smooth cheek,
and a sword bathed
in the blood of false angels,
into your fearless hands…

Go my family, the tribe of the blood moon
and do what we do best…

Hunt, devour, teach, bring change, give without ego,
and love with the fierce, unquenchable,
dark fire of our nighttime world,
of the universe.


When An Angel Speaks

18 Jun

This is ridiculous, all the nonsense going on in the OVC/VC over Julia DarkRose doing what needs to be done! If you would/could just open your mind’s eye for just a moment so that you can truly become ‘awakened’ like you claim, you would be able to understand what so many others already do about DarkRose…

By Devoted Blood, 6/18/13
When An Angel Speaks

Spoken with intelligence and a voice exquisite as a craved lovers embrace, words on this page, in The DarkRose Journal Zine, in all of her writings and spoken words, are of experience, witnessed truths, freely given honesty and dark guidance.

Immured within, a story. A true story of life told by lamentations and suffering, of pain and Passion, memories, mistakes, victories and losses. An aria of physical and emotional scars …the beginning of a “community”.

For so long deceivers have planted their seeds and laid their eggs. For some of you, that’s all you have ever known. No more. An enigma in an untrue abyss, a lone dark angel of salvation stands, showing you things thinly veiled that open eyes don’t always see. Open your mind and tear the veil. One by one false candles will extinguish leaving only true darkness. True blessed and bloody darkness.

Listen to these hard won, sacrificed for words, given to you from life’s experience and scars …not interpretations of vague books written and rewritten to keep up with changing times.
Are your thoughts and ideals what you believe or what someone else wants you to believe? Do you delude yourself so you can belong? Everyone wants to be part of something. Do you want to be a “vampire” so bad that you will blindly follow a changed and rearranged concept and definition? Look into your own eyes and admit what you truly see, apathetic mirrors tell no tales. You may see something rarely told but has always been conveniently hidden inside …TRUTH.

Here on the Journals pages, in the DRJ zine, on the DRJ website, or to DarkRose directly, all are welcome to speak their mind, share their beliefs, and most certainly agree or disagree with anything said. We just ask that you read and give serious thought about what is being said from one of the absolute original creators of this so called community. Absorb the words and tales of this beautiful Dark Angel who was at the forefront of the fight for many years, and intimately entwined with all the “hidden” actions most know little or nothing about.

I assure you that no amount of harassment, vile, unawakened behavior and petty reporting to the the Facebook gods will keep the truth from being told. Be strong and make up your own mind…

~By Devoted Blood


18 Jun




Oh, you want me to be quiet and go away? You want to squash me, do you? You are too cute, you can’t squash me into oblivion, because I’m not a bug! I’m a dark and beautiful nighttime butterfly…You can’t fly like me because you don’t have wings. You will never catch me…I’m truly free, unbound. You (The Herd, The clearly unenlightened/unendarkened) are chained to your deliberate lies, delusions and mythos. You haunt yourselves whilst I drink the precious ruby nectar from the spring of life. You know not how to fly, how can YOU squash me?

Keep trying though. Since I am darkness and beauty unbound, I can go everywhere. You, sadly cannot. Lies, delusions, manipulations, masks, complete and utter bullshit, are heavy chains. I extend my black wings to you, yet again…follow, if you can…Ah, freedom to fly, freedom to be the glorious creature nature intended for me to be, freedom to cause real change for our precious world… what a beautiful taste….


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