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Less Ego Equates Real Change

23 Apr

I Choose

29 Mar

“A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies,” will be upon you soon and betwixt Her guts is where you just might discover a new strength to embrace the new day that is already here, for all of us.

~Julia DarkRose Caples, 2018


White butterfly Dance Watermark

Southern Gothic Ascending

21 Mar

Please enjoy my newest  video preview for “The DarkRose Journal,” Issue 7~ReVamped.

Southern Gothic Ascending: Video Preview…

Southern Gothic Ascending

Julia DarkRose-Girl's Night Out Edit for Video Text

Because sometimes I forget that not everyone understands the world the way I do and quite often, many of those people have no fucking clue about what I am trying to communicate…

a literary genre depicting life in the southern US and featuring grotesque themes and imagery
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Definition of ‘ascend’
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(əsɛnd )
Word forms: ascends, ascending, ascended
1. transitive verb
If you ascend a hill or staircase, you go up it.
2. intransitive verb
If a staircase or path ascends, it leads up to a higher position.
3. intransitive verb
If something ascends, it moves up, usually vertically or into the air.
4. See also ascending
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morphology in American
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Pronunciation /ˈθrɛʃˌhəʊld//ˈθrɛʃəʊld/
1A strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house or room.

‘he stood on the threshold of Sheila’s bedroom’
More example sentencesSynonyms
1.1in singular A point of entry or beginning.
‘she was on the threshold of a dazzling career’
More example sentencesSynonyms
1.2 The beginning of an airport runway on which an aircraft is attempting to land.
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2The magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

‘nothing happens until the signal passes the threshold’
as modifier ‘a threshold level’
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Definition of ‘Old World’
Learner: old worldAmerican: Old World1American: Old World2American: old-worldEnglish: Old WorldEnglish: old-worldExample sentencesTrends
Word Frequency
old world
also Old World also old-world
adjective [ADJ n]
Old world is used to describe places and things that are or seem to be from an earlier period of history, and that look interesting or attractive.
The newcomers to the Village were attracted by its winding streets and Old World charm.
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Your Endless Whining…

29 Jul
Everyone else may now stop their endless whining about how difficult their life is…

Everyone else may now stop their endless whining about how difficult their life is…

I obviously know, up close and personal, how difficult and devastating life can be. However, after reading the following story, I feel that my own belief that my life is unbelievably awesome and full of the best blessings, ever, no matter how it might look to those on the outside looking in, has been validated by Courtney’s story.

Not just because she has had to learn one of the hardest life lessons…ever…that one should not build a life around how they look on the outside, but should, instead, continuously focus on and build up their fire and passions for living, from within. But, also, because, she had to find out, in the most horrific way imaginable, that most people marry or become life partners, not because of who the person truly is, but because of the chemical reaction between both beings. A chemical reaction that is mostly temporary, and alters once the object of your desire, has, in some way, been physically altered. Whether through, weight gain/loss, or, worst-case scenario, skin melting off from their face.

Yes, yes, I get it. Your life is hard. But seriously? Is what most of us go through, which consists of the much needed obstacles that the Universal Continuum throws at us so that we can continue to evolve and keep becoming the pinnacle within our physical life, of what we can become….really, I mean, really, that devastating?

Come on everyone, It is the ride of our lives that matter, not the end result. So, buckle up, buttercup…it is a very bumpy ride. Look at Courtney….seriously, count your blessings, or whatever label you choose for all the wondrous beauty that actually is your life.

Thank you kindly.


Thank you kindly.
~© 2017 Julia DarkRose

What I Did This Summer

18 Jul

What I Did This Summer (Written in 1995 for The DarkRose Journal)

Well, let’s see. I slept a lot, which is something I wish I could do more. Life is hectic, though, and I’m busy, busy, busy. I saw a few movies. That new vampire thing was pretty good, and the new Freddie flick was cool. I went swimming a few times, a couple of times in the bare-butt state I entered the world in. Freedom, yes. Liquid joy.

Oh-the real news was my new pet. His name is Claude. (Claude…”clawed”…get it?) He’s got black hair and the brownest eyes. He looks at you with that puppy dog look, and you just sort of melt. The first time I met him, I melted, so I took him home. I figured he’d like being the only male in a house full of females. (Well, there’s only the two of us females, really, but it sure seems full!)

Anyway, I brought him home. The place was quiet. Becky was in her room, as usual, tied up with one thing or another, I guess. I showed Claude allover the house, and he seemed so interested in everything! When I took him downstairs to the rec room, he got really excited. I have a bunch of toys down there, and he just wanted to run from one to another, just playing. He sure was peppy and full of energy! I got sort of tired, just watching him.

I gave him some water and a cookie, and he seemed to really appreciate that. That’s one really cool thing about having a pet-if you treat them right, they just really like everything you do for them. They’re always following you around and all, and worshipping you, like you’re the only thing in the universe. At least that’s how Claude was. I played with him for a little bit and then took him to meet Becky.

Becky’s been a real pain in my ass lately-pardon my French-ha! ha! but really, she’s been terrible. Complaining about this, bitching about that, moaning about how cruel life is. Sometimes I wish she’d just shut up. But if she did, she wouldn’t be Becky.

Anyway, when I took Claude to meet Becky, she got real excited, and so did Claude. I mean, Claude is so cute anyone would fall in love with him. Becky wanted to go outside with him, but I said no. Claude was mine, after all, and Becky would just have to get used to it. Besides, you could tell he was already devoted to me.

Becky started yelling at me in that screechy voice she has, so I closed her door and took Claude back down to the rec room. I had just bought a new collar and a leash for him, and I couldn’t wait to show him. He knew immediately they were his, and couldn’t wait for me to put them on. I took him for a walk, and he seemed to really like that. So far, I was just doing everything right as far as Claude was concerned. He adored me!

I told him that after I took a nap, we’d go get Becky and let her play with us. I told him to just lie down there at the foot of my bed while I took a nap. He did, just like the loyal companion he was going to be. He even licked my toes for awhile, and that made me giggle. I figured it wouldn’t be too long before I could let him sleep in the bed with me.

So after my nap, he was dying to go play some more. We went and got Becky. I told her if she didn’t behave with Claude, I would be real mean to her and make her life miserable. I guess she believed me, because she did everything I told her to.

I have to admit, she and Claude were cute together. I’m going to try to get her to help me take care of him. Pets are fun, but they can be a lot of trouble. You have to feed them, and make sure they’re clean. Sometimes they want to go outside, and you gotta’ go with them, or they’ll run away. They want to go for walks. They want this. They want that. Wow, I mean it’s a big responsibility!

As I played with Becky and Claude I felt like a lion trainer or something, cracking a whip and making everybody do exactly as I said. The cool thing is, they love doing what you want! And if they dare disobey, they get punished. Even after they’ve been punished, they still come to you and want attention. Claude only got punished once, when he was a little slow fetching something. I hit him on the butt and he did it faster next time.

Becky did pretty good, too, although I had to give her a spanking a couple of times. Boy, was her behind red when I got through! And Claude just thought it was fun-he kept trying to be a part of it!

Anyway, it started getting really late. Becky got tired and wanted to go to her room. I said no, and tied her to a post-sort of like pirates used to do. I guess.

So then Claude wanted to leave. I took his leash strongly in my hand and said no. He tried to go for the door, but I was too fast for him. His leash was attached-very firmly-to a hook on the wall, and when he dug at his collar, he discovered that it had a lock.

He started whining and whimpering, so I grabbed the leather strap that was attached to his-well, you know…his privates-and gave it a hard yank. He told me that when he answered my private ad, he only wanted to fool around for the afternoon. I told him that the ad very clearly stated “slave”-and that’s exactly what he was.

He looked with those big saucer eyes towards Becky, but she just shrugged, and told him that she had been here for over a month now. I just loved the look of panic that came into his eyes, and he suddenly looked very appealing in his frightened nudeness. Yes, there was still a lot more fun to be had with Becky and Claude.

Well, that was the beginning of summer, and I had a great time for almost three months. Claude finally managed to saw through his leather straps with a nail file that Becky somehow got, so they’re both gone now. The ingrates.

Anyway, that was my summer. I’ll fill you in on my autumn as soon as I get settled in my new place-wherever it turns out to be.

©Julia DarkRose 1995



Sanguine Sanctity

22 Jan

Bloody Kissing CoupleProperty of The DarkRose Journal, 2013

Copyright 1/21/13, By Devoted Blood

This beautiful poem was written by my husband about me and our beyond beautiful relationship based on reality and truth.

Sanguine Sanctity

In the eyes of others a vile soul,
I find only beauty and truth.
Do we not all consume to survive?
Crawl into my accepting arms,
tremble not from fear and exhaustion
but from eternal comfort.
A haven from any and all
that would hunt or harm you…

we feast upon one another,
each the others favored dish.
Joined in savage embrace,
forgotten animal instincts
overcome civilized trappings…

Brutal, flawless, punishing…

With a blades stinging,
serrated caress we merge.
Hungry bodies writhe,
bleeding, blending to one.
Ribbons of essence
join bruised and battered,
subdued and sated,
unconditional loved souls to one.
Sticky crimson lips embrace…

A bond of blood knows no bounds…

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