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Blood’s Truth Free Copy

17 Jul

Blood’s Truth

This is a pdf of the unedited version of my book-Blood’s Truth.

I hope She is able to provide you, the reader, with something useful and hopefully beautiful and of import.

Thank you kindly.


Blood’s Truth-EBook Version (2)


Love Me Not (Just Fuck Me…Please!)

17 Jul

Image and prose are property of Julia DarkRose
By Julia DarkRose

*This is meant to be a fun prose. I am most definitely poking fun at over dramatic Goths and wanna-be vamps.*
(And yes, that is real human blood, taken right from the source, flowing from my mouth and down my breasts…no delusions here.)

Love Me Not (Just Fuck Me, Please!)

Tell me no more of minds embracing minds,
and hearts exchanged for hearts;
Tell me no more of dark spirits meeting and becoming one dark soul.
Tell me no more of our unbodied essence
sharing the dark bloody kiss,
and then like fallen angels, twist and become one in our despair,
and oh, so very misunderstood, dark bliss.

I was once that silly thing that once wrought
to practise this esoteric love;
I climb’d from Gothic sex to Gothic soul, from somber soul to thought;
But thinking there to move,
headlong I rolled from thought to soul, and then
from soul I lighted at the bloody sex again.

As some strict down-looked women pretend to fast,
who yet in closets eat;
So lovers who profess of the spirits taste,
Feed yet on grosser meat;
I know they boast their souls to souls convey,
however they meet, the body is the way.

Come, I will undeceive thee.
They that tread those vain intangible ways,
are like young heirs and alchemists misled
to waste their wealth and days,
for searching thus to be ever rich,
they only find a medicine for the itch.

Oh, keep thy delusions to yourself.
Oh, lie not to me about those imaginary
things which you cannot see.
Oh, my poor, poor, misled, Gothic soul,
oh, love me not,
just fuck me…please!

~Julia DarkRose11248877_373788356148203_6164994560223897999_n

The Darkness is Beckoning…

25 Aug



I created The DarkRose Journal I wanted to provide a medium for others like myself:

those who revel in the night, and drink the rich blood if its energy;

those who find their lifestyle slightly (or greatly) askew with the rest of the world and need to congregate with their Kindred Spirits;

those who walk on the edge (or smack dab in the middle) of Darkness, and need to understand its warmth and humor;

those who believe it’s alright to be different;

those who wish to find and correspond with other Dark souls;

and those who just think it’s a lot of fun to plumb the depths.

For all of you, my dear Dark Angels,

this Journal is for you.

Please come out and play with us!


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