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2 Aug




All that we know and all that we understand has the potential to be broken…all. In knowing this, whether or not humanity has a deeper understanding of it or not, why do you (we) fight for, sacrifice for, endure for, feel pain for, self-doubt for, abuse and be abused for, and even die for, that which can (and for almost everyone, at some point) and will be broken?

I know why I do it. Do you know why you do it?

Once broken, it (whatever that might be) can never be put back together the way that it was before. Sometimes, once it is broken, we can pick up some of those pieces and create something new, something stronger, yet, even then, it will still have the ability to break, again.

So, why do we do it?

Is creating something new out of the broken, better? Is it stronger, or rather, does it have the potential to be stronger, to be, in some ways, superior? Is that which breaks, an inevitable circumstance/lesson in life without which we can not truly reach our fullest and probable inherent meaningfulness? Without the broken, is the apex of our transcendence truly possible?

I know why I do it. Do you know why you do it?

Do you even know that real happiness fills us with sadness and tears?

Do you even really know how beautiful your face truly is?

I know. Do you know?

~©Julia DarkRose 2017


The Conjuror

19 Jan

Property of The DarkRose Journal, 2013
© 1/19/13, By DarkRose


The Conjuror

The Presence that stands
Upon the stairs,
The unseen hands
That move the chairs,
The lights that play
Across the wall,
The stains that stay,
The plates that fall,
The mist, the chill,
The wandering scents–
This gentle spell
Must speed thee hence:
At midnight, I invite
The ghost
To sit and feast,
I open the door
And softly say:

Spirit, I call
From Death’s sweet thrall.
White of bone
Dark of shade
Of dust and night
Your death is made
Death yourself
Death my peer
What I hold
I do not fear
So bone to flesh
And shade to leaf
Death my dear
I give thee life.

Bone be flesh
Shade be leaf
As death is yours
It bears me life.

Flesh of darkness
Borne of death
Give my will
Thy life and breath
Wither dry
And shrink to dust
My hearth shall feed
Upon thy crust.

You that was dead is not dead.
You that was shadow is not shadow.
Your spirit is a fire. Your spirit is eternal blood of the universe.
Your spirit is one spirit–
The spirit of all spirits,
And that you hold the fire of the cosmos.
Breathe here now, and so
shall the cosmos breathe,
And of your own breath shall thecosmos be made anew.

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