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As I Walked Out One Evening-2017

27 Jul

As I Walked Out One Evening

As I walked out one evening,
I looked over his shoulder                                     Julia DarkRose FB 4
for vines and olive trees,
for marble, well-governed cities
and ships upon wine-dark seas;

But there on the shining metal
his hands had put instead
an artificial wilderness
and a sky like lead.
The stars are dead.
The animals will not look.

He, my deluded lover,
asked me to lay my sleepy head
upon his faithless arm.
Instead, I plunged my hands into the red water,
I plunged them in up to my elbow;
Stare, Oh how I stared into the basin
and I wondered why the world had chosen to miss
the shining darkness before them.

The glacier knocked in my cupboard,
the desert sighed in my bed,
and the crack in my tea cup opened.

So, I walked out onto the brightly lit lane,
it led to the land of the dead.

As I walked out one evening,
I went through the werewolf’s painful change.
Turning my head away
on the sweaty bolster, I tried to remember
the mood of my womanhood,
but lying in my sweat and blood, at last, as always,
letting it happen, the fierce fur,
soft to my face.

I now hear with sharper ears,
and live and love with the darkness
of my imagined fallen grace.
With my bestial understanding,
I open my wolfen eyes and truly see.…

The soul shrinks
from all that it is about to and should remember,
from the punctual rape of every blessed day, and cries,
“Oh, let there be nothing on earth
but what I choose to see,
nothing but rosy glasses to cover my eyes,
and gloves to cover my hands in the rising steam,
and guilty, blurred dances done in the sight of heaven.”

They never find the way out of their prison
and into the precious,
saving graces of the Darklight.
Pale souls they are, consumed by fear
of the living world they haunt.
Yet, they have not learned what habits lead them
to hunt what they do not want;
Nor have they learned who does not need them;
They are no one here,
until they are truly the someone they need to be.

Oh, what makes them so ugly, to me,
is self-inflicted ignorance.
Incurable ignorance.
I don’t want to harm them,
I think this very thought,
right up to the moment I slit their throats
with the truth.

I am touched with the moon’s red silver,
I am my own wolf sun,
made of human moonlight.

~Julia DarkRose



17 Jul


This is my Introduction from my book-Blood’s Truth-published last year. I am working on several new projects at the moment, one of which, is a new edition (focused on over-all Mankind, not just those of us borne from the Draconian Bloodline) of Blood’s Truth.

Since I have been on another wondrous adventure, known to me, as my amazing life, and have not contributed to my blog in almost 2 years…I thought that an Introduction was in order.

We all change, at least we should be in a constant state of transformation. What we once were, should not be all that we are, at any given moment. To evolve our world, we must, ourselves, be in a continuous element of metamorphose. There is not a final stage of our existence. I know that many people choose to just keep running in place. I suppose that too can be perceived as a kind of transformation… a transformation from constant self-evolution into a nature of stagnation. This too is a choice.

So, here I am, back, for a while. At least until my ever-evolving nature, of which I was borne, takes me on another journey.

Thank you kindly.

©Julia DarkRose 2017

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Closing Thoughts

26 Jun

Closing Thoughts
By Julia DarkRose                                                            Dancer of Fire

This one thought keeps echoing in my head…
fear prevents one from joining the fray of life,
leaving only carrion while the brave carry off the choicest meats.
With that thought, I rise and howl. The hunt has begun…soon I will be drowsy and reveling in my blood-euphoria. The
mere thought of my prey’s blood coursing through my body, being covered in their sanguine elixir…devouring
(this is, of course, subjective, so please spare me your harsh judgements based upon your complete lack of any real experience and/or your reality of NOT being borne a Human Living Vampire-or insert your own label) them body and soul…is almost more than I can bare to think about without my natural borne inferno escaping my fiery spirit and body and setting the world ablaze.

Not yet…once more I go into the fray.
Once more I hunt, devour, and become the glorious predator that nature has made me.
I am a creature of the night.
I am your most horrific nightmare and
I am your most sensual dream.
I am on the prowl.

I understand that not everyone is a
predator (thank the darkness for that, I mean
how would our Mother’s sacred cycle of
life work if we were all the same!?),
but joining the fray of life is necessary for
our own evolution, ergo, the continued
positive evolution of our precious earth.

At some point in your life (if you are fortunate and aware enough)
the phoenix will appear to you and present to you the opportunity to die in the fire and rise from your own ashes…a spiritual/psychological/physical death.

In order to achieve the transformation of the
phoenix one must be willing to go into the
fray, no matter how much fear you believe courses through your veins.

Your world seems to have cracked. You feel bruised, smashed. A band of flame circles your heart, you have become
paralyzed with unfounded fear. Fear put inside of you by society, by liars, users, and abusers.

Come with me/us, Julia DarkRose & The DarkRose Journal family,
and rise from the flames and feel the glorious burn of life
and all the beauty and heartache that comes with it.
Or not. It, your life and its quality, are always up to you.

The tears upon your face are like splashes of gems.
Your eyes are now wide and black and crazed with life.
You look and see your eyes and in the depths of them,
as if in polished mirrors, the ages of the earth, truth and eternal love, fire and darkness.
You are finally home.

~Julia DarkRose

I Will Never Do What You Think I Should…

13 May



I’m not sure why so much of what I say and do sends so many over the edge, including my friends and family.

I will tell you this…I will never stop saying what I know needs to be said, I will never back down, I will never stop living the life that Mother Nature, in her wisdom, gave me.

Sometimes you have to go over the edge to find out who you really are. Keep sending your hatred, negativity, treachery, ignorance and fear to me. I don’t mind at all, truly I don’t. Every moment that you spend on hating me and trying to destroy me, I will spend on consuming your negativity, transforming it and sending it back to you as beauty, truth and wisdom.

I cannot forsake you. I am not a martyr, nor am I a saint. I am a Dark Angel, this is what my purpose is. My path is so very clear. I have been helping people to save themselves my entire life. The more you fight against me and spew your vile fear born out of your ignorance at me, the more I will embrace you and hold you within the Darklight of my Vampyre heart.

All your deception, treachery, hatred, and fear, just strengthens me and makes me want to hold on tighter to the dream of helping you save yourselves. I’m not going anywhere, ever…

I will never do what it is you want me to. I will always do what it is in my nature to do. I know who I am, I have always known.

All the things you have done to me…Your threats, nasty letters, emails, kidnappings, violence, and whatever else you choose to do to me, will never stop me and my legacy…I WILL NEVER BACK DOWN! I pay a price, and I will keep paying…NO REGRETS!

When you are ready, come to me, I will show you the world in a different light…


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