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New Era of the Dragon~Video

19 Mar

Because several people have asked and I apologize for not doing a thorough enough job, through my creations, communicating what the image I created is actually symbolizing.

I hope this description will allow a better understanding for those who choose to apply that which I have lived and am living and try to translate through my various artistic endeavors, to their lives for personal transformation and, in time, societal transformation.

The apple represents universal knowledge applied as earned wisdom. The butterfly represents endless personal transformation based on said knowledge applied as wisdom. The blood covering the apple and butterfly and my hand (hand is to convey Mankind’s role in our universe)…the blood covering it all, conveys my lineage (Draconian) and our role with Mankind.
Thank you, kindly, for asking.
~Julia DarkRose Caples


New Era of the Dragon


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

29 Oct

The wait is almost over!
The follow-up book to “Blood’s Truth” is almost here!

Apple-Butterfly 1

Available February 14th, 2018…
“A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies” will be on the bookshelves, waiting to fill your mind and spirits with truth, facts, history, humour, blood, and beautiful Darklight!
Thank you.
~Julia DarkRose


3 Aug

I still believe this to be true. I stand by my words and actions. When I evolve and gain wisdom through actually living, and I experience differently, than I am the first one to amend my previous thoughts, words, and actions.
Thus the truth of real transcendence.

I wrote these thoughts one year ago.

I amend my original thoughts about power (I originally wrote about true power in 2013)…

We are all free to love, hate, fight, be peaceful, abuse, be abused, to kill…every living human being on this planet has this freedom. No one being is more powerful than the other.

Only those with the most will are the strongest…physical appearance, strength of body (height, weight, and so on), none of these matter, truly.

So, who are you truly? Social media bullshit and propaganda set aside…can you summon your power at will? In real life there is not time to set your stage, to perform a ritual…to make believe. Real life is NOT a stage with the appropriate props and costumes that give the illusion/deception of your power/strengths/life.

There is only the moment, and in that moment you either have the power to call upon your minds will or you don’t.

My amendment:
“Appearances CAN be important, for many reasons. However, it would behoove humanity to remember that appearances are an illusion and all outwardly power is built upon illusion.”

~©2017 Julia DarkRose Caples 
*Images are from my book-“Blood’s Truth.”

Disclaimer from the First Edition of Blood’s Truth-

Page 6:

This tome of life experience is dedicated to plumbing the depths of knowledge,
passions and truths of what it means to be a superior human (reference the Foreword for a definition of such a human), a creature of honour, loyalty, universal love and of worth, through esoteric, exoteric and alternative realities, and through the arts. These do not include any manner of violent acts, kinkiness with unwilling parties, sexual
misconduct, exploitation of the young and/or innocent, or illegal activities of any kind,
even if the only aggrieved party might be a right wing extremist, a left wing extremist,
or a politician.

The fiery artistry of this book is of an informative, educational, historical, entertaining,
or satirical nature. Those who do not enjoy ‘Blood’s Truth’ and do not wish to expand
their understanding of the world in which they live, and/or broaden their horizons by
exploring or reading about alternative lifestyles, factual history, and proven
sciences that this book describes, should simply put it down and not read the damn
thing. Knowledge of alternative lifestyles, hidden history, and a misunderstood
evolution are meant only for those who desire it, and is not meant to be foisted
upon any unsuspecting parties.

We do not practice evil (which is subjective
anyway), encourage anarchy, or think people should wear fishing hats to
funerals-although we defend the rights of people to do any of these.
All those people out there who have such lonely lives and so much free time on their
hands that they think they should care what books other people read, what
movies they watch, and which Gods (if any) they worship should just shut the
hell up and try to develop some kind of life of their very own. So, there.

Page 7:

Lastly and certainly the crux of our exploratory narrative, of our ‘Blood’s Truth,’ is this simple yet mostly overlooked verity, at least this is our, mine and Ludavik’s, truth…
No one is qualified, not truly and unequivocally, to tell you who and what you are., what you are suppose to believe. Most certainly not Social Media or anyone you communicate with on said media, not your parents/family, religion, not any kind of group and/or community, so on and so forth…most certainly not Ludavik Valentine or Julia DarkRose.

We, as well as everyone else mentioned and then some, might, or most likely will, have our own opinion about you and what/who we think you are, which is, given human nature, quite natural. However, there are far too many people, individuals and groups, that claim “wisdom of the mighty Elders, or wisdom of that which is sacred and most high,” or whatever the case may be, (claiming that you have achieved a higher state of being, of wisdom, is in and of itself a telling sign of someone who has not applied their life knowledge gained from their experiences as wisdom, just a 411) that will tell
you who and what you are, what/who they need for you to be so that their place in this world has some sort of meaning for them, some kind of order and control, so their lives will seem, for them, to be of import, to be of real substance, to have impetus, without any true understanding of how those worthwhile and all too human needs actually come into fruition. Some do it maliciously while most do it out of cultivated ignorance.

Believe what feels right for you, not what you are spoon fed or that which will allow you to be in good standing with the chosen clique that will fulfill your need to be accepted. Believe that which opens your mind, all through your life, not just once, to possibilities that used to beyond your imagination. Keep your power, cultivate it, empower yourself with every breath you breathe. Try not to unknowingly give it, your power, to those who deceive others and themselves. Believe that which feels right for you and you alone, believe that which propels you forward and allows you to grow and keep
becoming whatever it is that you truly desire.

Try not to confuse “propelling forward and growing” with being controlled and manipulated into thinking you are moving forward in your life, that you are evolving, when in truth you’re actually only serving the selfish needs of others, you’re only becoming that which they desperately need for you to become, so that they can continue to live within their own delusions while you are actually stagnating. Believe that which allows you to be all that you can and to live the best and most productive life possible. A Life for yourself and for those that you love can be full of beauty, it can be a wonderful adventure.


~©Julia DarkRose 2016/2017

Ebon Rhapsody

23 Jul



Old Post From 2012-Awakening

20 Jul

Someone “Liked” my post from the- The DarkRose Journal- FB Page, from 2012. This makes me humbled and beyond appreciative.
Lol, this is so NOT metaphor. Just to be clear. 

Awakening 2012

Property of DarkRose and The DarkRose Journal, 2012


I first saw her there, on the edge of the light.
She lived her life on the edge of the night.
She called to me, “Come, be set free.”
And I swear, the moon turned red–
“Open your eyes and try,” she said.

Her eyes were as deep as the night was long,
Her smile was sweet, and her will was strong.
“Come,” she bade, “don’t be afraid.”
And the blood ran to my head–
“Open your arms and feel,” she said.

Her touch was sure, and her breath was hot.
Her voice, demure–but her words were not.
Her nails dug in, went through the skin,
And the side of her breast ran red–
“Open your mouth and drink,” she said.

So now they look at me, and point and stare,
They say things as if I wouldn’t care.
Their prejudice shown against the unknown,
So afraid for their hate to be shed–
“Open your minds, and see,” I said.

©Julia DarkRose 2012-2017

Den of Crimson Desire

24 Oct


Hello beautiful Tribe of the Crimson Moon, this is me looking at you…;-)

Because it’s probably not evident to most reading my prose,’Den of Crimson Desire,’ I wrote this based on my experiences as a member of several blood dens, including my own Vampyre Court (The Dark Court) from the 1990’s and early 21st century. I was a member of a den in Louisiana and Florida. Yes, they really exist. Many blood dens, at least before the onset of the OVC/VC, quite often employed burlesque dancers as entertainment. It’s not like you can ask directions or Google Map them. You HAVE to be invited. Again, a part of the real world of living vampires. So, maybe my prose might make more sense to some of you. As always, thank you for taking a few minutes out of your cyber life to read my hard won words of experience. I do very much appreciate it.

One last thing…while this is prose, I am, like aI do all of my prose, writinfg grom my actual experiences. Some prose that I write is more metaphorical and some is heavily coded, while there are still some of my works that are written pretty straight forward. If you have questions, or do not understand what I have written, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I do not need anymore people reading my work and jumping to unfounded conclusions without first even bothering to ask me about what I have written. Again, thank you.
Property of DarkRose Productions
Copyright 2013
By Julia DarkRose Ray

Den of Crimson Desire

Sublime pale buttocks
Veiled in sparkling beads,
Enticing the compelling hazy rub.
Of colliding eyes…No concealing here:
The night tribes one brazen, sweating declaration.
And while stocking clad legs waken potpourri in the brain
You pick your raven-tressed
Goddess out adeptly through the smoke.
Always you wait for someone else though, always-
(Then rush the nearest exit through the crimson vapor).

Always and last, before the final sanguine union
When all the scarlet passion drumfires,
Begins a thundering scrimmage
With a somewhere violin,
Some deepest, bloodied echo of them all-begins.

And shall we call her whiter than snow?
Sprayed first with ruby, then with emerald sheen-
Least tearful and least glad
(Who knows her smile?)
An entangled crouch reveals her raw between.

Her eyes exist in the swelling of her breasts,
Blood-soaked beads whip her hips,
A drench of whirling strands.
Her snake rings begin to mount,
Conquering each other-
Silver delusion on tinseled hands.

We cease that writhing red lagoon,
Her glittering beads unstrung,
–All but her belly
buried in the floor;
And the libertine thrash
Of a final muted beat!
We feel her spasm through a fleshless door…

Yet to the empty trapeze of her flesh,
O, bleeding creature, each comes back to die alone.

Then you, the burlesque of our lust–and faith,
Deliver us back lifeward–
Bone by infant bone.

~Julia DarkRose Ray

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